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  1. SMGJohn

    Massive performance issues

    What drivers are you using? Catalyst 13.1 or 13.4 Legacy Beta? Also what operating system are you using? Windows XP? Vista? 7? 10? Vsync should never be utilised unless your fps hits the monitors refresh rate constantly and above. I also noticed that the game has in fact got more demanding with the newer patches which could explain why.
  2. SMGJohn

    Massive performance issues

    It turns out in my case its an Enduro issue between GPU switching with the Intel and AMD GPU. Even though in Radeon settings WoWs is set on high performance priority, it still utilises the Intel graphics, the method I used was resetting every settings in the control panel and manually force the game to use high performance in Radeon settings, then it worked. Also when you report game issues you must include system specs and driver version.
  3. SMGJohn

    Massive performance issues

    I have some pretty bad performance issue in this game for no reasons, it used to run just fine on the highest settings before but its only lately that its started doing this after the recent updates. Performance is awful and mostly in the 20 - 30 fps range with horrible stuttering even at the lowest settings possible it does this. I reinstalled the game multiple times to no avail and I tried various Radeon Crimson drivers but its definitely not a driver problem, the game also seems to only use 10 - 15% of my 8 CPU threads which is strange. At the moment its completely unplayable however World of Tanks works just fine and that runs on the same game engine. My specs: AMD Raden R9 M290X 4GB (Crimson 16.2) Intel Core i7-3940XM 32GB DDR3L Game on 960GB SSD Windows 8.1 Pro x64
  4. SMGJohn

    Update 0.6.2 Feedback - Stability

    Terrible performance issues for no reasons, World of Tanks works brilliant, Nier:Automata works brilliant, all my games work brilliant except for World of Warships, reinstalled my drivers 3 times using different drivers all the way down to Catalyst but none seem to work. It is quite strange too even with the lowest settings it goes from 24 - 48fps but mostly stays in the low in the garage even on the ocean port. I also have very low CPU usage despite having 4 cores and 8 threads with almost 4Ghz Turbo on a single core but the game wont utilise the CPU at all it also poorly utilises the GPU staying at mostly 20 - 40% usage. The game used to work brilliant on ultra settings with vsync on 50fps no issues whatsoever, its only recently this has started happening. My system spec: AMD Radeon R9 M290X 4GB MXM 3.0b card (Crimson 16.2) Intel Core i7-3940XM with/Intel HD 4000 Graphics 32GB DDR3L Game installed on 960GB SSD Windows 8.1 x64
  5. SMGJohn

    A plea to all Destroyer captains.

    WG fault for letting WoT players buy themselves into the game, no I did not buy myself into the game.
  6. SMGJohn

    Bought premium ships yet they are not in my port?

    Well yeah, the currency was in euro and converted to my currency so it was on EU for sure.
  7. SMGJohn

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

  8. SMGJohn

    Bought premium ships yet they are not in my port?

    I played my Kuma and my Fuso, nothing happened after the two battles, I received nothing.
  9. I bought two premium ships when they were on sale - IV Yubari - V Gremyashchiy I confirmed my bank account was charged and charged by WG. I did not buy them from another server otherwise I would clearly have noticed the different currency. I contacted support yet I received no clear answer instead they told me my account was activated and I should install the client for some ODD reasons despite having written a very DETAILED description of me being a beta supporter and my issues. I did receive two errors when I purchased both ships telling me the purchase had failed but my bank account was charged despite the errors so it had to work, right? Has anyone else experienced the same problem? I feel very cheated at the moment, I have been waiting for a couple of days for it to work but neither my money was refunded nor was my virtual ships put to my port. Its really odd and even more so that WG support refuses to answer it.