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  1. Not going to lie left a clan because banter died, could of stayed to leech the juicy bits but it ran its course ( over 500 days loyalty! ) Anyway im after your banter, and to leech your oil rewards. Wont partake in Cbs as its too serious for some people so its best I avoid because I will troll. That said I'll be pretty quiet until I get to know peeps but you'll get an above average player imho. Not really a good sell I admit, a @£$& taking leech with no interest in cbs and due to my job Im meh if I want to play this rng masterpiece some nights. Yet I do offer oil thats my only redeeming feature and im British which is a bonus! Love Raider xx
  2. Bump! SOS... need more fleet captains....repeat....need more
  3. Been on this planet 40 years now and to relax and wind down I have chosen the medium of video gaming. Looking for Division playing mainly as solo grind is painful UK clan pref due to sense of humour.... its dark!!! Have all the things you need ts/discord/mic casual player dude to reasons so nothing hardcore only looking for a laugh really. My tag is Raider, I preferred )2aider but wg wont allow it so I have I2aider ( capital 'i')