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    NoZoups easy deadeye skill counterplay!

    Saw the title, didn't even watch the video, don't even need too. No one cares what that dumbass has to say.

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    All this patch has done is make the already pisspoor metagame, worse in every single way and on every single level. I'm done. Your game ain't worth the time of day anymore. Total idiots.

    Battleships everywhere! Where are others?

    Its cause WG only wants BB's and CV's in their game, everything else gets countered or simply dumpstered on by 'CV Fun Police' and ' HE BB's'. Without any counter play whatsoever.

    Karma is coming Wargaming

    Unfortunately sending a few emails to your respectful countries' authorities like this doesn't really change anything. They probably receive such emails about mountains of different things. You need a louder voice for anything to really change, and until that happens this kind of practice will continue.
  5. He's only a CC because he's the one of the only CC that isn't credible but the only one that supports WG for all of the [edited] they release to ruin the game.
  6. I'd say yes as ive heard (could be wrong) they are removing her at somepoint.

    Turkish ship

    What navy is this you speak of? The only real Navy Turkey ever had was during the reign of the Ottoman Empire when they were made of wood. Everything since then was pretty much bought from somewhere else. Also, you are not a majority of this games player base AT ALL. So I do wonder where you got that from. They can't even balance the current mess of the game and you want a fairy tale fleet added, the only fairy tale fleet that WG cares about is Russian let's be honest.

    Submarine Testing

    No one asked for this sh#t same as no one asked for a CV rework either. But by all means, carry on killing your game, it's pretty much lost all its credit now anyway and the majority of us will just move on to better things.

    Missing PTS rewards

    Perhaps in the future, open a ticket or READ the post regarding PTS rewards. Instead of opening a forum topic on it.

    Thunderer vs Marceau

    From your responses id guess Marceau. Kleber Hull Colbert Guns (CA Guns) Good AP (Don't underestimate the AP) High DPM for HE, personally I haven't wasted the Skill points on 'IFHE' you have more than enough DPM to make up the 'pen' with 'fires', considering its Tier X even with IFHE you still wouldn't pen much anyway 127mm with IFHE is about 26mm pen I believe, pretty much every CA (Mino, Colbert are the only 2 with under 26mm Deck armor all over) and absolutely every BB at Tier X has more than 26mm Deck armor, so its a waste of time, you'd be better off just burning them. You have a stealth torp window of 1km, and that's even without concealment expert and just the concealment mod. Best DPM DD in the game. AA is id say 'moderate' but it's still a DD in a CV cancer meta so will get shat on like every other DD. Due to speed, you can get anywhere you want without issue. You're a DD main as you said. More versatile in builds and skills than Thunderer as all BB's are pretty much the same. By all means get Thunderer later on if you wish both are good ships, its just down to your personal goals and enjoyment ingame.

    General CV related discussions.

    Its funny how WG have made an already broken class even more broken with how insane op Ritchtofen is. Its worse than bloody Haku for god sake, how is this even balanced?

    Richthoven sucks at DD hunt

    It doesn't suck at everything else, I mean I just played a conq game as I need to finish the legendary module, and i took 60+k damage from his ap bombers on 1 squad, i could only recover about a 3rd of it, not that it matters because he just then returns again with his bs op ap squads at max strength and just repeat the process. Such a 'fun and engaging' game this is nowadays....

    0.9.7 - German Carriers: Part 2

    German tier X CV is the most op thing ive seen since CBT, 1 bomb run doing 56+k unrecoverable damage and losing nothing. Cause of your [edited] op 'AP' bombs that you seem to think is balanced, and let's not forget the nonexistent AA or counterplay that everyone NON CV has. Wonder what its like to have a game company that actually plays is own game so could see what a crap state its in.

    Grosser Kurfurst

    Dont need anything special to beat a Kurfurst its the most powercrept BB in the game.

    You are stuffing up your own game WG

    Well unfortunately WG doesn't care about their player base, so they dig their own grave every time. So it was inevitable with this company.