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  1. The only problem of said tier is the fact it's likely to face tier VIIs. With this said hopefully with a Giulio Cesare spam the MM will be kinder to them. True but most of the line should be for WASD hackers, assuming the rest get fast rudders and tight(ish) turn radia
  2. That's why I said she isn't uber OP/p2w. Due to her weak-ish protection she would have to rely on WASD witchcraft to survive. With this said she should be appealing to many BB players who, as of now, represent a good chunk of the player base(hence why I think they'll sell buttloads of them). I might be wrong, a lot will depend on pricing
  3. I was one of them, I should get walled too :( Anyway I'm sure WG will sell a buttload of Giulio Cesare if the stats remain the way they are now, even though she isn't uber OP like others(coff Koenig Albert coff Nikolai coff)
  4. Battle of Calabria in 1940 if I recall correctly. There were Italian CVs but I think there will only be RN Aquila ingame(a là Graf Zeppelin).
  5. 19% isn't all that bad, then again with the rudder plus turn radius she might even be able to avoid torpedoes. On protection yeah there's a typo, as well as in AA(medium and heavy)
  6. Would be nice but it will be difficult to make them different enough
  7. Don't worry, the two are identical other than this small change. In any case could be a way to differentiate RN Giulio Cesare from RN Conte di Cavour, assuming the latter is the standard tier V BB
  8. It's the Ro.43, the Ro.44 was the fighter variant(without the gunner).
  9. As far as I recall the two catapults were replaced by a single one soon after the reconstruction, have to double check though
  10. Short range snipers though, the range puts them in harms way. Still we'll see how it is in action
  11. From what I recall other tier V ships have comparable sigma values, might be wrong though. What I'm most curious about is the turret speed because if that stays it could easily be one of the worst cruiser nightmares(especially coupled with her respectable speed and 10 gun primary battery)
  12. Just wait for a negative damage reduction, in a way would be hilarious :D. Joking aside the statline looks competitive enough for tier V. I'm looking forward to take her out for a ride and enjoy some large caliber pasta throwers
  13. Tier VII cruisers are complicated now with Algerie there. We'll see how that goes
  14. Perhaps they could have stock Da Vinci as hull A and modified Da Vinci as hull B. That could work without any major problem since it wasn't a refit as extreme as the one performed on the surviving sisters.
  15. Andrea Doria and Conte di Cavour are pretty much identical, pushing her up wouldn't make sense.