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  1. Hirohito

    this passive gameplay restriction sucks

    This sounds like a troll post.
  2. Hirohito

    Yo, people....do you like..... rubber ducks??:)

    I have no interest in PvE unfortunately. I guess I'll just let this game collect dust while I go back to playing civ 6. That game is relaxing while also mentally stimulating, and I'm free to tick off any game modes or broken stuff I don't like there. Thus I'd rather pay my microtransactions to a company that doesnt try to force junk down my throat regardless of my opinion, as it should be.
  3. Hirohito

    Yo, people....do you like..... rubber ducks??:)

    I guess this was to be expected, but I had my hopes that they wouldnt do it, in order to not push their more serious player base away. I quit the game last year over superships and subs, and the only reason I returned was because I figured I could play ranked instead to avoid these. I already quit playing randoms since last year, and this will probably have me quit the game for good this time, now that there are no longer any viable modes without these abominations in them.
  4. Hard f***ing no. Get all the anime weeb crap out of this game. As if a video game about boats with guns isnt dorky enough, we don't need to attract more weebs in here as well.
  5. That would make the torps too strong. The torps have mediocre range for a reason.
  6. Any answer past this one is redundant. This is confirmation bias, nothing to see or discuss here.
  7. Hirohito

    Druid Vs Daring

    No, Daring is one of my most played ships. You deal with radar like with any other DD, you either keep it spotted, bait the radar, or dont get hit by the radar to begin with. Against a bow-in Desmo (or similar with 10km radar or less) you can frequently single launch a tight spread right into their location once the radar is down. Against anything Soviet you can keep it spotted or lend supporting fire (gun range is greater than radar range), as well as keep track of the radar timer to operate in the downtime. Daring does not struggle particularly hard with radar.
  8. Hirohito

    Daring OP

    The RN DD line was the first DD line I grinded. I just picked that line at random because I happened to have a10 pt commander for it at the time, so it became the DD line I learned to play. Which is probably why I similarly struggle more with DDs that have more standard smokes, because I'm so used to having them ready to bail me out.
  9. Hirohito

    Daring OP

    Either you are trolling, or you have no clue. Either way it's a waste of time even replying to such nonsense.
  10. Hirohito

    Druid Vs Daring

    Which is not a bad thing at all. It's the fast reloading and plentiful short smokes that makes Daring so strong to begin with, because it allows you to take extremely aggressive positions and control the fights at your leisure at very short distances. It is at these ~5-6 km ranges where your game influence goes through the roof if you're competent at controlling the knife fight in your favour. Other DDs cant do this nearly as efficiently because their smoke CDs limit them too much, whereas Daring can keep doing it more or less at will and just keep prodding for favorable engagements and win the war of attrition (if it even becomes one and you didnt outright delete the red DD with your aggressive position). Heck, Daring is even one of the few DDs that can pick a fight with a Kleber and get a positive trade out of it, as long as you use the smoke to break off the engagement once you got a few cheap volleys in and he pops his reload booster.
  11. Hirohito

    RANKED ..

    This is assuming that they even know what radar is, and hit a DD with it, while living long enough that said DD also dies, which is a lot of if's. My experience is that if you're crap, you're likely gonna get blown up 9/10 times attempting to get close. Which is why I vastly prefer backline sniper potatoes to the potatoes that go in deep, because they are still 15% useful from the backline and most importantly not dead, but usually dead after 3 minutes when going to the front.
  12. Hirohito

    Best RB ship to buy?

    Its not a RB boat though, unless you know something that the rest of us don't.
  13. Hirohito

    Druid Vs Daring

    For your own sanity, stop asking such questions. This is WG, and they are mostly focused on releasing as many new ships as possible every patch, rather than playtesting and balancing them properly afterwards. Because apparently we players cant keep our attention on this game unless another attention-grab appears. Most likely nothing will get changed with Druid (like most older ships) so your only choice is honestly to accept it and move on. At best, and this is a big maybe, it will get something like a +20 continuous AA dpm buff in 2 years time. Or -20 nerf for all we know, because spreadsheet balancing said so.
  14. Hirohito

    dumb subs

    CV main here trying to be funny. Take your anime profile pic and gtfo.
  15. Hirohito

    RANKED ..

    Maybe you should just stick to Bronze, which was designed with below average players in mind.