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  1. ReapingKnight

    Speculated Sub Gameplay?

    Well maybe this can make the game even more 'blank' when they make radar only to detect surface ships and hydro detects subs and torps.
  2. ReapingKnight

    Abandon Bismarck?

    I've recently got this ship also, mostly stock but gone full manly build secondaries all the way and it really adds to your damage. I got a game with 120k (ish) and 54k of that were the secondaries. Unfortunately the main guns are less than impressive, and it gets worse as you go up i believe as they don't really get the accuracy needed to make them work.
  3. I already had the Perth, but bought the 50% off hoping to get a large about of doublooms...I did not get a large amount I got around half the amount. My own fault for trying to cheese it.
  4. ReapingKnight

    Atago perma camo changed

    I can still change mine.
  5. ReapingKnight

    Atago perma camo changed

    Have uou tried changing the camo to another theb changing back? Other than that it might be due to not having completed the collection to get the change camo scheme.
  6. Would wee a little with laughter if Benham goes up for sale without the silly skin. ??
  7. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    @Ace42X but in that example of "juicy damage this p2w" is wrong about the Stalingrad in particular...yes steel could be purchased at that one occasion (currently that is) but thst was only around 5k steel the Stalingrad needed 21k roughtly with the voucher. If you provide a ship in game that fits your argument I'll submit, but at the moment there really isn't one (primarily in the competitive side) i will agree Belfast is strong, very strong but they noticed and stop normal purchase.
  8. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    @Ace42X but all ships have streghts and weaknesses, yes some more than others but it doesn't make that P2W right? I'm getting confused this whole thread was about someone having some bad games....
  9. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    @Ace42X sorry for late reply was re-reading to make sure. This whole bit about P2W and OP came from your reply when someone ask to explain "significant advantage" right? Let's use and example from your reply about doing an amount of damage, well let's say 200k. Within most cases in WoWs the DM would win over the Stalingrad, if I've read it right by your logic if the Stalingrad won the race to 200k in this example it would be P2W?
  10. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    No point arguing with an idiot, they just pull us down to their level and beat you with experience...sigh. People will believe whatever they no matter what others say.
  11. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    Not only this @Ace42X but your hypothetical ship example is trash as it's not measured against 1 player or even 1000 players it's measured against every single owner of that ship for every game they play...and the way you've described the ship everyone would want to own it, and as typical in the game the better (I said better not prem or otherwise) players get there first and do very well. Then the eventual potato train shows up and would still out perform there existing stats. Right.
  12. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    @Ace42X Hey I'm only doing what you're doing and taking a scenario of soemthing that enforces my points over yours. The part about OP defined in WoWs was stated by WG in regards to nerfing/buffing ships seeing as they have access to all if the data, albeit not word for word but I'm on my mobile fishing here soooooo. Come on treacle throw some more opinionated examples at me . Xx
  13. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    Who's modifying the text to prove their own argument now...hmmm. ? I never said they had different captian levels...let's say they played 200 games in prior to the 1v1 that wouldn't give enough of a captian point advantage. Even if we accepted your stupid concept then the only p2w part is that one player has paid to win only slightly ahead of the other as the none prem account can still reach 19 points and is not capped lower than the prem account. OP - (in wows) means a ship that no matter the player skill has above average performance. P2W - being able to use real money to earn an advantage that cannot be earned through persistence or playing said game. Such as if you pay $2 per month you get better accuracy than someone who doesn't.
  14. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    So if two players fight each other 1v1 with lets say a Fiji...but one has a prem account he must win because the games rigged ?? This is what it sounds like you're saying @Ace42X
  15. ReapingKnight

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    We've all been in situations where losing game after game, but when that happens sometimes you just need to stop and play something else whether that be co-OP or a different game as your mindset can really mess with you. I'm by no means a good player I think I do alright, but if I've had a streak of losses I'll do something stupid and end up dying early do to impatience. Also about having an impact, if your impact is less than someone one the other side then you may lose, for example if your on one team and a guy from SCRUB or OMNI is on the other it's going to be a hard match as these guys will have a large impact (unless they potato).