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  1. Duca degli Abruzzi incrociatore di VII

    Secondo me l'unico modo per salvare RN Duca degli Abruzzi è portarla a livello VI come standard, ignorando del tutto RN Duca d'Aosta e le stregonerie che han fatto lì. Un'altra opzione è non considerarla proprio, passando direttamente agli incrociatori pesanti dal livello VI con la classe Trento (e/o RN Bolzano). Il peccato originale è stato mettere RN Duca d'Aosta dove non doveva starci, se ne sono probabilmente accorti quando han visto la logica conclusione della loro scelta (specialmente alla luce delle loro scelte sul ramo francese, quello più prossimo al nostro, e quello statunitense, l'ultimo ramo di incrociatori in arrivo prima del nostro)
  2. Fan made Italian tech tree

    If they buff the crap out of the lower tiers (perhaps Zara excluded) it could work. Then again it has to work, Duca d'Aosta won't go anywhere
  3. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Of course R2D2 doesn't come cheap, we all know Star Wars is his saga after all :D Joking aside I'm not too familiar with FCS and how they worked, I just saw it in La Spezia at the museum but never actually investigated on the matter.
  4. Fan made Italian tech tree

    I checked on the USMM(Ufficio Storico Marina Militare, the office overseeing the archives for the Navy) and their rules and regulations are a nightmare. Don't know wether it's the case elsewhere but I wouldn't enjoy working with the USMM ever, even as Italian (because foreigners have even more paper to fill before even setting foot in the archives).
  5. Fan made Italian tech tree

    The Motherland granted us pieces of its power
  6. To be fair that 45 s reload time was also due to the fact most of the time RN Littorio and RN Vittorio Veneto fired from over 20 km, even with ludicrous MV the shells need some time to reach the target (hence you need to wait before adjusting aim and fire again). As far as I recall on "normal" distances the reload time was closer to 30ish seconds
  7. Fan made Italian tech tree

    I guess this takes into account the downtiering which is bound to happen. On Cassone I would rather avoid that witchcraft if possible, then again WG doesn't particularly care about reasonable designs (looks at the tier X German BB)
  8. I don't have Roma so can't say but those guns should be quite usable even on longer ranges (over 18 clicks tends to be difficult to hit a target so going over isn't exactly critical). The secondaries are a problem if you go too close to someone, even though the main turrets somewhat compensate this problem by turning faster than average.
  9. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Yeah having Duca d'Aosta and Duca degli Abruzzi overtiered and having Zara undertiered is quite problematic (especially for poor degli Abruzzi, being stuck in between and having Zara and possibly even Gorizia in the same tier). With this said I would wait for a definitive comment on the matter until the US split comes along, being quite relevant (with all the downtiering there)
  10. Fan made Italian tech tree

    I checked the original link, here's the translation (from Google so not 100% accurate): Italian cruisers New nations go to WoWs every six months or a year. In 2018, there remains only one major naval power without pumped ships. Correct it must the Italian cruiser. The problem is that the 8-10 levels will be of varying degrees by paper This excludes Zara at tier VIII for sure, since it was far from paper. There's time so they might change the plan but who knows.
  11. Fan made Italian tech tree

    With the news on Italian ceruisers I'll look into the line, although I think the changes would occur primarily high up (with Trento/Bolzano at VI, Zara at VII, Spanish CA at VIII and IX and Russian CA at X). Regarding the tier X BB after looking at the French one I assume we might see a bigger UP.41 with more powerful guns (possibly the longer 406 mm ones). Need to see that ship in more detail to have a proper opinion but it seems the most logical choice.
  12. Fan made Italian tech tree

    I've finally finished my January exams, I still have one but it is further down the road. Tomorrow I'll look into BBs, focusing primarily on the tier X since it would require some theorycrafting.
  13. Fan made Italian tech tree

    I doubt we'll see the refitted Capitani Romani but would be ackward to see a different San Giorgio or San Marco while both existed. Might be wrong of course
  14. Fan made Italian tech tree

    I would personally use the same naming convension used for the other CAs, since there still are cities available. With this said name could be recycled, excluding San Giorgio and San Marco (being already used on the refitted Capitani Romani).
  15. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Sorry for my absence, I've been quite busy during these months. I'll fix the images right away. To somewhat catch up I'll try to work on the tier X BB with the new information regarding the French ones. It would require some time so I can't promise anything.