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  1. Shadeshot

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    Absolutely no. IF they had this feature most matches would be 5-10mins long since most potatoes would rage quit at the start and start complaining about everything before ships have even moved from spawn.
  2. Shadeshot

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes Confirmed

    Sorry but i feel ive already started packing my bags to be done with the game, so far this has completely drained my interest in playing, games right now are so boring quite literally watching paint dry is more interesting, every single game is either a lemming train or a lemming camp, theres no cap contest, no map control, no varied games its the same boring trash every game because potatos just want to avoid all risk of damage from the new 'CV meta', its the same dilema with bb's border camping so they dont have to take any damage. Also they talk about manually turning AA guns off, what difference does it make your be spotted anyway and focused hard anyway, also sector changing while my AA guns are off shouldnt 'turn them on again'. Sorry WG but i literally have lost all my interest in your game as it stands right now, and ive invested alot of time and money for your game (since CBT), but this patch has literally killed any interest i had in its current state. I get things need to change and i understand things will but, i just no longer care right now, games a mess.
  3. Shadeshot

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    The situation with DD's right now i feel sorry for them ,my first tier x in this game years ago was Gearing and i was a DD main, seeing all the nerfs and kicks to the face DD's have received over the years has been hard enough on the class as it is. Obviously with the changes in updates and meta, i play CA's alot more now, but DD's were still its own class of ship with its own strengths and weakness's like any other, right now all they have is weakness's literally as they cannot do anything. If i play my Midway right now, the game state sickens me that much, i will simply find a DD strike him once then go after something else and i will do that periodically throughout the game and only go for a DD if i have no other choice. I refuse to camp one out all game as the class has suffered enough over the years and now their biggest strength concealment has 100% gone and made them obsolete. This patch has mostly ruined any fun you could have out of this game for all roles and classes, but DD's especially. I bet everyone can agree that the most fun they have experienced has been non CV's games (because they do not fit AT all and never have in this game) because you can actually play those games, to have fun, you can outplay your opponent you know what you can and cant do in the ship you are playing as. Right now that is all history, and therefore the games are stale, boring and un-enjoyable by a massive degree.
  4. Shadeshot

    Tier 10 ship to get

    My serious honest overall opinion right now; Get none, and put your time and money into something else.
  5. Shadeshot

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    Ive expanded on my reasons for why this update was a fail in their official feedback topic, but i will say this; They have done a great job at killing DD's completely and utterly out of the game. Making the game as stale and as boring as ever, there is no 'outplay' or 'tactical' gameplay anymore at all. Encouraged lemming train gameplay. Ruined all aspects of map awareness and made the use of said map to your ships advantage 100% pointless. Encouraged the literal destruction of over 50% of the ships in this game because no one wants to play them as they simply cant do anything in this patch. Snowballed the destruction of the games core playerbase because no one wants to play with this diabolical patch. Nerfed detection range for no good reason AT all. like its even useful anymore anyway? Introduced the crappy 'AA Sector' mechanic. Allowing 2 CV's per team at high tier. The thing is CV's NEVER could fit into this game even from the start and in the CBT up to release and a good while after that they had jet aircraft, that could never be shot down as they were simply too fast and the only 'AA' ship you really had a choice of was Des Moines. You cannot balance a ship class into a game that was designed for the sole purpose of utterly destroying everything else that floats, there simply is no balance at all. They can Nerf/Buff whatever they like the difference will never be balanced. Its like throwing a [edited]Tank into a battle vs infantry only, it was a stupid decision from the start and that has never changed and never will. All the core mechanics of the game are 100% useless with CV's. Concealment? = Pointless Torpedoes? = Pointless Map Advantage (ie, using islands to your advantage or to save you) = Pointless Damage Control = Not useful or Helpful, since CV will be back within 30seconds to cause another fire/flood while you now have to wait years for your DC to come off cooldown, cant hide to live out constant pressure anymore either. Repair Party = Your lose more hp than you gain, you could hide to heal up, oh wait no you cant CV. Smokescreens, you get camped until its finished = Pointless and further added to that you get radar and hyrdo basically sealing your fate. Tactical Gameplay = Doesnt work anymore. Outplaying = Doesnt work either anymore. Outspotting = No chance at all. And i could bash on and on and on but whats the point in that most of it has been said for years and years and nothing has really changed. I think i will find another game to sink my time into along with my fellow clanmates and probably alot of others, years of enjoyment, experience (improving as a player over the years), time and investment has been literally ruined because of this patch. The only thing this patch has succeeded in is making CV's more popular because ofc they are, still god tier and in pretty much all situations utterly dominate, as much as it would be cool to have CV's in the game they simply do not fit into the game on any level whatsoever, and need to just get removed. The most fun games people have ever had has been any game that has no CV's in it at all and i bet 99% of this playerbase would agree.
  6. Shadeshot

