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  1. Since that threads gets derailed quite often(sometimes also by myself, I must admit) I thought would be nice for everyone to create a thread where people could discuss freely about the various pieces of info collected in the original one. Hopefully this will avoid more "spam" flooding "some interesting info from RU" Have a nice day! Deamon93
  2. Deamon93

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    https://frm-wows-us.wgcdn.co/wows_forum_us/monthly_2017_07/fa5232dc02d74214b3b9628739dea1be.png.fd48337ffab1ad01b976240aa9c8dfc2.png https://frm-wows-us.wgcdn.co/wows_forum_us/monthly_2017_07/c7615f5bf97a01995b4cd68cc3248178.png.ede9df17be269f99888df6ce58e8ae13.png images made by Phoenix_jz Guestimated statistics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WTSPZLFwZa4RK1p4BXiZgRKPuZ5A5ThfkUhOghAf-D4/edit#gid=0 Firepower comparison: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AT_D0e74CViSQMtaDYaW4H6X_feaDjq8x6c1l_v6Lf0/edit#gid=1403895320 NOTES Large destroyers: this mini-line, placed in parallel with the proper DD one, is an experiment. The problem of such ships is that they are something in between destroyers and light cruisers so i decided to kept them aside with the idea of linking them with the high tier DDs which have somewhat similar capabilities. It may or may not stay, depending on how things go. Cruisers: 1)I added the armored cruisers at low tiers to supplement the line 2)Lack of tier III candidate for the protected cruiser line --> placed(at least for the time being) Vettor Pisani. 3)I assumed Cleveland at tier VIII(without that assumption making the line would be pointless) and, based on that assumption, i placed the Condottieri class accordingly. 4)I used projects made by Ansaldo for other countries(Spain and Russia) for tier IX and X. Battleships: 1)I need to find a suitable ship to place above UP.41(Cassone could be the one but i'm hesitant about it). UPDATE: need to find more pieces of info on the ship I found 2)I haven't considered the other designs of Ferrati(the designer of Caracciolo). They may or may not show up in the end, all depends if i can find info on those Carriers: 1)Only two ships were under construction: Aquila and Sparviero. The rest of the line has to be made of paper projects 2)Both Sparviero and Aquila were supposed to carry fighter bombers. Two planes were navalized: the G.50 and the Re.2001(the latter got accepted). My idea of making this line unique is to have all planes as fighter bombers but it's unclear if that is possible ingame. -->I added plausible planes on each role(with some blank spots) To do list: 1)Find a tier X BB more suitable than Cassone UPDATE: need to find more pieces of info 2)Work on the CVs 3)Need fo finish with the premiums list Index: -Destroyers: from Palestro to Dardo -Destroyers: from Maestrale to Soldati II -Destroyers: Medaglie d'Oro and Capitani Romani -Large destroyers: from Poerio to Navigatori -Cruisers: from Eritrea to Bari -Cruisers: from Garibaldi to San Giorgio -Cruisers: Condottieri-class(from I to VI) -Cruisers: From Trento to Ansaldo project for Russia -Battleships: from Cuniberti 17.000 t to Caio Duilio -Battleships: from Caracciolo to UP.41 -Battleships: Ferrati's projects -Carriers -Planes -Premium ships: destroyers -Premium ships: cruisers -Premium ships: battleships -WG updates and comments -Comparisons: Introduction -Comparisons: Destroyers(from II to V) -Comparisons: Destroyers(from VI to X) -Comparisons: Cruisers(from I to V) -Comparisons: Cruisers(from VI to X) -Comparisons: Battleships(from III to VI) -Comparisons: Battleships(from VII to X)