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  1. HIndenburg is my favorite t10 cruiser for random battles. I didn't like her much at first, but she's grown on me. Very versatile, even though it sometimes eat random citadels from weird angles. Maybe its because she's the one i have the lowest expectations of and therefore more pleasantly surprised or its just the good solid feel she has. I dont know exactly, but she's a fun ship and i do roughly the same avg damage as the Zao (my zao has the worst fire rng in the world). There's something amusing about deleting another t10 cruiser in 1-2 volleys or chug through a t10 bb you've managed to flank with amazing ap volleys every 7 seconds. I'd say the server wide stats are pointless to show if a ship is good or bad. A ship thats tricky to use to its full potential will appear garbage when it's played wrong by potatoes, but when used right it can be an amazing ship. See Atlanta for instance, tricky to use right, therefore crap serverwide stats, but imho one of the finest (and funniest) cruisers in the game. On t10 there is no such thing as a bad cruiser, all of them are very capable ships and its all down to personal preference and playstyle.
  2. De Grasse opinions.Is it worth to buy?

    Probably the best allround t6 cruiser atm. I think she's great, though having IFHE on your captain is important, since you get a lot of shattered shells, particularly when uptiered.
  3. The donskoi, how to make it work?

    I would say using the range mod is a complete waste on the Donskoi (as with most cruisers except the japanese). 17.8 km (or was it 17.7 km?) is more than enough. Use reload to get some half-decent DPM out of it, your AP is better than your HE and you can easily land 8-14k volleys on broadsiding battleships at even max range. Broadsiding Cruisers is very easy to punish hard with the Donskoi. Reload mod makes it easier to get the most out of your radar too (never trust your team to shoot things you light up). It's not Baltimore level of brilliant vs Uk cruisers, but its not far off either and it is a lot more flexible in open waters. I can't say i had much difficulty staying alive in the Donskoi, just sit at mid range and pay attention to incoming fire and angle when fire comes in? Once the enemy team has taken some casualties you can move in on capzones and use your radar and flush out smokers, dont do it early game, It's not a Baltimore and being slow and next to islands isnt this ships thing. Stay mid range (15-17km), pay attention to broadsiding targets, punish them with accurate hard hitting AP, switch to HE when everything is angling away. Tuck your tail and run if you get too much attention. Oh, stay on flanks as well, you generally dont want to be in the center getting shot from multiple sides, since you're not THAT agile. I used IFHE on the Donskoi, but i guess a matter of taste, i felt like i got more damage out of it with IFHE.
  4. Hood - first impressions

    I have completely fallen out with my Hood, first 20 matches it was great, for the next twenty (and counting) i'm struggling to hit stationary targets and get above 50k damage. Accuracy has gone completely and its been consistently awful for almost 30 matches now. Hardly ever citadel anything and mostly i get 1 hit per volley (where it used to be decently accurate). RNG jesus hates me and my Hood.
  5. Hood - first impressions

    I think she's great. 22 battles in and 82% win and 87k avg damage, beating all my other t7 bbs by a decent margin (small sample size i know). It's not a citadel-machine like Colorado or Nagato (when rng jesus is with you), but she does get quite consistent penetrations and doing 10-14k per volley isnt unusual. Performs best at midrange and she got the speed to stay away from brawly germans and the speed to close on sniping japanese BBs, dodging torps needs pre-planning so you don't want to get too close to typical dd ambush spots. Ruddershift is quick so its easy to change your angle for incoming fire. I've been citadelled once in those 22 battles and coupled with the heal she's probably the tankiest BB at T7 atm. Dealing damage feels a lot easier than with the Scharnhorst, who needs to get close to get serious damage done (in my hands at least).
  6. Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Dont play it at range, it isnt made to dodge shells and kite about. Play it like an Atlanta and you'll be much better off. It is significantly tankier and robust than the New Orleans, find an island to hide your broadside and have the exposed side angled and you can have a significant impact on the game, radaring dds and slaughtering UK cruisers near cappoints., Ofc certain maps are just crapfor it and the Des Moines alike (yes i'm looking at you ocean and tears of the desert). Strongly recommend running the reload module over ranged. Just pray you have dds that want close range radar support and will offer smoke and BBs that doesnt insist on sniping from 20km.
  7. The Duca d'Aosta

    IFHE is more useful against angled ships and BBs in general. You're not stealthy when firing anyway so i went with IFHE, but it's a matter of playstyle and taste. I tend to end up balls deep quite often with the Duca since it can't outkite much at all with 14km range and the AP is just awful at ranges over 10 km (or even 8km).
  8. The Duca d'Aosta

    IFHE, the Duca thrives in the thick of it anyway where concealment is irrelevant. Its so short ranged you need to be playing aggressively with her in order to get the job done. It might not be the best cruiser at t6, but its never boring playing her.
  9. what is the best current tier X cruiser?

