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  1. Just a note to all the potatoes criticizing Hammer and Sickle - if it weren't for them, you'd all be speaking German, Italian or Japanese today. A lot of real nice submissions btw. Surprised Haleos isn't voted higher, he did go for simplicity, but there's so much practicality in his pattern too.
  2. Rage_Unchained

    EU server down?

    Nope. Welcome to Nopeville, population - Nope.
  3. Rage_Unchained

    EU server down?

    Finally Trump right about something. Gonna download this GIF and use it for almost anything WG PR releases. Especially the "features". In other news, no, we can't reconnect.
  4. Rage_Unchained

    Unable to connect to update service

    Good to know. Good old WG, shoving stuff down our throats because they can, not because they were asked to do it.
  5. Rage_Unchained

    Unable to connect to update service

    So, just press play without updating? And if I install that piece of brilliant WG technology, will it require I install other games too? I got WoT and WoWS atm, and I definitely DO NOT want World of Warplanes or whatever it is called... I got mods installed in WoWS as well, will it affect them?
  6. Rage_Unchained

    Godawfully slow and laggy port

    Yea this has been issue since I started playing the game. Horrific interface, lag whenever opening contact list, changing views. God forbid you search for player name in contacts. Changing camos has started to lag lately too. This is beyond pathetic.
  7. Rage_Unchained

    Unable to connect to update service

    what is game center?
  8. Rage_Unchained

    Unable to connect to update service

    Same problem. Please do not ask us to install other crap on our PCs. Fix this and refund us the 1 day of premium.
  9. Thanks everyone for contacting me here and ingame. WG admin can lock/remove thread. o7
  10. I was in your clan before :D Check the name ;) (because it fits the reason why I left :D ) <3 Popeye! (seaman IRL, so :D )
  11. Hi, I am not a completely terrible player, but you can see that on the stats websites anyway :D I am looking to play CB's if it's possible, but first and foremost looking for a relaxed bunch that is CAPABLE. I pull my own weight, got a ton of tier X (most, but not all). Not a CV player definitely (even tho I got hakuryu for emergencies.) I am from Montenegro, and am on in the afternoon/evening/late night regularly. Contact me ingame if you think I can fit in. o7
  12. Rage_Unchained

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (11-01-2019)

    was only "mod.xml" file. however, in res_mods there is 0.7.02 and inside is "mods" and "official mods folder". did you mean those?
  13. Rage_Unchained

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (11-01-2019)

    Aslain, I tried reinstalling mods a few times now, but the voice mods (duke, family guy and so on) just don't appear...
  14. Rage_Unchained

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I agree 100% on what you said. Regarding reaching R1, don't give up. If you can find the hours, it's worth sticking to it. But only with mindset to win. I haven't myself. I've got friends that have, and some of them I consider to be better players than me. If you've heard screams of anguish and shock and despair that I've heard you would understand. Sometimes those streaks come without any reasonable explanation. Having 2-3 teammates die within first 3-5 minutes and take any reasonable chance of winning from you, no matter how well you play afterwards is seriously debilitating on your mood and hope. And these things happen more than you can imagine. Furthest I dropped was from rank 7 to rank 10 I think (it was a 3 rank drop over 2 days). I tried swapping ships, playing some random games in between - nothing worked.
  15. Rage_Unchained

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    The image link is broken for some reason... I probably worded it wrong, I do love the JR flag, especially the later versions I intend on grabbing in future :D However, it really would be a nice additiion - and a real reward for players who earn the rank 1 through skill (and [edited]tons of will, patience and devastated nerves). Because current rewards are kinda sucky tbh, except the few ranks. The see-saw is most obvious at ranks 8, 5-6 and 2-3. (Not gonna mention the ranks above 15, as it's around 15 where alot of people give up and get FILTERED OUT). You will still be dropping to rank 4 and 7 and 9/10, but they really felt transitional for some reason. (Personally, I've gone through rank 3/2 faster than any other before - and it was 6 that was a bloody living hell.) About play-style...Communication is the massive key. Also, disabling text messages from armchair admirals once you've spotted them boosts your chances of not getting tilted out of winning mindset and thus directly increasing your win/progress chances. Best case is to try and tell your team-mates what YOU intend to do and how and why. Preferably as simply and clearly as possible. IF IF IF IF you have at least one or two reasonable and healthy minded teammates, they'll try to work with you and the information you've given them - et voilà! - victory! The main tip is - DO NOT SACRIFICE yourself for team unless it gives a massive and irreversible advantage and ensures the victory (like rushing into 2 bb's with kutuzov and torping them both out of game) - and ONLY WHEN you are 100% sure that you can pull it off.