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  1. ReapingKnight

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    Will they listen to this survey: 1. No 2. Probably not 3. What survey
  2. ReapingKnight

    Restrict players going low tiers with 21 cmdrs

    Oh I can imagine the outcry from snowflakes if someone turned this the other way round like when asking that bad players not to play higher tiers...so I'll give you the same reply that those requests get. "Let people play how 'they' want to play".
  3. ReapingKnight

    Super cruisers like Alaska, Stalingrad

    Apart from submarines...they're fine apparently. 🤫🤔
  4. ReapingKnight

    Some ships can't be sold.

    Totally agree, a clan mate of mine is wanting to sell his Missouri since he got it a couple Christmas' ago in a create but hasn't played it yet.
  5. ReapingKnight

    How to play Cruisers now

    Yeah, it feels as if they got the skills the wrong way around like rewarding BBs to push in would have been better for the game than this. (Would need to do something about the HE spam though). As for the Nevski if you take the recommended skills it has 14.8km detection...how the [edited]are you meant to play like that (obvs I think Nevski has bad concealment anyway but still this is more than a joke.)
  6. ReapingKnight

    PQ's The CV problem - discussion with skilled players only

    Sub 60%er here, yeah I don't meet that "requirement" but I do believe I have a decent understanding of the game, such as concealment values of ships on both teams as well as where best to aim on broadside targets etc... I watched the video and to be fair, you explain it better in there than in the post, as it comes off like you really care for the game and want it to be fun for everyone playing it. I do believe that the video has a lot of valid points about CVs and their implementation, I have discussed this with clan mates before and as much as we hate to admit it we'd rather go back to RTS CVs becasue there were overall less of them and the AA actually did something when used. Which meant that the CV player had to be good to get the drops off. (This could be rose tinted glasses, given we've not played against them in so long). I personally never liked CV pre\post re-work...didn't even want to play them...but I tried my luck on the Xmas crates (already had most of the prerequisite ships) and got a few of the tier 8 CVs so I played them. Did a few tests in training room I.e which targets to strike, avoiding AA as best I could then took them out and the most interesting part about playing the CV is just flying around the maps... Seriously how poorly designed does a class need to be that some players most enjoyable part of playing it is that you can just fly around. (anyway getting distracted) A suggestion would be that when they use the fighter button, the player then appears in fighters I would saying coming in from your ships direction but not as far back etc...this would bring back some PVP with CVs being able to stop drops on their team by shooting the enemy planes down themselves. Obviously due to them leaving the original squard it would do that thing were it goes up into the air for a period of time and start heading back to the CV. I would say it should take some damage as better players would use it to save planes etc...but not excessive damage. Well that's my 2 cents.
  7. ReapingKnight

    Give Smolensk a range boost in 0.10.0 plz

    Special ships are not nerf proof...premium ships are (or at least directly, smoke firing changes)
  8. ReapingKnight

    Please remove SCs from daily drops...

    I have talked about SC with clan mates and we generally agree that if you select more flags then the SC that drops should have a heavy % drop chance of flags, and this would be the same for more resources higher % of coal with try your luck being the standard percentages.
  9. ReapingKnight

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    You mean like this: It's important to point out that next year, ships IV Imperator Nikolai I, V Gremyashchy, V Fūjin, V Giulio Cesare, and V Kamikaze will not be included in Santa's containers. Don't miss your chance to get rare Premium ships!
  10. ReapingKnight

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    I will admit I again over spent on crates (lack of my own will power) and I was less affected by the 'shortlist' as I had already gotten most of those ships (you guessed it in previous Christmas Crates). So in my case it has less impact on my results than those who don't have the 'shortlisted' ships but I am now curious of the shortlisted ships I did get from the crates what I could have received instead...🤔 and thats what has annoyed me the most that I got a ship drop but it was never a 1 out of 127 something ships or in my case less as I own a few already but 1 out of 4 that are honestly the more mediocre ships as well.
  11. ReapingKnight

    WeeGreedy, I believe you have a problem

    Are you sure about this, as I believe the prem tier VII container was for the King of the Sea collection. Not trying to defend WG or anything but if they look here and see us mixing rewards up about other things ingame they may use that against us. Also gifted a Mega Crate to a Clan Member who has only really started playing this game (only like two premiums, none from shortlist) guess what he got...a Duca haha
  12. ReapingKnight

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    Here is my list: (I've fallen for it again (not too bad though) 20 Mega: 30 Dragon 30 Hydra Mainz (Super Container) Masrblehead L (Super Container) 25 Type 3 New Year 12,500 Coal 30 Scylla 20 Winter Strands 25 New Year 12,500 Coal 12,500 Coal 25 New Year 25 Type 3 New Year California (Super Container) 25 Type 3 New Year 30 Wyvern 20 Frosty Fir Tree 20 Frosty Fir Tree 5 Spring Sky 30 Ouroboros This could be due to the fact I have the Vanguard and Duca so I had less chance of rolling the short listed ships?
  13. Maybe and I am grasping at straws here but people are more pissed at the ship rather than you given the normal JB was removed for being too popular, but less than 6 months or so later you can get a clone through paying or gambling (with a slim chance for free with the in game crates)
  14. ReapingKnight

    WTF WG?

    Oh yeah, them RU BBs are all citadel when broadside with enough armour that most shells will arm 😁