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  1. General Feedback

    That's because it's not up until tomorrow: ROUND 2 OF PUBLIC TEST STARTS Wed. Apr. 18 18:30 CEST (UTC+2). Round 1 ended the 16th or something.
  2. Visual Effects

    The gunfire water splashes are way too quick with dropping now. It gives the impression the entire game is sped up, even more so than average gameplay already does. The duration they have on live is just fine. Although I can understand that it's a game element which pretty much directly blocks the ability to properly aim at targets, the complaints about it just smell like typical baBBies whining about not being able to instagib stuff all day every day. I play CA/BB/DD, and I think it's not an overpowered feature or game-breaking element in any way, whichever class I'm playing.
  3. Public Test 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    - Whenever I use ctrl+X to lock guns on bearing, the ctrl mouse activation gets stuck until I press ctrl again. I certainly hope this is a bug, as it most certainly should not be a 'feature'. - Rebinding keys for some things was/is malfunctioning, up to the degree that unbinding did nothing and rebinding other keys did little but reverting to default when I closed the settings properly.. I had to bind voice activation and torpedo reload to other keys before the client would realise I wanted to bind the consumable keys. - Is there a reason the keybinding 'blocks' got shuffled around? It doesn't really change things but at the same time, it just seems like a needless change.
  4. As the title states, I'm having some major issues (read: crashes whilst trying to log in) with the client after I unlocked one of the alternate camo colour rewards with the campaign collectables. I've already checked and it does appear to be the camouflages.xml file, as it launches just fine if I either run wows in safe mode or just renaming the camo file. However, I've yet to find a single reason as to why it crashes the game. One thought I had was that it didn't actually have the links/colour blocks for the alternate camo anymore, but that isn't the case. After it crashed due to unlocking the cruiser subcollection I got it working after looking around, renaming, undoing the renaming, and some more looking without actually changing or saving anything, but it's back again. My edits in the camo file generally boil down to using the vanilla camo file, and changing colours/patterns here and there, and adding custom ones for some ships. The majority of the file is the exact same as the current version, with exception of some camos which were added recently. If anybody has some ideas on what might cause it/what can fix it, that'd be appreciated. Personally, I don't even care about those 'alternate colour options', since I already changed the default colours to the way I like them. However, I can't disable that function normally as far as I can tell, and the cruiser subcollection is already completed.
  5. Update 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    1. Description Game UI ceased to function partially. It still updated things like base capture, point additions and detection indicators, but the camera and various other things didn't move at all. Own vessel could still be controlled. When I returned to port I could click on various things, but nothing actually loaded. 2. Reproduction steps Unknown. I was sailing around as normal, attempted to engage a DD Shiratsuyu in smoke less than 5km away when the camera just got 'stuck' in position. 3. Result Although I could steer my Lion battleship and fire the guns, the camera remained at a certain position, not moving at all, regardless of inputs. Enemy and friendly ships could be seen frozen on the minimap and out in the open but didn't actually move on either the minimap or out in the open. Due to the port GUI also being frozen, I had to close the game via task manager. 4. Expected result Normal camera movements, ship movement on minimap and in normal view, and GUI operation in port. 5. Technical details Sequence of screenshots displaying what it looked like: https://imgur.com/a/hKDGX
  6. [0.6.1][SKIN] Shogun Battleship from Red Alert 3

    cheers, I'll try that now
  7. [0.6.1][SKIN] Shogun Battleship from Red Alert 3

    Question: is there a way to disable the yellow barrier thing at the front? (been to long since I played RA3, forgot which upgrade / skill makes it show up there / what it's called)
  8. [MOD] rust-free Atago / No-manga Takao

    Updated Takao lighting map. Should not have any wonky glow in the dark spots now
  9. REQUEST/HELP: Invisible Camouflage possible?

    Make sure to edit it with notepad++ or a similar program which properly saves as .xml, else it might not work. In case you didn't extract the camouflages.xml file yet, use this tool: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/77807-tutorial-to-unpack-wows-files-version-0550-or-later/
  10. Just came off Hotspot bastion with my new Akizuki. Never felt so utterly useless since I started playing. My Ap does nothing, especially at closer ranges, and the HE has to burn the fort to really do something. Being out in the open just means I get shot to pieces by the fort, and getting in close is just as suicidal because of how long it'd take me. And that's excluding the enemies which were in the area. Near the end I managed to capture 1 fort (south-west) by going all the way around the back, and hiding near the island. After that I died because I couldn't suppress the north-western fort for jack. Wooo. Great fun. In the current form bastion is a humongous pain in the engine, and I'd rather just suicide than play hotspot bastion with a DD again.
  11. [MOD] rust-free Atago / No-manga Takao

    Could be, but I'm no expert with that stuff. I'll have a look around and see if I can find something.
  12. [MOD] rust-free Atago / No-manga Takao

    Fixed torpedo bulges
  13. [MOD] rust-free Atago / No-manga Takao

    Thanks for the heads-up, I completely missed that for some reason. I semi-copied the pattern from Mebius_|W's No Manga mod, but overlooked those bulges. I'll upload a fixed version in a bit.
  14. [MOD] rust-free Atago / No-manga Takao

    Fixed the issue Loordbeny had (didn't have it last patch so didn't know what caused it).
  15. Keen Intuition

    Not really. It's more of an indication 'there was a DD / RN CA here'. If you see tracers flying out of the smoke, yep, that's basically as good as waving a neon sign with 'I AM HERE' around, but a random smoke might have enemies, it might just be a distraction. Combined with the intuition skill, however, it will no longer work as distraction / torpedobait if it's even somewhat accurate, because it tells you somebody is or isn't in the direction of the smoke.