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  1. Hey, (Apologies if you dont want an essay somewhat). So i never thought my time in warships would come to this but here goes. Forgive the semi long post as this is not an easy decisions for me to make. So for some background, I have been playing this game on and off since CBT, so i have been around for a long time. I have been with the same clan/people for nearly 3 years now, and over those years ive become very good friends with alot of people, and its reached a point where things are changing and people i knew well, are moving on whether that is to new clans or away from the game in general for personal reasons, which has left me with mixed emotions about things and has put me in abit of rut. so to speak with no having to find a new clan. The aforementioned people have taught me alot and are the reason i even had the chance to gain seasons of CB experience atleast since, in that time ive been in a hurricane clan (at the start of the 3 years), moved into a new clan with the same people, whom i have now been with for 3 years. Who have been in Typhoon, and Storm on most of the CB seasons that have been around since then and i have participated in most of those (minus a break i took), I never actually expected to be in the position of looking for a new clan least of all for the reasons that have arisen now. This isnt an easy decision to move away from people ive known and been talking and playing with on and off of warships for so many years. So i'm looking for a new clan,English speaking (as i am English) and around the same level as the current clan im in (Storm level atleast atm) Im looking for a clan that is active (i know not many are due to recent patches killing it for alot of people) Preferably use Discord, i can use other coms but i would prefer sticking to what i already have. A clan that is CB active, and is welcoming to people to join in, (alot of clans have set teams which is fine but i would like to participate in CB where possible if i can, as i have done with my current. I have every tech tier 10 ship in the game so far, including Salem, Stalingrad, Yoshino. I have played CB all the way up to Typhoon level in the time ive been where i am. I dont claim to be the greatest player but i do like to think i am decent but ofc there is always room to improve. My stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/500822001,Shadeshot/ Now i know my stats are not amazing as people probably expect, however ive been playing this game on and off since the CBT so changing some stats after so many games played takes alot of time. This is probably where my choice of options are limited due to most high skill clans expect you to have better stats, if i could change them that fast i would. If you want to give me the chance to improve i will. If you are at this point i thank you as not many like to read. If anyone has any options available to me, Please let me know. - Shadeshot
  2. Nope, rip off to buy and the grind id unrealistic anyway. Besides i do not have any interest really in this game anymore.
  3. Shadeshot

    Battle Royale really?

    As if we dont have enough crappy Battle Royal Games already out there....
  4. Shadeshot

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    Worst Season ever, you'd think after 10 seasons they'd have a decent bloody competative mode. But nope, Radar is too one sided, CV's are allowed to participate even though the class is broken, the stupid star keep shite is still there, the same idiotic players that have no idea what they are doing can reach ranks they do not deserve and then pull everyone else down, Well played WG, im losing faith with you more and more everyday.