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  1. Rage_Unchained

    Update 0.10.4 - Bug Reports

    Game stuck on "logging in" since the patch. Permanent looping of the sea/wave sound of about 30 or so seconds duration playing in background and constantly restarting. Tried removing the mods, doing both repairs from the WoWS client and the diagnostics from WGCheck, tried safe mode, firewalls add/remove, nothing happens. Does WG have any intention of actually testing the releases before doing this kind of bull in future? I have captured a video, but your glorified forum doesn't accept the format, because WG doesn't earn enough money from "unique voice-over" ripoffs to afford video attachments too. here is IMGUR video link uploaded. it caches part of my browser for a second, and it's minimal duration, but longer duration would just show the endless looping. I literally left the client to login for 10s of minutes on couple attempts. https://imgur.com/F7vuWty it seems launching the game after each patch/minipatch with all my personal settings completely reset allows me to log in... What the [edited]people, what the [edited], are you this lazy and complacent that you can't do basic coding as a serious gaming company???? After 5+ years you still haven't created a "save settings profile" as an option...I mean come on, come on!!!
  2. Rage_Unchained

    Unsportsmenlike behaviour problem (edited*)

    seeing you have hidden your stats I am gonna assume there's a reason for it, and I'm gonna doubt that you understood even 1% of the point of this topic. Topic aren't CVs, but the player behaviour, and in this case it was a few CV players doing the same thing. good catch! Took barely any effort, and yet we still deal with these players.
  3. Rage_Unchained

    Unsportsmenlike behaviour problem (edited*)

    I have days like that - "ooh man, look at that streak, I better stop before the weird stuff comes". And the good kind of game streaks really feels like it happens less and less often. Me taking the clan thing actively and actually focusing on getting other players to play and improve has blown new air into the lungs of my WoWS interest. And then we have to *deal* with this. To top it all off, ingame reports rarely do anything, and having to manually go and take additional effort of enforcing rules by creating tickets and going through the ticket process is just adding insult to injury. Especially as you know that this is just being neglected. I mean, yeah, sure they get a day or few days ban, they come back, and continue. They probably played on different account in meantime, or just did similar stuff in other games.
  4. Rage_Unchained

    Unsportsmenlike behaviour problem (edited*)

    I have sent you a PM with details, including the last ticket. Thanks for removing the nickname (whoever did it), as I only saw the thread minutes ago, as I posted this late last night. I've started the clan only few months back (active recruiting) and we're up to 40 members, WHILE losing actual few players/accounts due to them quitting the game due to behaviour above - and last night it was the 2 of the more active clan/division mates who decided to end the division run early after encountering this. The amount of frustration, bewilderment and despair I noticed with them was kind of crushing and panicking for me. I take my role as clan commander seriously, as I stated in OP. I have directly, or at least vaguely, promised each of my clan members help and guidance wherever and whenever they might feel needed during our time together in the game. But last night it really hit the spot. I was almost apathetic to having this guy in team - "ah crap, here we go again". It has literally come to that point. We are now taking it for granted that people like this will act the way they do, despite us using whatever the tools we're given by WG to deal with it. But then I realized how it felt for my clan mates with much less game time under their belts, and with probably far less free time to spend on the game - being able to do a few hours daily or even weekly on the game, and having to sacrifice a chunk of this time to being abused and griefed against, I absolutely could understand them choosing to look for other entertainment. I very well understand that we're not all made the same, and that we deal with upsets and frustrations differently, and I am probably (well, definitely) very well suited to my nickname when responding to those (which most of my clan mates and in game friends find epic source of entertainment or at least giggles). But I also really need to ask Wargaming to actually start trying to care about this, as we lose possible player base not only to frustrations to issues with game balance, certain classes and in general behaviour of teammates in battles after the most recent rework. As I mentioned, regarding my responsibilities as clan commander - I do want to have a leading role in the clan in regards to most things happening in the game, and help my clan mates overcome the obstacles and setbacks they encounter in their progress. But I am worried how much I can actually do, if stuff like this keeps happening, since I really am not sure how I am supposed to deal with losing clan mates (out of game, not the clan) to further incidents like these happening on the regular basis!
  5. Rage_Unchained

    Unsportsmenlike behaviour problem (edited*)

