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  1. Sciurus

    Cruisers get deleted by battleships too easily

    I dont mind to get punished if i Position bad with a cruiser thats how it works but lately some things go very strange some Players seems to have 0 Dispersion and delete cruisers from 20km when every shot fired goes on spot. Example: DM showing front to French BB 20 km away get deleted by 1 salvo, 6 from 8 Shells fired hit the front and 3 of them citadel. Moskwa 55k hit in the front from Missouri. Skillz?(i dont think 43% WR 700XP 30k average dammage Player) Nuub Bonus? or Lucky shot of the year (day) i dont know but this is what makes me mad when you work hard to move around Position yourself and get deleted no matter what. On the other side when i Play BB and fire 9 Shells on a broadside target 15km away the Shells spread out like an umbrella and maybe 2 or 3 hit for Overpen. (and yes i know how to aim)
  2. Sciurus

    Wargamings Pointsystem

    i dont think this is true it was in former seasons but now ist changed getting 1 solo cap, 1 shared cap killing 1 DD but only 20k dammage and you still only on 3rd place if your Team does well. Hell even with high caliber in lo Yang i wasnt on first place so staying back and cap recap only when its save wouldnt save your star. At Rank 10 DD become only cannonfodder anyway and cant influence the game with all the Radar crap around you wouldnt see your 2 or 3 dd on top they usual on the bottom. They get 1 cap dammage or kill 1 DD and thats it. And dont understimate Cap defence gives much Xp not only in ranked in random to a BB trying to cap alone is heaven just get defence every few seconds.
  3. Sciurus

    Rank season 9 Discussion

    I feel the same as OP iam DD Player by heart i was happy about TX Ranked Battle announcement. Getting to Rank 10 was very easy with LoYang np but now iam stuck no matter what i do or which ship i use. My obious choizc was Z52 good for caps but sucks at torping stuff since you cant get Close enough due to the permanent Radar threat. I tried Gearing with lets say not the results i expected. Iam at the edge to put out my DM and Play cruiser instead but which DD Player you get then? i dont know so far iam disappointed but didnt Play enough matches to see how it goes but first time iam about to Change playing DD against (Radar) Cruiser. Update: as i expected Cruiser is so much fun high caliber etc and granted me rank 9 quick DD get still blamed for everything no cap no torps no smoke blablabla i guess i stick to cruiser
  4. Sciurus

    Ranked Battles Season 9

    I dont think Z52 can use ist Hydro Advantage much since there will be alot of Radar cruiser in Tier X battles. Range of Torps dont fit well to so i think Gearing or Yueyang will be better choice i will try all and see what works best.
  5. Sciurus

    Ranked Battles Season 9 Poll

    Tier 8: LoYang and Harekaze Tier 10: Need to figure out what works best Z52, Gearing or YueYang Cruiser prolly Des Moins
  6. Sciurus

    Supercontainer drop.

    At least better then the 8 spotting plane modules in my Inventar.
  7. Sciurus

    new game mode: Allies vs. Axis

    If you like stuff like this Play warthunder historical battles it works fine there. Sadly with all the paper ship and unbalance this wouldnt happen here and if axis will be screwed.
  8. Sciurus

    Do you use "Vigilance" Captain skill on your ships?

    I had full AA build on Hindenburg but cv are rare so i switched to DD hunter build and use vigilance now on Hindenburg works great. Not only usefull for me but i Play Hindenburg only in Division and can spot the torps for the BBs.
  9. Sciurus

    [GRNP] GrandPa-Clan sucht Verstärkung

    Der Seniorenstift nimmt wegen Überbelegung und Rollstuhlmangel vorübergehend keine neuen Patienten auf.
  10. 1) Harekaze 2) Harekaze 3) Harekaze 4) LoYang 5) Leningrad over Blyska since theres no invisibe firing anymore and the Leningrad is much faster
  11. Sciurus

    Division > sensei needed

    Some Tipps! a) Learn about your opponents especialy DD - whats their spotting /Torpedo range and how good are their guns (ofcoruse you know this from your own ship:P) b) Once you know this choose your fight as IJN DD avoid caps at start of battle try to flank and torp keypoints/caps even when theres no ship dedected. c) Even as gunboat retreat form the cap you wanted to go if you outnumbered by enemy DD and cruiser behind them. Move away and come back later. d) Smoke - dont think you are save there use it as your !get out of jail! Bonus to retreat and smoke to hide friendly ships especialy cruisers near caps they will help you there and be a nasty surprise for every DD while you spot. Never smoke up in a cap and stay inside except you got hydro (german DD) or Yolang. e) Spotting - less rewarding but cruicial to win a battle spotting enemy stealthy cruisers like the RN will force them to hide in theyr smoke and well smoke is a Torpedo magnet. Load your torps into every smoke you see even they usual got hydro up you will get 1 or 2 hits. f) Minimap - circles on minimap Change gun range to Torpedo range this will help you to check if a last Position ship wich smoked up is in Torpedo range. Check wheres the enemy main force as IJN you want the big guys BB as gunboat you want to hunt enemy DD going for your BB after cap. g) Dont chase a lonely BB retreating to A1 or CVs from Tier 6 on cv are almost faster then you and can outrun you and your torps and you will be out of battle for Long time instead go back and cap. and 1000 other things you Need to know :P
  12. Sciurus

    Walk of shame

    I would say pink Players are usual good Players which just launched some torps while bad Players throw in all efforts to catch this Torpedos. i have seen both cruiser captains throwing torps out right into a crowd of frienldy destroyers but i also saw this miracles where you carefully plan your Torpedo shots and out of the sudden someoen decided to do a bad move and manage to catch one or even more craphappes
  13. Sciurus

    Murmansk MM

    Anyone else noticed a Change in MM for Murmansk actual it changed from 80% T5+T6 20% T7 Games into 80% T7 and 20% T5--T6. I dont want to start some conspiracy and its for sure just a coincident that this happens since the Molotov is on Premium Shop.
  14. Sciurus

    Concealment Expert

    This might help soon the ship is "dedected" but you cant see it yet your guns lock on the target and you can hear the lock as a "click" then you know an Enemy is spottet and you get 1 or 2 seconds to turn around so you may not get dedected when the ships actual Show up
  15. Sciurus

    Being hit still after detected went off

    Actual its a bug that SA dont work properly after last patch You stay still visible for enemy ships even your SA tells you that you in stealth Theres a thread in General section and some WG dude already respond so it should be fixed soon. Ofcourse there are lucky hits but atm ist impossible at high Tier to drive DD with SA not working as it should.