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  1. basharran

    Winrates and playing for the daily win bonus

    Winning is always nice, but when I have played a nice game and did what I could, I will accept a loss as easily. Always remember: games are played for fun!
  2. basharran

    X-Files 010 - Unexplained aberrations of the sea

    I thought you were starting a topic about the strange phenomena seen on some maps, like a static tracer like a falling star in some locations, etc. Although not being shot at in a spotted Pensa is almost as strange
  3. basharran

    Current matchmaking

    Amen, it would be much more enjoyable ánd easier to balance to boot as well.
  4. basharran

    What are your "keepers" (per tier/class) ?

    III, Campbeltown, Tenryu IV, Arkansas Beta, Yubari V, Texas, Gremyashchy, Kamikaze R VI, Cleveland, Bayern (not done yet, but will keep it) VII, Scharnhorst VIII, North Carolina (not done yet, but will keep her) So mostly premium ships, will keep some others but depends on the grind I yet have to do with them (all tier 7 cruisers and new tier 7 IJN DD's).
  5. basharran

    Make credits fast

    People who do what should be done normally, use the search function and find what they were looking for. If the topic fits and you can add something why create a new post? I do agree that in some cases the game has moved on too much to have a older thread to be useful, but in this case I don't think it has.
  6. basharran

    Premium Specials

    WoT is now releasing "never to be seen again premium tanks" once again in the advent calender in a inflated bundle to push us over the edge of getting that one OP tank... so you do the math about the WoWs "specials"... Just ignore them if they don't match your pricepoint and have fun with the other ships in the game.
  7. Don't want to move, server is fine, WG EU is not quite fine but used (sadly) to it now...
  8. basharran

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Would like to give it a go as I'm passionate about this game, sadly due to my work I would never be able to attend the teamspeak meetings and my available gaming/test time will also be irregular. I wish the new to be supertester(s) lots of fun and help make the game a better place for all of us!
  9. basharran

    Laptop players?

    I play on a MSI laptop and the sound is ok from the speakers, but better when using my headphones.
  10. basharran

    Struggling with the Bayern.

    To get closer most of the time I choose where I want to go and announce that in chat: "will push for..., please support me". Works wonders in most situations and let you get close and in the enemies team face from the start on. Like the Bayern more than the König so far (62k vs 91k avg damage per game).
  11. basharran

    Type 18 Kager Camo Free?

    I guess this will happen indeed, it's not that much money they would loose on these premium camo's anyway seeing the "improved" ships they apply to.
  12. basharran

    The overpen needs fixing

    The cruiser still takes damage and most cruisers can't repair that, so there is your event. Cruisers are overall quite weak and even when doing everything right you still will be spanked. So buff them first then rebalance the game (if needed).
  13. After we have succesfully removed the CV's from the game we will start with the DD's, after that we need to get rid of the CL/CA's so we can have World of Battleships... well, no thanks!
  14. basharran

    Do you notice a change in playing style with the new IJN DDs?

    Still can make them work but they are quite different ships now, in my opinion for most IJN DD's this was a nerf.
  15. Feels very strange, but overall it's good to see that the mechanic to ask people about their experiences is not steered towards the better games or in any other way. I do'n't like detonations and would like WG to remove this piece of RNG from the game.