    General feedback

    Where do i start.... so i tested them on PTS prior to this live release along with many others; Heres a couple of my own opinions for feedback that i will add to over time when/if i can be bothered. The CV gameplay is rather fun, to be honest, and its different The AA and Flak Visuals look good Probably the only two points that i think is positive; Moving on...: Planes are way too weak at higher tiers for this gameplay, (You tell us to evade flak, etc,which is mostly impossible.) Rocket Planes seem to be the better planes of choice as they are faster, actually do damage and are more reliable for doing something aswell as scouting. Dive bombers and Torpedo bombers are slow as absolute hell and by the time you actually get a drop from them they are pretty much destroyed, the arm time and speed makes them unreliable and tedious. CV Gameplay is encouraging more and more lemming trains which results in stale and boring matches. DD's have been kicked so hard in the teeth that there is absolutely no reason to play one, along with Radar, Hydro, Smoke nerfs, etc (atleast you could play around Radar/Hydrom) you have basically made DD's as a class obsolete, they either have to risk everything for very very little impact damage wise or otherwise or sit back more passively for again very little damage or impact making them absolutely boring to play. Regarding this DD's still get absolutely wrecked by Aircraft the only difference is instead of it being multiple squads at once you have 1 squad, which can attack as long and as often as it likes. DD cant hide, run or defend itself and thats from Planes alone, not including radar. hydro etc. Fighter consumable is pointless ,its so unreliable, quite literally i can shoot down more aircraft with my CV AA than what my fighters could ever do, they also do a really terrible job at their 'support role' in helping teammates, 2 CV's per match is daft, as they are still a very dominant class which is what they are designed to do, but still. (Lower tiers i can understand, but high tiers no.) AA Sector management, the most utterly pointless mechanics ive ever seen, i never use it at all myself personally its a complete waste of time and the actual menu for it in game covers all the screen so gets in the way. Line of Sight detection for planes, is a good idea but mostly useless as the maps do not warrant the use of this at all, as you cannot lower the altitude of your aircraft to take advantage of this and most of the maps terrain is quite low in height. Maps are too small for all this heavy AA focused patch. Possible ideas for change (my personally thoughts ofc); Give DD's an extra consumable in regards to AA defence without sacrificing their usual consumables also lower their detection range from aircraft. Atleast they could somewhat defend itself from a focused air attack. And wouldnt need to spend the entire game hiding behind bigger ships (who can blame them) for protection. Increase aircraft HP they are far too weak (especially torpedo and dive bombers, them being weak HP wise and slow) Reduce aim and/or arm time of torpedo bombers atleast. Increase torpedo/dive bomber speed so they dont take a century to do anything Remove 2 CV's per match back down to 1. Possibly apply a filter for the MM so people can chooce whether they wish to have a CV game or not (wouldnt be needed if the above was to change, could also be a double edged sword CV's games would be empty which would take the class out of the game and that wouldnt be fair to the class or players that enjoy that class). Reduce aircraft detection range a little and allow us to adjust the altitude of our flights, their could be pros and cons with this like vision, bad drop angles etc. Get rid of the AA Sector Management and revert it back to how it was before, this didnt need a change and worked fine. Possibly allow the Fighter Consumable to follow a particularly ship or cover and area (give the choice) which would make it far more useful and make the CV alot more supportive in its role. AA range could be reduced slightly as the maps are way to small and AA covers alot of the maps Everything else; Ranked season, is a ok tier, but arms race as a mode is very unpopular and always has been, no one likes this game mode. Atleast Ranked you can play a DD without having to get rekt by aircraft. Concealment changes were utterly stupid, they were not needed AT all they was fine how they was prior to this patch. 60s fire/flood duration change is not that great, i wouldnt mind so much if it wasnt for the current CV meta where fires/floods could be constant due to the endless attacks from CV's, possibly lower the CD of Damage Control? Moving Azuma to tier 9 instead of leaving her at Tier X, again stupid idea she would of fit in nicely at tier X for competitive play. Please stop destroying destroyers as a class, they have had this issue for years (i use to main them, since their play style was the most enjoyable and versatile) due to this playerbase inept ability to adapt and use braincells when in game to avoid torpedoes etc, You keep on punching them in the face, whats the point of the class at this point in time? So this is my personally feels for this patch ill probably remember alot more at a later stage in which case i will quote myself and update it, if again i can be bothered. Overall this patch is probably in my opinion one of the worst patches you have released, alot of players have been put off by this and that goes for my clan aswell. Hats off for trying but it appears, atleast to me to be a utter mess, and until this mess of a patch is 'patched up' abit i will refrain from supporting or taking part in its mess because its simply not a fun game to play at the moment.
  7. Shadeshot

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    Sorry i replied to the wrong topic.
  8. Shadeshot

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Yes, they have practically as if DD's didnt have enough issues in the game, CV's are either too OP or too UP, theres no middle ground for them and they can never be balanced for this game, the class just shouldnt exist, dont get me wrong i like the fact they are a class but they just do not fit in with the gameplay and game style whatsoever. DD's right now literally are suffering way more than any other class ever has. If they plan to keep it this way what they should do is reduce DD Air detection range if they was to stand any chance at all, right now they gameplay is so stale as a dd, you get too close you get radared or air spotted, you sit back you do no damage but are somewhat safe, its just meh to be honest with you. The sector AA system is the most pointless and useless mechanic aswell btw, i dont even bother with it.
  9. Shadeshot

    CV’s are released

    Its literally impossible at tier X though with bigger squads and infinitly better AA in general lol
  10. Shadeshot

    First game in 8.0

    The concept WG had with 'dodgding flak' is literally impossible, yes planes a higher tier have higher 'survivability' but the AA is strong aswell, so tbh it will probably be the same at all tiers.
  11. Shadeshot

    CV’s are released

    The patch was needed but the idea was to make them fun to play and balanced they are 99% obsolete now.
  12. Shadeshot

    CV’s are released

    Also their concept of dodging flak is impossible lol
  13. Shadeshot

    CV’s are released

    They are in a good place CV, in the sense that they are no longer gods, atleast dont feel like it to me (tested them on PTS before) but honestly right now i dont know what to think. They are fun to play but i can see it getting boring very quickly.
  14. Shadeshot

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    Then you should know that every ship has counters, strengths and weakness, if you looking for a level playing field your in the wrong game. Haters gonna hate' as they say. Dont want to adjust with the meta which comes and goes as it does in every competitive game, then please go to a different game.