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  1. Prophecy82

    T7 Brawls - What to play then?

    If you are bored playing the same old topdogs go for Vauquelin
  2. Prophecy82

    Ships you dread to see in ranked

    Dont do it. Srysly there are good reasons for not doing that: 1. You will loose your mind over time. 2. Self-fullfilling Prophecy: Dont go into a match with the mindset: "OMG Team is crap, time to suicide/farm dmg etc..." You will loose more with that mindset. Ontopic: CVs in general are annoying AF. They have the potential to mess up your play even if they are complete apelords. I mostly dread Shima-Players on my own team. They usually cant be trusted and mostly just do nothing and die. Next in line: GK-Players. I dont think I have ever seen a good one. You can predict the outcome of the battle by counting GKs: The team that has the most looses.
  3. Prophecy82

    Pan-Asian Cruisers in the Armory

    Got myself the Incomparable. Played one Match in her. Would love to test her more but Im not willing to wait when there are over 200 BBs in queue.
  4. IIRC he was talking about carry-potential. I mostly agree with the list.... From a ranked-viewpoint I would change the following: 1. Gouden isnt plain bad, actually no T10 CA/CL deserves this verdict. Its a D imo. 2. I would rate (Radar) Mino as an A-Tier ship. 3. Same is true for Moskva 4. Actually swap Moskva with Balansgrad. 5. Goliath is at best a C. 6. Smolensk is a C imo, too. 7. Austin is B
  5. Prophecy82

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    I think you missed the point @El2aZeR was trying to make: One of the "reasons" for WG to make the rework was to lower the skillgap between good and bad players. This should be achived by limiting the influence that CVs have on the outcome of the battle (thats why I call CV-fighters "spotter planes" today f.e.). Given that these WR cant be achived by any other class over a signifikant number of battles played, I would say WG failed miserably in this regard.
  6. Prophecy82

    Warthunder vs WoWs

    Have you tried Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnought? Might be something for you then, if you dont necessarily need action-gameplay.
  7. Prophecy82

    Incomparable out of NDA

    Agreed, it might be a good pick for ranked. Looks unfun in Randoms and CB tho...
  8. Prophecy82

    Superships to degrade Randoms as well

    If you have visions, you should visit a medic. Helmut Schmidt (German Chancellor 1974-82)
  9. Prophecy82

    Superships to degrade Randoms as well

    I hope not!
  10. Prophecy82

    Superships to degrade Randoms as well

    But not in a straight line IIRC.
  11. Prophecy82

    Superships to degrade Randoms as well

    Arent Haku-planes able to boost trough flak-clouds? So Sup-Planes are pretty much invulnerable to any kind of AA?
  12. Prophecy82

    Superships to degrade Randoms as well

    Nah, it will be fine. Look at the bright side: Supernoobs mean more HP to farm and if they are counted as T11s BXP-wise, you will have a field day grinding T9s. Also: If WG stays true to its word (good one, I know) they make them expensive AF regarding repairs, which will drain supernoobs of their credits... it might be even self-regulating. Due to these "hopes" I actually welcome Sups as an addition... except for Sup-CVs they can pi$$ right off.
  13. Prophecy82

    Welcher Techtree lohnt sich?

    In keinem Techtree gibt es keine "Stinker" und keine "Perlen" Persönlich bin ich ein Fan der RU-DDs. In beiden Trees gibt es mMn gerade mal 3 Stinker: Khaba, Minsk und Oggiwoggi. Dafür ist der Rest einfach nur großer Spaß. Die sind halt keine Torpedo Boote sondern Gunboats. "Evasion-Tanking" kann man gut auf denen lernen.
  14. Prophecy82

    Jäger greifen Nachimow-Flieger nicht an

    Nice! Wieder mal was gelernt. Macht das ganze noch ein bisschen bescheuerter.
  15. Prophecy82

    Jäger greifen Nachimow-Flieger nicht an

    Du meinst LMB drücken und für ca. 5-7 sec afk sein?