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  1. ReapingKnight

    Rename the tier 8 British Heavy Cruiser

    HMS Facey McFace Face?
  2. ReapingKnight

    Coal spending help (sought)

    Are you just wanting a ship to train a captain and enjoy or do you want the premium credit earning as this only applies to the tier 9s. Thunderer is a good ship and one of few RN BBs that have usable AP. Yes the HE still works but it's AP is different from the rest of them. JB is really fun ship, you said static but with your guns all forward it makes a good pushing ship without risking big broadside hits and the reload booster is amazing in the right situation. Smolensk is nothing like what you said you do well in so I'd say leave it. Hope this helps.
  3. ReapingKnight

    Is this game become an overpen simulator?

    Just going to put this in here as it is what I was told repeatedly when saying I had noticed more overpens from varying ranges. "Git Gud". Thanks.
  4. ReapingKnight

    New player looking for an advice

    Personally I would say don't buy a premium until you reach that tier as I detest seeing people in the high tier premiums that don't have any idea what to do as I am sure alot of other do too. Honestly I am surprised that more people haven't told you to not buy one yet. Yes you may appear to be doing well up to tier 5 but tier 8 and up are very different and you may become a hindrance to the team. Just because you get a coupon for this game doesn't mean you should use it especially when they put a 3 day time limit on it to try and persuade people to make a purchase before it expires...
  5. ReapingKnight

    PSA: Conqueror is losing its 457mm guns

    A clan mate preferred to play Conq with the 457 but whilst drunk accidentally bought the Salem with his coal...this was also partly to the poor UI being slow and unresponsive but was unable to get a refund on coal even with no games played in it. Long story short, he now can't even play Conq his preferred way as they removed the option and he has to re-grind all the coal...
  6. ReapingKnight


    This isn't the first post about the Khaba not being the same as before but when people bring up the global stats I kinda think they shoild be split between gun boats and torp boats. Wouldn't that also help WG balance them against each other?
  7. A ship gets sunk over a friendly sub, and crushes it earning a double strike? Hahaha
  8. ReapingKnight

    Speculated Sub Gameplay?

    Well maybe this can make the game even more 'blank' when they make radar only to detect surface ships and hydro detects subs and torps.
  9. ReapingKnight

    Abandon Bismarck?

    I've recently got this ship also, mostly stock but gone full manly build secondaries all the way and it really adds to your damage. I got a game with 120k (ish) and 54k of that were the secondaries. Unfortunately the main guns are less than impressive, and it gets worse as you go up i believe as they don't really get the accuracy needed to make them work.
  10. I already had the Perth, but bought the 50% off hoping to get a large about of doublooms...I did not get a large amount I got around half the amount. My own fault for trying to cheese it.
  11. ReapingKnight

    Atago perma camo changed

    I can still change mine.
  12. ReapingKnight

    Atago perma camo changed

    Have uou tried changing the camo to another theb changing back? Other than that it might be due to not having completed the collection to get the change camo scheme.
  13. Would wee a little with laughter if Benham goes up for sale without the silly skin. ??
  14. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    @Ace42X but in that example of "juicy damage this p2w" is wrong about the Stalingrad in particular...yes steel could be purchased at that one occasion (currently that is) but thst was only around 5k steel the Stalingrad needed 21k roughtly with the voucher. If you provide a ship in game that fits your argument I'll submit, but at the moment there really isn't one (primarily in the competitive side) i will agree Belfast is strong, very strong but they noticed and stop normal purchase.
  15. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    @Ace42X but all ships have streghts and weaknesses, yes some more than others but it doesn't make that P2W right? I'm getting confused this whole thread was about someone having some bad games....