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  1. CptDeering


    Recently I had a wonderful time looking around HMS Belfast, it really was amazing. I did wonder what would burn so much as pretty much all of it is made from steel. I don't know to much about other ww2 warships, maybe they had much more flammable materials.. And yes, once my steel ship had burnt down to the water line I'm sure the fires will go out:)
  2. CptDeering


    Could you please change the fire zones on ships so they each have a certain amount of hit points. My point is that once everything in that area is burnt, there is nothing left to catch fire. Getting HE machine gunned and burned to a crisp my cruisers in my BB is getting really enjoying. HE would still do physical damage after the burn HP has be lost. Also no that there is so much radar and sonar in the game, stealth DDs are kinda pointless, perhaps increase the range of torps again..