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  1. Since you asked for feedback, here we are giving you our feedback. It's a great idea to give veteran players something to grind for. However, I disagree with any and I mean any even 0.000001% of a performance buff due to NTC. No. Why? -New players getting to T10 are going to get clubbed like new players at low tiers. You are basically carrying seal clubbing to higher tiers. -Competitive clans will absolutely force their members to grind even if it's only 0.00001% performance. I'm exaggrating but you should understand the point. -Recurrent players that are just not as dedicated to the game as competitive players will get seal clubbed too. What can you replace it with? Literally anything. Camoes, excellence marks, customizable shell colours, resources. Hell you could offer F2P players 100 flags from each combat flag and they'd still take it. Just no to ANY combat bonus.