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  1. The main problems of the Littorio-class are the inconsistent accuracy(historically) and how WG will depict the armour scheme. While the former shouldn't be a massive problem(seeing how the 152/53 M1929 with M1926 shells performs ingame, most likely would have a reload time on the high side to compensate its sheer force) the latter is a mistery. The whole scheme relies on having the decapping plate work as intended, if not it's a problem
  2. At the moment there are no rumors. I personally hope to see her around for Gamescom in late August but we'll see.
  3. UP.90 with the three triple turrets isn't comparable to what we have at tier VIII. Every CL at that tier has twelve and their RoF is higher, granting them a considerable edge in firepower, they are faster(UP.90 still reaches 30 knots max even in the CL form) and they are pretty much comparably protected(+/- some mm here and there but not that many).
  4. The main problem of UP.90 and UP.102 is that they work essentially like Graf Spee. The former is smaller and with smaller guns while being marginally better protected, not enough to warrant such a jump up in tiers(if at all). UP.102 is somewhat bigger so should be more or less comparable to Deutschland/Graf Spee on that regard while the guns have the same(ish) caliber(don't have a clue on gun stats though). Granted I considered the guns for the tier X cruiser derived from Projekt 22(ie the original Soviet design with Italian armament instead of Russian) but I can see that better than UP.90/102(not perfect but at least not strait up invented like Roon and Hindenburg).
  5. There's a lot to talk about in here. While I review your tree could you give some pieces of information regarding the projects present? Like UP.54, never heard of it Anyway UP.90 and UP.102 are way overtiered, they are somewhat comparable to Graf Spee(expecially the latter) even if they show up in the tree
  6. They are comparable to the guns used by the low tier Japanese destroyers(the gun is pretty much the same). As far as secondary armament is concerned she would be at the bottom of the pile due to the relatively low amount guns per side, the slow RoF(for the 152 mm) and the small caliber(for the 90/50). Assuming of course the 90/50s work as secondary armament Don't know how WG chooses shells for the secondary armament to be honest so can't say. Personally however I wouldn't put faith on an AP heavy secondary armament since the primary way to deal damage for the secondaries(considering how dumb they are when you don't have manual secondary) is fire. With just two guns per side firing HE(and bad ones at that) the ability to cause fires would be abismal to say the least. Of course it's just my opinion
  7. I think she won't use her and, most likely, they will get removed in the standard counterpart to increase AA armament(like it happened to RN Gorizia). Even if added those are just two additional guns per side so they won't contribute massively to an already somewhat weak secondary armament(compared to the tier VIIIs ingame that is)
  8. By the time RN Roma entered service not a single BB had them and most ships which had them saw theirs replaced by the 20/65.
  9. The never had 13 mm guns, the smallest were the 20/65 in twin mounts.
  10. This is the same model
  11. So if the 70 mm layer is able to decap, don't know if it works ingame(I doubt it sadly).
  12. While would be interesting to have her(or other similar designs for that matter) she is problematic due to the mixed armament. As of now we just have Mikasa and doesn't seem that WG is interested to add more like her
  13. Hard to know, the only angles navweaps provides is +/- 162°. While that may sound about right for A and Y turrets sounds a bit excessive for B and X. Length wise she is 201.6 m on the water line and 212 m overall so longer than everybody else except Fuso
  14. We have Mikasa but I don't know if WG is willing to have another go at ships with a similar armament layout. I would love to see her and similar other designs around but I doubt it
  15. The French cruisers are so lightly armored that it's better to fire HE from close range(unless they are angled enough to increase the relative thickness and avoid overpens). To be fair also Duca d'Aosta had that very same trick but with higher thicknesses involved(70+35/40)