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  1. I honestly don't know how it should be solved, but I think this is a technical matter in the end. That being said, relegation can't be so punitive that you for instance get shafted by MM's statistical RNG in your first 3 games and automatically relegated. Perhaps one could hard cap the upper limit of games one could play during a sprint, in order to combat players spamming 100s of games to rank out. I don't know, just throwing out some loose and not well thought-through ideas here. I hope this is being looked at though, as currently the system just pumps more and more (often weak) players into Gold, thereby defeating the whole intended purpose of stratifying the leagues for different skill levels. Right now though, the current Gold league neither satisfies my desire for rewards (requiring twice the games for a slight increase), nor does it satisfy my desire for a somewhat competitive scene to learn more from (the player quality seems to be about the same). And as such, unfortunately I'll just stay in Silver to farm for the time being.
  2. Hirohito

    Why play in the weekend?

    Weekend (and christmas) play time is cancerous if I play for the win and not for damage. My two favourite ships are Småland and Daring atm, and while I can do very well in the average ranked game WR wise, my WR often times goes to absolute dogs**t during the weekends as I play for cap control and the teammates just run off to do all kinds of moronic plays and throw the game before it has even begun. On the other hand, playing in a BB and farming damage seems the way to go during weekends and netting me a decent WR. You don't really rely on anyone(or risk too much), and you can freely punish the morons in return. Shame that this BB playstyle doesn't appeal to me at all, and playing for the win in a DD can seem like an exercise in futility when your support thinks that "support" means clustering up 4 BBs at J1 to sling HE across the map. And even if I win the cap in my DD, the morons behind me often don't know what to do with that advantage.
  3. Hirohito

    T10 Best DD's to cap and kill other DD's

    I won't argue against that.
  4. Hirohito

    T10 Best DD's to cap and kill other DD's

    The Grozovoi is great at shooting boats trying to flee though, perhaps even the best at that particular job. Halland is imo overrated as a DD, and the reason is the combination of poor concealment, mediocre guns and no smoke. You can kill the enemy DD with those guns, but you really have no strong advantage when trying to contest a cap, and that part (as well as screening for your fleet/zoning out enemy DDs) are one of a DDs most important jobs. A (well played) shima that manages to stay concealed while lighting up the enemy DD is a far bigger threat to your average average DD compared to a Halland, even if Halland has better gun dpm. Personally I would not bring a Halland to ranked if I wanted consistent wins.
  5. Hirohito

    T10 Best DD's to cap and kill other DD's

    I wasn't arguing it from a Småland's perspective though, but against the guy claiming that Kleber can "simply shoot through the smoke" of a Daring "when he gets radared". As a Kleber, you can't pick a fight with a DD and assume radar to be available from friendly ships when the DD smokes up, as playing under those assumptions at a cap will get you killed. It is nice to have radar support when you run into a smoking DD, but way too infrequent to rely on. Over to Småland: I'd argue that while she can punish enemy DD's mistakes, her overall good performance is due to the fact that Småland is an overall very capable hybrid DD, in that she has the toolkit to do everything when needed. You can do the torp game quite well (12km fast torpedoes, even if just 8x in a volley, is quite good for the current meta), you have the gun power to win a lot of knife fights, while having an outright terrifying ability to zone out enemy DDs if the enemy DD is capable. The radar alone generally nullifies any spotting advantage (say, a Shima) might have, and that makes it very dangerous for stealth-reliant DDs to zone out a Småland the usual way (using their superior concealment). Even if you disengage quick when radared, you don't wanna bump into a Småland and take a bunch of unnecessary damage (which you usually cant heal, unlike Småland).
  6. If you are of the "yolo-charger" type, such a WR seems indeed possible. I took note of this during christmas - when those "yolo-chargers" spawned on our team it usually created a snowball where we had less and less ships to try to influence the game back in our favour, usually ending in a stomp. Some people seem to just like to mindlessly rush the enemy firing their guns non-stop, and it seems that this factor (the distribution of "yolo-chargers" across teams) affects the team in the worst possible way, even worse than having a BB player sniping from J1 could ever do.
  7. Are there any plans to perhaps let people get demoted from leagues as well? A major problem atm seems to be that players who are obviously not strong enough to really be playing Gold (apart from spamming a ton of games to rank out, or even AFK), don't drop down back to an easier league that suits their playstyle. Which has the obvious problem of eventually cluttering the Gold league, as more and more players get "stuck" there for the remainder of the season. Personally I initially liked the concept of different leagues, but seeing as the system does not stratify players sufficiently skill-wise (pumping more and more players into Gold over time), I found it best to just stay in Silver league to farm easy rewards against less experienced players. Which I guess hurts them as well (and overall the intended model), as the enemy team are statistically at a heavy disadvantage if I enter the game. That being said, ideally I'd like to play Gold though, as I would personally love the challenge of consistently meeting experienced players (even as a learning experience).
  8. Hirohito

