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  1. TK_666

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    So nobody else got the heebeejeebes at the "freedom crates" but me? Those are damn lootcrates and you know it. Gambling. There, I said it. Hate me all you want. It had to be said.
  2. TK_666

    Public test 0.4.0 Other changes

    User Inteface: At first time login, the email adress field is limited to about 15 characters. I could not enter my complete email adress until I tried logging in once (and getting the "wrong username or password"). After that it would accept the full length of my email adress. Login queue: Clicking on the forum link defaults to forum.worldofwarships.ru
  3. TK_666

    Graphics issue

    There's already two threads about this issue in the 0.3.1 feedback subforum. You're getting those graphical bugs because the game doesn't run very well with SLI (you have a Nvidia 690, just like I have). With the last update and the two latest nvidia drivers this stuff is borked. You can make a workaround by either: - Disable multi-gpu support in the nvidia control panel (either for the game, or on the base profile - just remember to re-enable it when you play something else!) - Or roll back to the pre-gta5 driver (v.347.88)
  4. For some reason, trying to make a profile for the game in the Nvidia control panel causes it to seize up and stop responding. So right now, whenever I need a WoWs fix, I have to change the global settings from multi-gpu to single. That way WoWs runs fine, and change it back again when I want to do something different. It's not the best workaround, but it does work.
  5. TK_666

    WOWs and SLi on Nvidia

    It was working fine until the two last WHQL drivers from Nvidia, which borked everything. But it could of course be related to the last big WoWs patch as well. I'm guessing Nvidia and WG needs to collaborate in order to rectify this.
  6. TK_666

    POLL: Biggest problems in WOWS 0.3.1

    All ov the above? Only cruisers are "fun" now.
  7. TK_666

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    In my opinion there is a difference between accidental TK's and malicious intent. While the system can't see that difference, it does not actually matter, because there is (hopefully, as I have not tested it) enough leeway for an accidental hit or kill. But if you keep getting a lot of "accidental TK's" you really in my honest opinion deserve a time-out along with the malicious guys. Why would you fire off a spread of torpedoes WAY outside any possible range of the enemy and with a high chance of hitting allied ships? (I'm talking max 5km range torps and the enemy is 12km+ away, spotted and not even remotely coming your way). I've been TK'ed a few times, mostly it's not my fault. But these incidents have made me deliberately change my attitude at avoiding "friendly fire" torpedoes that have been fired at me when I am in a close encounter. If avoiding the torps means putting me in a situation where I will get killed by the enemy, then screw it. I will not avoid them. Maybe that will teach one or two a thing about aiming correctly.
  8. Reverting/installing v.350.12 fixed the problem for me.
  9. TK_666

    Longer loading time after last update

    I've also noticed a quite longer loading time for most of the battles. The countdown timer is basically at 1 second remaining when I am done. My game is installed on a intel 530 240GB SSD.
  10. Hi. Downloaded and installed Nvidia Geforce driver version 352.86, this is the latest Geforce "Game Ready" Driver from Nvidia. Prior to the installation, I had no graphical issues with this game. After the install, I got a lot of flickering, blinking lines, rectangles and triangles on the port menu (the "garage"). The battles themselves were mostly free from these anomalies, although some of the destroyer-made fogs had a flicker or weird "shine" to them. My graphics card is a Geforce GTX 690.
  11. TK_666

    Update 0.3.1 General feedback

    Any word on why the Myoko and the Mogami traded places in the tech tree?
  12. TK_666

    Ship turn rates are rediculously fast.

    My Cleveland is drifting like mad. I'm basically capable of broadsiding someone before the turn is complete. New tactics, yey... (not sure if this is very realistic though, not to mention game-breaking)
  13. TK_666

    MatchMaking. Yes i know this is still CBT

    What's annoying to me is that some (not all, but some) of these issues could be very easily handled - such as not letting a player "ready up" in a ship that's not within the matchmaking parameters of the other ships in the division. That's basically just an if-clause. That would effectively eliminate any troll divisions.
  14. TK_666

    Balance in tiers - what is wrong with the game?

    Yeah, I was going to write something similar. I'm still on the Aoba myself, and compared to the Cleveland (which I also have), the Aoba is a piece of garbage - but I assume the 203's have better penetration values versus highly armored targets? Do you get citadel hits/crits more often with the 203's? If it does, it would follow some kind of logic, I think. If not.. then the 155's would just be the better way to go. I just haven't experienced the 203's enough myself to get any good feel for them. I feel the same for the IJN DD's - I think the sweet spot is with the Minekaze, and I do not see any need or joy continuing down that tech line.
  15. TK_666

    A message of thanks to all RAGERS

    The most important thing is to keep it in English so everyone else knows wtf happened (and maybe gets a good laugh at the nerd rage). Remember: (I just really wanted to post this old vid - it's hilarious) I'm only joking - keep it civil. There's really no need to act like a feces-throwing monkey in a game. After all, we got those in zoo's already.