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  1. Hirohito

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    Those are the best games for sure, you'll remember that one for a long time I bet. Well played!
  2. This was from a Smolensk game I had tonight. Obviously not my average game, but it really showcases why I think this is a strong boat if you play it like a DD escort and stay patient over farming mostly useless fire damage. Here I'm holding my fire despite a juicy menu of BBs in range, up until the enemy DDs pop up - then wasting it with 3-5k salvoes. 20220121_201157_PRSC610-Smolensk_15_NE_north.wowsreplay Shoutout to Djuicer who made this possible tho, doing some great DD baiting.
  3. Hirohito

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    I dont disagree, cruisers are absolutely terrible in the low to mid tiers, while BBs are comparatively overpowered. Tho for randoms at least (even if this is about brawls), I was able to use islands with Omaha. Mikoyan isnt even able to do that, so getting citadelled to hell is almost guaranteed.
  4. Hirohito

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    That thing... I would not run. :D First time I met one was in my Acasta some 2 years or so ago. Multicit it several times before it went down a few seconds later. Guy wasnt even flat broadside, and iirc it was at something like 7-8km range. Also played it a handful of games myself, usually ends with me eating cits from anything between 17 to 5 kms, range or angle doesnt really matter. Just a terrible boat for anything else but ranged sniping.
  5. WG should really just let people drop down in leagues if they are that bad. That way it wouldn't matter if you carried a sack of potatoes into a single win, because they'd mess it up in the future again. Unlike now that is, where you can carry that 41% yolo/afk/J-line shima with 17900 hp into a higher league, where he keeps doing damage to whatever team unfortunate to get him with no way to drop back into Bronze where he belongs.
  6. Hirohito

    DD evolution in WOWS

    I think we're past the point of general evolutionary trends now. Looking at the latest boats released in general, it seems to be more and more about gimmicks or niches rather than broad evolutionary trends.
  7. Hirohito

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    Probably high air drag and/or low shell weight. Dunno, WG really just makes things up for balance purposes anyway. Like Halland having better AA than a Montana, even though the latter has about 10-20 times (or so) as many AA guns mounted.
  8. Hirohito

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    Usually not a fan of these conspiracy theories, but this one seems quite spot on... WG surely knows that secondary ships are by far the most played in each Brawl, this isnt just a fluke.
  9. Hirohito

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    To be fair, the shell flight time seems to be the worst of the bunch. That being said, it also has by far the best dispersion and rate of fire, and 6,5s isnt that easy to dodge. Looks broken for this brawl, indeed.
  10. Hirohito

    Brawls: "players are matched on their skill"

    I have my faith firmly placed in WGs inability to prevent such shenanigans.
  11. The impact of Smolensk fire spam has always been rather overrated in my opinion. People see those 350k damage games on youtube and think that this is a regular occurence. Also it isnt that particularly effective if we're talking purely in terms of win rate. Had a Yamato whine in ranked chat yesterday about my Smolensk as I rained death on him for 2-3 minutes straight. Problem was, the guy was sitting still, detected in the open at A cap on sleeping giant, only occasionally reversing a bit. If you're gonna position like that you can't expect not to get HE farmed, it's just really shoddy positioning on the BBs part.
  12. Hirohito

    Brawls: "players are matched on their skill"

    Well time for some proper seal clubbing then.
  13. Hirohito

    Brawls: "players are matched on their skill"

    Can you div in that brawl? Because I dont see me being able to rely on competent random T-22s smoking me up every other game. :D Edit: I need to learn to read. Divisioning it is!
  14. Hirohito

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    Acasta, Podvoisky, Minekaze, maybe Jaguar. Oklahoma until I run into competent players, then that one's off the table.
  15. Hirohito

    Brawls: "players are matched on their skill"

    Same, I'm gonna try Oklahoma for fun for a couple of games. Though most likely, it won't be that much fun when/if I face actually competent players (esp DDs). I don't care how many secondaries you put on that boat, with 20 something knots you are just asking to eat torps.