    Des Moines is the most fun and when played right its really a ship that can win games to a larger extent than any of the other t10 cruisers imo. Its got enough stealth to get close to caps and chase off or kill dds, it absolutely demolishes uk cruisers, got the dpm to [edited]crapup that gets close and brawling with a relatively squishy, torpless cruiser is never ever boring. Moskva is just too easy to spot and the agility (particularly at low speeds) for dodging torps is awful, so bringing it on a cap at the beginning of a game is significantly riskier than the Des Moines. Minotaur can ofc also pick radar, but is so easy to kill outside its smoke you need a dedicated dd buddy and unlike des moines its damage drops significantly against angled ships. Zao is probably the least brawly of them all and getting on caps in the initial game is more or less equal to suicide. Hindenburg isnt much better with its Bismarck-like handling and detectability. However, you need to be willing to take risks in order to get the juicy rewards the Des Moines can offer. If you prefer to play it safe and huddle 10-15 km away from caps the Des Moines is going to be the worst t10 cruiser by a long shot. You'll learn to absolutely detest camping BBs on your team and DDs who refuse to share some smoke (not to mention an entirely rational hatred for tears of the desert), but for every crapgame you get and every crapteam, you'll get that one golden game where you melt 2 cruisers and a dd on your first radar and it's all forgotten (yes i just had a great Des Moines game and i absolutely love the ship)
  10. French cruisers or USSR cruisers

    I'd say the french line has so far been significantly more enjoyable than the russian tree, but its a matter of taste. I have been doing consistent more avg damage in the french ships than i did with the russians except on t6 where Buddy Johnny has around 1k more per battle than the gallissoniere. Neither line is too fond of getting close to caps early on and both have a rather soft broadside, however the french ships have superior agility compared to the russians so they're better at dodging incoming fire (torps in particular).
  11. I jumped straight to the T5 french cruisers and been enjoying every ship up to and including the current t8 i have. They're very well rounded, with good manouverability, good speed (with boost) good arcs, good turret placement, good turning of turrets etc. etc. They might not be special in any particular way, but by far the most well rounded cruiser line (and for a jack of all trade ship the cruisers are supposed to be, thats not a bad thing). The Algerie feels like a better Hipper one tier below and the Charles Martel is by far the strongest t8 cruiser i've tried so far.
  12. Are you the Des Moines or the Zao type?

    Just got the Des Moines and i love it. I dont have the minotaur, but so far i think this is the t10 cruiser i like the most. My Hindenburg seems cursed and eats citadels at random angles and so far have been underperforming my Roon. Zao and Moskva are both great ships, but doesnt quite have the fun factor of Des Moines, not to mention neither are as good as the des moines at going into (or very near to) cap zones and chasing off pests like dds and brit cruisers. Just have to hope your team isnt the timid map border hugging kind.
  13. Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    Baltimore is less autonomous than the other t9 CAs, but she is very good at supporting her fleet, which is her main issue. She's the best t9 cruiser to get into (or very close to) a cap and radar up DDs and kill them (or at the very least chase them away) and have the agility to dodge their torps and tank/avoid enough incoming fire. But for that to actually work you need a team that supports you close, which at t9/10 can be very hard to find at times. Often I find myself getting stuck in to support our dds, then when its way past the point of no return notice our BBs turning away and running off and then get completely steamrolled by their more aggressive team. When that happens the amount of damage you get done is ofc minimal, but when you have a team that wants to play aggressively, baltimore is the perfect tool for the job. She absolutely butchers british cruisers and she's competent against dds at short range. Russian dds kiting at range can be a nightmare (but then you can stop firing and use your very good 9.7km detection range to piss off). I did use the range module first, but i changed to the reload a few days ago and like it a lot better. The extra range you get is kinda pointless since the flighttime at those ranges are so long that even BBs can dodge incoming fire. It's better to get off more shots when your radar is up and do decent dpm when you're close enough to hit reliably (imo). i'm hovering at around 60k avg damage, so it isnt great and it is the worst of my t9 cruisers, but i still find her interesting to play and i feel the Baltimore is more of a credit to team ship in sofar she's good at getting objectives done (with support obviously) rather than being excellent at kiting about and do raw damage and hope your teammates is up to snuff to grab cappoints. So tldr; A force multiplier rather than a force in her self, play it a bit like an Atlanta, hug islands and rocks, get stuck in radar and hydro, slaughter CAs that are silly enough to get close and kill or chase away DDs. Open water is not your friend and ocean is the only map worse than tears of the desert for the baltimore. You have great concealment so hold fire when you can get undetected and relocate if possible.
  14. Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Yea, got the Atlanta a few days back and i'm having a blast. Mercilessly unforgiving, absolute hilarity when she's in her zone. It's also the ship that i've had that produces the most rage, i've been ordered to get aids, cancer, die in a fire (lol they did, i didnt) and called wallet warrior a delightful amount of times the last few days
  15. I for one quite like the Baltimore, positioned right she's tanky and can support caps early on as others have mentioned, its damage output isnt stellar, but its adequate and you need to know when to use HE and when to AP. Met a hapless Baltimore in my Atlanta and he tried to outspam me with HE, which rather obviously went poorly for him, if he had swapped to AP he would have murdered me. The New Orleans was okay, hated it at first but i got the hang of her at the end of the grind. It Is a bit mediocre to have 16 km range when you end up in so many t10 battles where people tend to engage at 20 km and no real stealthfire option. Comparable to Hipper (in my hands) but leagues behind Chapayev, then again so is every other t8 cruiser in my opinion.