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  1. ReapingKnight

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    Chances are your mouse wasn't quite on the Atlanta but behind it.
  2. ReapingKnight

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    Surprisingly good communication, more like this please.
  3. ReapingKnight

    [nerfing rare premiums] steel compensation

    I thought this was only for the rare OP ships that you can't get unless you spend loads on Xmas Crates... The Belfast, Fujin(and other clones), Mikhail, Imperitor Nikoli etc... I don't want t any of then to change tbh...well not in the way the GC is.
  4. ReapingKnight

    203 mm Mogami, an idea

    I personally use the 203s as I prefer the play style of accurate high damage salvos...it does kinda suck when a dd is close you can't spank them but with the buff they are pretty good. I would like more ships that have options so you can choose a play style that fits you.
  5. ReapingKnight

    Petition for HMS Furious(BC config) in WOWS

    Sounds more like a Tog II than the Kv-2
  6. ReapingKnight

    So answer me this...

    This forum is a joke...all people do is seen to point fingers at who they think are crying for crying sake. Yes DD are generally considered a counter for BB but a BB can still kill the DD if given the chance and each time can do damage to the DD. The DD on the other hand can do nothing to the CV, yes it can shoot some planes but then they just come back mostly full HP within 40 seconds. Also just to compare DD speed is 33-52knots right across all DDs with BBs having 25-33knots a DD can't always chase the target and can't torp after them if they're sailing away due max range. Whilst the planes go 145+ knots and have no range limit from the CV.
  7. ReapingKnight

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    I'd be looking for full return of what was paid so if you spent real money then you should get it back, if you bought it with dablooms you should get them back...the only odd one is if you bought creates...and got the super rare ships that they then nerf...some people spent a lot on creates to get the rare ships so how would they compensate that.
  8. ReapingKnight

    Battle of the North Cape Collection

    Are there any others like 3yr anniversary?
  9. ReapingKnight

    Gold Rush Missions?

    Well that's useful...never mind then. Thanks for the reply.
  10. ReapingKnight

    Gold Rush Missions?

    Hello, I have been playing a couple of days and just noticed I don't have the Gold Rush missions for my Tirpitz\Asashio, did this have an expiry as I don't remember seeing one? Thanks,
  11. ReapingKnight

    General feedback

    Ain't it strange how most of the AA cruisers are also the radar cruisers...xD
  12. ReapingKnight

    General feedback

    After more games I have noticed a couple things, when there are two CV's the game is generally chaos as people (well at least at this moment) put such a high focus on the planes that they make mistakes and get killed early either by said planes or by another enemy ship taking advantage of the situation. Defensive Fire doesn't help anymore as the ticking damage to planes may help in the long run but who wants to be dead and then latter in the game be like my AA helped weaken them planes for you team mates, compared to before having it as your Oh S**t button when the CV is about to drop you at sub 2km with 3 torp squads and it'll spread the drop enough to potentially save you being deleted as well as help kill some planes. Obviously there are issues and when WG have enough data they'll adjust them but I'm not sure if it's going to be enough, as people have said it's only the 3rd day of this rework and the amount of hate for it is excessive and it's not just for CV's being over or under powered it's that AA is RNG based as well. I would like to see some way to target a squad of planes you want to kill\shoot at first which may tighten up flak bursts and either cause the CV to retreat or mess up the drop. The spotting has become a bit of an issue where the planes just take off immediately and spot the entire enemy team in the first 40-50 seconds then hunt the DD's with no risk to the CV, with this in mind there needs to be some risk\reward for the CV players as there isn't any now and wasn't any pre-patch either most of the other classes have this in placed... BB - Showing broadside to use all of your turrets has a higher chance of dealing high damage from more shells being fired, but the risk is that someone could hit your hard back. CA - Can branch off here depending on the nation, but generally it's supporting DD\BB's in their maneuvers and can leave you vulnerable to to taking high damage whilst enabling you to deal large damage in return. DD - Mostly being the first into combat either capping or spotting to aid the team, with a risk of getting spotted in return and being focused down. In short they all have high damage potential whilst risking taking it, the CV does not...it sends out a squad and does medium-large amounts of damage for risk of losing planes and having to wait a couple minutes to get them back.
  13. ReapingKnight

    General feedback

    I played 4 games last night and my current stance is still undecided. Game in Cleveland, had planes fly over me multiple times within 3-5.8km and shot down a total of 6 even with use of DF (this was a dual cv game) I kept mobile thinking that if I did the US cruiser thing and sit behind an island I'd be a sitting duck. Ended getting deleted by a BB. Des Moines game was similar, two CVs had more luck with AA(or CV player being worse) I also had a team mate CV, but as above I avoided staying stationary and got killed about 8 minutes in...it could be a mindset thing. Is there any bonuses to AA stationary vs moving? Another game had no CV so no issue, then last game kn Irian only one CV felt much better in terms of being able to do the normal sail around kiting etc without constantly being spotted.
  14. ReapingKnight

    New CVs

    I get the feeling this is like saying the customer is always right, and in most cases that's just horse $**t. Yes people may hate it and it's nothing new that people dislike change, but if you want accurate data to be returned people just need to suck it up for a couple of weeks and then if they decide to revert the change you can all be smug saying I told you so.
  15. ReapingKnight

    New CVs

    Do you think that having a couple 100 people test with BOTS for a few weeks is enough to balance a Major game mechanic change? Personally I think you're being naive, but hey you may be a computer game programmer so what do I know...