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  1. Adrian1914

    [Bug] Steven Seagal + Expert Loader + AR

    I don't think it's a bug with Steven seagal specifically, but something wrong with the game in general. Since last patch I've experienced crazy bugs and I have no idea what they managed to break in it. One of them is exactly this one. And it has hapened on BBs, as well as on DDs when I've tried to shoot my guns. Other bugs include not being able to launch torps, launch torps which for some reason go in the oposite direction of my ship (even though I have NOT locked my torpedo tubes to face the other side of the ship, I think I only had my guns locked, but they were facing the same direction I was aiming to shoot my torps) and not to mention the daily random crashes of the game which has never hapened to me before.
  2. about 14:00 left on clock, at start I said BC. The team went C. Almost. Cap circles are scary
  3. I'm just sitting in my North Carolina and I can't comprehend what planes are you speaking of, I haven't seen any near my ship... On a serious note though - just don't play a Bismarck/Tirpitz. No, seriously. Get an Alabama or a North Carolina. Those german BBs eat so much damage that it's not even funny, I can consistently land 10-16k salvos on them, even when they angle I don't see a problem to chunk a nice 7-10k. The NC is a total beast and can punish any ship quite hard if you aim your shots well. Plus with it's troll armor and amazing AA, you wont have too much stuff to worry about, other than a DD sneaking up on you. Check this game I had if you want to see waht damage potential I'm talking about: https://replayswows.com/replay/13056#stats
  4. Adrian1914

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Congratz to all the winners, to lup3s for hosting it, and to all donators of prizes!
  5. Adrian1914

    Training Rooms

    Since there is no topic about the new camera angles or any other topic where I can post about them, excuse my offtopic, but I have to say something about them. First of all - IT WAS ABOUT TIME!!! How slugish, choppy and laggy the animations were was always bothering me and now the animations and rotations around the ships are more fluid, I even feel like FPS have gone up in port. The transition animations from the camos/ flags/ signal sections are very fast and smooth which I really really like, so a very good job you have done! There is some small issue that is bothering me though - if you switch from example from cammo to flags or whatever, the game doesn't let u rotate around the ship untill it has finished it's animation for the transition, which is kind of annoying, as there is also this couple of seconds where the animation has ended, but according to the game it's still on. So if you can look into this that'd be great. On topic: Again very good job with the training rooms, I like your apporach with how you've made the menus and layout for the options for them. Again a little issue I might have is that the menus are laggy a bit, in the part where you are still in port, where you can select an already created room etc. If you enter the menu for creating your own room however, the menu is very smooth and snappy. I think this might be due to the overall slugishness in the port interface overall, and I hope this will be fixed or reworked soon, like you did in World of Tanks, where the garage has become a lot lot better from what I remember it being a couple of years ago.
  6. Adrian1914

    The 2 SCs from "Containers of past" mission

    How could you have gotten them, when the event doesn't end any sooner than in 7 days?
  7. I have a question about the SCs from that christmas mission where u need to do 15 tasks in order to get them. Are they normal SCs or they are SCs from the christmass presents? I really hope it's the latter, as it is nowhere specified what exactly they are and getting 2 random premiums would be a nice gift for the players, including the active ones who din't get free stuff like some returning players did.
  8. Adrian1914

    Possible to carry 2 x jolly roger same time ?

    I recently started grinding the yamamoto campaign again and will hopefully finish it soon as I am on the last chapter and will post if it's possible if no1 else has posted.
  9. Adrian1914

    Possible to carry 2 x jolly roger same time ?

    When I got my Jolly Roger II, the first one was never taken away from me, even tough I also read somewhere that it replaced it. I stilll have both of them as well as the Flint, hopefully soon and the 3rd one ^^
  10. Adrian1914

    Possible to carry 2 x jolly roger same time ?

    No, it does not have to be consecutive reaches afaik. You will get the JR2 flag when the season ends, usually a couple of days after it. Your previous jolly rogers don't get removed so I suppose it would be possible to mount the 1 and 2 or 4 etc.
  11. Adrian1914

    Missouri Camo

    With the right flags and camos, you can make ridiculous amount of credits. here's one from today
  12. Adrian1914

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    1st time I bought 5x Huge: frosty fir x30 Galiant 2k doubloons Flags type59 x30 2nd time x5 Huge Gulio Cesare Ohotnik Flags Flags Camo 3rd time (i was hesitating a lot about getting 5 more huge ones) - only flags and camos. I wanted 180 days premium or a Kidd, but overall I think it was decent RNG. Could have been better, but could have also been worse, and the Cesare was a ship that I actually wanted and was considering buying while it was at -50% price. Cheers!
  13. Hmm I am also interested in what are the reqirements/criteria for these gifts, as I did not receive anything
  14. Adrian1914

    Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    I also enjoyed CW quite a lot. Some youtubers called them boring and too stale, but for me they were quite a nice refresh from randoms and even ranked. Sure at the start the game is a bit boring. but when you loose/kill 1-2 ships. or one of the teams pushes and suddenly things get really tense in a very short time. Not to mention the really close games or the ones where you are losing then suddenly you pull out a victory in the end with some good play and some nicely aimed salvo or something like that and you are all cheering on TS. I think I will have some nice moments and games to remember from this season. There sure is some more room for improvements (like maybe remove some maps or make it possible not to get the same map 5 times in a roll), but overall - for a first season for CWs, I think overall it was a success and WG did a good job!