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  1. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    Someone has to do the evil deed for CWs.
  2. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    Yep just like I said ... still the same behavior. You are proof.
  3. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    I feel like the Rocket nerf was completley reasonable tho. Solves the problem of being able to reliable hit DDs.
  4. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    Thats what I already do ... I have to get really bad players to score higher then 100k damage games. I'm averaging around 70-80k. But waiting for opportunities like that simply doesn't go well in randoms where you have to carry or loose.
  5. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    General discussion is the right topic tho ... if you mean I should open up a new post ... then I have bad news for you. Don't worry mods will remove this like anything else that has to do with CVs ... thats their policy ... ignore problems.
  6. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    This is exactly why I stay away from forums most of the time ... People taking sides instead of thinking. But m'kay. Stroke your ego.
  7. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    Its not like I'm specifically a carrier player. Just the fact that I have to play a CV for my clan in CW and as you can see I'm not on the bad side with my skill level either. Its just so bad how WG took care of the CV issiue by ignoring it and the community instead of actually fighting to balance this game ... fighting among themselves.
  8. silence5

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    Who doesn't like posting in a huge thread and getting their thought buried by WGs favorite kind of censorship... ignoring.
  9. Honestly. You have to be mentally insane to like this ship in randoms. I'm trying to make it work. Abusing the long range over the islands rocket planes, dropping the fast torps on DDs, only bombing BBs with the huge AP bomber circle. I know people are not the brightest but most of them know they have to turn when they see the rocket planes ... In most occasions when they enemy cruiser is locked in due to my BB siting infornt of him there is an island on one side and a Halland on the other side. Why is the sigma of the AP bombers so bad that all my bombs hit on the edge of the aiming circle every time. If I get a citadel on a BB its reasons for celebration. Why is it so RNG dependant ... it takes all skill out of the game... Oh wait thats the whole point of this game. Thats the only reason why hakuryu is banned in CWs ... its reliable. Edit: I forgot that the childish CV players vs surface ships flame wars are still a thing after 4 years. I just wanted to vent my frustration with WG. You can ignore this thread. Nothing good comes out whenever people need to show their dominance over a chat room on the internet.
  10. silence5

    0.9.9 hidden CV Nerfs

    After my first game with the Hakuryu I felt strange. Kinda ineffective and I blamed it on my RNG Out of curiosity I started another game and noticed the same thing again. Although this time I noticed that the camera on the AP bombers was kinda bugged out and my bombs were falling as if not aimed properly or having a sigma value of 0.5 After my third game it became clear that my planes were visibly slower and that I had almost no planes returning to my ship as if I was constantly flying into a group of enemy ships. Now I come here to write a post about it and see that my hunch was right. Sneaky WG trying to nerf CVs right before the next CB season
  11. silence5

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    I read trough this whole thread before going into the CV testing. I'm just sharing my feedback. If you think negative feedback to a ship class belongs to a 440 page thread where all feedback gets ignored ... sure. I'm just stating what an experienced player found out about T10 CV gameplay... Honestly I was asking myself what I'm doing wrong after every match. I read trough so many other topics after that ... went trough many youtube videos ... looking at my replays... 2 weeks ... Untill I finaly figured it out and came back here to write my feedback... Its mostly to save other people who might stumble into this thread, all the moments of self-doubt.
  12. silence5

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    I took a almost year long break from CVs after the rework to wait for WG to figure things out and implement them ... My honest opinion. After playing with my Hakuryu exclusively for quite a few battles (+-50)... I can reliable say that you are an insignificant part of the team. Either your team looses and you do a 200k damage or your team wins and you do some insignificant ammount of damage. Due to the Smolensk trash meta every flank is completely blocked and the only thing you can do is some slingshot DB drops. If your team manages to hold out for long enough you might be useful at decaping in the last 5 minutes of the game and finishing off low HP ships trying to run away. Sadly most of my games were either quick defeats or quick wins. I'd say 10% of my games I was useful ... the rest was completely out of my control(runing after damage in a complete stomp or watching helpless as my team melts away in the first 10 minutes ). The end result of my testing. My W/L ratio dipped like bitcoin in 2018, my AVG damage went up, my AVG XP went up. my PR went down AND MOST IMPORTANT... MY KARMA... down the toilet, as every mentally challenged person blames the CV for defeats. Besides having some fun deleting American cruisers sitting behind islands with Slingshot AP bombers there is absolutely nothing interesting about the Hakuryu and will stay parked in my docks untill WG decides to make CVs relevant again. my 2cents
  13. silence5

    Slow user interface in port

    Supposedly they were fixing the UI ... obviously they failed
  14. silence5

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Fixing stuff that was working as intended.
  15. I'm not responding to you anymore as you clearly do not have the reading comprehensions that would enable you to understand the issue at hand. Any other opinions.