    randomly assigned, class specific cap zones

    Heck, this happened to me yesterday. The cap was C on North (the very narrow strait), and east of that cap are the two large islands with the "no BB" sign in clear view. The offender was a 59% player (Scharnhorst), which baffles my mind as I thought players on this level knew better. As I approached the cap in my Alaska, I asked both BBs for support to me and our Yugumo, who was steaming ahead towards it. I took up position near one of the islands to provide a radar screen and supporting fire, but the BBs behind me instead went behind the islands. With no suppressing BB fire against the enemy, I was quickly sunk by several cruisers who did the same as me on the opposite side (taking an island position with radar coverage on C). The BBs then brawled with their secondaries behind the island chain, and died two minutes after me (against other brawlers, it was a total secondary BB fiesta behind there). The Scharnhorst's explanation? "Lol, dead player complaining about how I should play. I did 123k damage, what did you do?". Sure, I did only 46k damage before I was sunk, but at least I tried playing for the objective while you mongos went behind there to "brawl". I also tried explaining to him that I was playing for the win, and that a win required us to either take that cap or kite away if we were outnumbered, while supporting our DD as good as we could. The shock was real when I noticed that this player had 59% WR. I guess you really can get away with a lot of [edited] in BBs, even if that [edited] is generally very selfish play "for fun and damage". Needless to say, we lost that game, as we just lost too many ships at C cap even though we managed to cap A and B. This game really does encourage damage farming far too much.
  9. Hirohito

    Bot spam games to get R1.

    While uncool to do so, at least the f***er could have used a BB or something while doing that crap. Taking up a DD slot like that is just extremely selfish and even counterproductive.
  10. Hirohito

    Lets break down the new T10 Elbing

    Not directly related to this topic, but I think the whole CL concept is rather failed in this game (whether that role is filled by a cruiser or DD). Its not like we see many CLs in competitive play (even ranked), as the ships just blow up too fast without usually getting to really use that high dpm they are supposedly providing, neither do they provide utility (like radar) that CAs don't already provide. Can't remember the last time I saw a Worcester or Mino (heck, even a Khabarovsk) in CBs or tournament streams, while they are quite rare in ranked too. Smolensk is probably the only CL I semi-regularly see in ranked, and that's only because Smolensk. Either you have that great DD concealment and work with that, or you have the armour/hp to be able to take (and dish out) long range gunnery. Slight exaggeration of course, but it seems to hold somewhat true overall.
  11. Hirohito

    T10 Best DD's to cap and kill other DD's

    Nice for killing DDs, but not for capping. It has too poor of a detection combined with lack of smoke to be pushing into a cap early to attempt a DD kill.
  12. Hirohito

    German DD split, Soon

    Agreed. A good HE volley into this boat from a CA or Thunderer, and this ship will be outright crippled as there is no heal to make up for any lost HP (even if the starting health pool is pretty massive). Now this wouldnt be that much of a problem if the boat had alternatives to open water gunboating, but it doesn't under the current design. This means that a big HE volley chunking off large parts of your health is always gonna be a problem, and once it happens it limits your ability to continue to do said open water gun boating. If it at least had massive speed or a really strong rudder + engine (like the french, russians and partly Småland rely on) to help with juking it could be interesting, but it doesn't look like it. This boat only seems good for launching a surprise volley of AP into a cruiser and then get back into cover, due to the very high alpha and low ROF. But once you do it, the less likely it will work the next time as the target can just angle. And if you do miss the citadel hits, those surprise AP volleys don't look that impressive to be honest.
  13. Hirohito

    T10 Best DD's to cap and kill other DD's

    I really don't hope you're counting on Daring being radared every time he smokes up, else you're in for a rude awakening on that part of the plan. I would be really careful around a good Daring in a Kleber, as the Daring usually has the option of choosing to engage only when the Kleber is close, and has the option to disengage the fight at will if the Kleber pops the reload booster, as well as healing up parts of the damage. Repeated engagements like these only favour the Daring in the long run. I do struggle with a good Kleber in Småland, but for Daring its (usually) a close win in a pure 1v1. The only real problem with Klebers (from a general DD perspective) is that they tend to stick to a friendly DD, so that one often risks running into Kleber and his pal, at which point the situation changes a lot.
  14. Hirohito

    German DD split, Soon

    I was fearing that high detectability myself as one of the undisclosed parameters. If you are to be a ranged gunboat (like Khaba and the French), what good does hydro really do for you in this situation, as opposed to a heal? Sure you can rush that smoke, but we're talking late game plays at that point, you just don't rush a smoke in the first minutes of the game as that smoke is likely to be near a cap with a lot of angry red ships around. Or you could use the hydro for defensive purposes when you farm at 8-12 kms, but why do you need hydro for that as a ranged gunboat? It's probably the least important consumable you can possibly have when farming at range in a gunboat. And the further out you sit, the less these AP shells are likely to perform, and WG already said their HE will be lackluster, so again I don't see what niche this boat is supposed to fill. The whole ship line seems lack luster by how they described it. Might work in some circumstances, but really feels like another USN BB/RN CA uninteresting derp line.
  15. Hirohito

    T10 Best DD's to cap and kill other DD's

    With Småland I find Klebers can be an issue, but not in a Daring. You simply just dont "sit outside his smoke for40 seconds and then kill him", as unless you are a extremely good at making sure noone else can detect you, there is a more than average high chance that you will remain spotted by something while the Daring farms you from smoke with fire support from his team, and at that point you aren't "sitting outside," you are popping speed boost and dodging shells like mad. And if a Daring finds himself in that sitation where you "wait", the Daring is mispositioned and should disengage with that smoke cover. Regarding Daring smoke, the smoke is to be used against a Kleber when he pops reload booster, as that takes Klebers gimmick away - I usually do so myself, to great success (considering Darings DPM at shorter ranged fights, its not like the Kleber can bait the smoke either and save the booster for smoke downtime).