    IF only he was a streamer to snipe his queue...Though, everyone would join queues as CV then. 2 weeks at most? No permabans?
  6. Hi guys. I am not here to stat/name shame a player but to argue/vent/point out an issue. We all know CV's are not remotely balanced. I play them occasionally, and I try to focus on the team-aspect that they should be providing (like dropping fighters for teammates, it really isn't that hard). But, just earlier tonight we had a streak of games where we had CV's that were dropping clusters of fighters around THEMSELVES even without being threatened, spotted or anything, and refusing to help with AA or spot the dds (literally 4-5 games went exactly like this). Even a game with a unicum in CV in our team the guy just kept dropping battleships on his flank while enemy dd's had a party on the other and simply folded the flank and took the game over with a slaughter. NOT.ONE.FIGHTER. NOT.EVEN.ONCE.DD.SPOTTING. Anyways, I digress, so back to the subject. After all of this, we get into a battle (division of 3 + 1 more clan mate playing a different ship-class on count-down so he could maybe join us in same game - yay, we got lucky, we were in same team)... But then I notice the blacklisted Hakuryu in our team. You're guessing right, it's edited*. I tell my clanmates we need to try and make some sort of grouping, as our CV will suicide within minutes. As he does, by sailing edit: no naming and shaming please into center of the map. As he has done every single game I have ever seen him play, and most of the enemy team too. We warned our team, one of the dds even tried to smoke him up, to no avail. Even enemy team is saying sorry for that in all-chat as apparently they consider him a legend in the community. That same player I have repeatedly made tickets, not just for this behaviour, but for also insults and spam during games and even he contacted me in port (now he's on blacklist), with name calling, family/racist insults and what not. To all these tickets the "support" reassured me that steps have been taken and penalty was issued, but that they can't disclose the details, you know, because of the rules. These tickets and ingame reports were made over months back and probably even longer... This battle was the end of the evening for me and the clanmates, as one has rage quit, the other one just said "I have no will to play after this and then chatted with us for a couple minutes before going offline. They were all baffled that this guy is still allowed to behave like this and still go unpunished. I mean, I've lost my patience a few times and shot teammates, and it resulted in bans. This is so much worse as he is literally griefing 11 other players and denying them almost all hope of winning the game. My question to you guys and hopefully some of the staff of this popular company we all know as WG is: Is there any hope of actually having this behaviour and players behind it being taken out of the game? Again, this is not to stat-shame, ridicule or in any other way denigrate the player. We ALL know him and we've all, or most of us, been beaten by the crap end of the stick that is being in team with him and the likes of him. This is an honest question, issue and an example of why the game really has no progress in either community or the player base having an actual interest in improving themselves when they see stuff like this happening and having their will to play beaten out of them. I created another ticket after this battle, with replay and screenshots. I don't hope for anything. 11 people have tried pinging, chatting to him to back off, not even insulting tone was used, albeit appearing that it was a bit of spam as people panicked seeing the pinnacle of the team's power being thrown into fire in the first minutes of game. 10-15 minutes of misery for the rest of us, as we have no hope of fighting back. We (actually, I) managed to kill 2 of the enemies, and the battle even seemed somewhat close at some points but the team was dying 1 by 1 as the FDR was just free to fly over and take his pickings. The worst part of all this is, that as clan commander I have promised to try and watch my clanmates as they play and help them improve by commenting and advising them about their flaws, mistakes and habits - telling them that their actions have direct impact on games, and not giving up when it's difficult, and how important it is for them to focus on their own play, rather than looking at mistakes and crappy behaviour of teammates. And then this stuff happens. How am I supposed to have credibility and sort of authority/reputation, especially after I told them that this is not even remotely an isolated incident with a player like this and that we're probably not gonna win, right after I saw the team line-ups? the irony in all this is, one of the guys just as we started divisions, posted this Jingles video:
  7. Rage_Unchained

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    I've ran the file as an admin too. The same thing happens each time. OK. I restarted the PC and Avast popped up after trying to run the file (first time it ever happened, usually only windows security prompted me to check the files first). Avast wasn't popping up when I was trying to install the modpack BEFORE the restart. It might have done it silently previously. So that's a headsup for people having same issue: restart PC and see if your antivirus actually blocked the files quietly without notification. Thanks Aslain!
  8. Rage_Unchained

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hi! Never had issues installing your modpack, but this happens today, with all 3 links (torrent and 2 direct downloads). It's also a far smaller file with roughly 35mb, where it used to be 90 or even more before. Any ideas?
  9. Rage_Unchained

    [OHGOD] Clan for getting hands oily and salty!

    Looking to try the clan battles out next patch? Look no further!
  10. Rage_Unchained

    [OHGOD] Clan for getting hands oily and salty!

    Hey folks, just a bump, we're still looking at growing and brawling!
  11. Rage_Unchained

    [OHGOD] Clan for getting hands oily and salty!

    We could make the cast (and title) of one Quentin Tarantino movie atm :) It's a bump, we're recruiting both experienced and inexperienced folks who want to get better at game in laid-back atmosphere and get some clan battles dirt on their hands.
  12. Rage_Unchained

    [OHGOD] Clan for getting hands oily and salty!

    Bumping, 5 people so far in January! <3 See you in the crosshairs, or clan chat :D
  13. Rage_Unchained

    [OHGOD] Clan for getting hands oily and salty!

    We got another 3 dudes in yesterday, it's a fiesta! :D If you're interested, contact details in post, come hang around for divisions if you are not sure yet!
  14. Rage_Unchained

    Ranked battles CV toxic/unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    It actually matters because that ship class has overall map effect, while other ships don't (except few BBs with spotter plane, maybe). And that ship class also directly affects entire team at once. While CV behaving intentionally against team can have immediate effect, losing any other ship in team can still be compensated. IF team is forced to group into 6 ships for AA, enemy team wins the map.
  15. Rage_Unchained

    [OHGOD] Clan for getting hands oily and salty!

    See you on the bumpy seas!