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  1. silence5

    Gameplay is now a joke

    "Herp derp I'm a navy veteran and I should know more about ships than others" Its an arcade game and you can whine and b*tch as much as you like. I criticize your way of thinking and you come back with the "I'm better than you argument". Its clear to me, who the incompetent thinker here is. Go away old man.
  2. silence5

    Boring endless grind stages for Cossack

    There was a week where I was away from home for 4 days and still managed to get all the rewards by just playing the game for 7-8 hours during the weekend and monday. IF you think the missions are too hard ... You have seen nothing. This is the most player friendly mission grind I have seen in a long while.
  3. silence5

    History of clan base activity

    Thank you captain obvious. We had a clean talk and announcement/discussion on discord regarding which facility upgrade next. But its clear someone is disregarding the information given. I want to find out who.
  4. silence5

    History of clan base activity

    This year we had 2 incidents of our clan resources being invested in the wrong sectors of discounts/upgrades. Is there a way to see these kind of clan base history activities log? Currently we have 8 deputy commanders besides me(recently opened up the privileges because of the clan battles). It'd be nice if there were more ranks we could fit people into. So many people having access to clan resources was a worrying thing to me in the first place, and now my fears have come true again.
  5. silence5

    Gameplay is now a joke

    First time I hear this one xD Even though I play my cruisers more than other ships, I still have a healthy percentage in all the other classes at around 20%. So yeah you can call me a cruiser main. But thats only because I enjoy a more involved gameplay instead of looking at a target 20km away and deleting it. (Honestly I take my battleships out when I have a youtube video going on my second monitor... its so boring.) But I'm not here to fight with the master race.
  6. silence5

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    Thats what the initial potatoes will do. But they all come back after they get bored :) Maybe they will finally learn what WASD is for.
  7. silence5

    Gameplay is now a joke

    And people wonder why we call battleship players BBabys. The second you need some brain activity you call quits and go complaining about the game mechanics, instead of asking yourself "is it realy the game and not me?" WOWS is constantly evolving. Keep up or sit at the bottom of the feeding chain. And by keeping up I do not mean grinding the latest daka-daka ships, but using your brain to understand what your ship is good at and what its not good at. Maybe once you've got a few thousand games more under your belt you'll see my point. But for now... keep blaming others instead of yourself.
  8. silence5

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    Can't wait to get proper submarines in random battles and carefully plan my attack on that one battleship that thinks he can just sit bow-in in the open and reverse away. Definetley we hit the nail on teh head on this mechanic. I just want to make sure that from a certain depth a submarine should not be spotted by planes anymore. If they go with the "Fly over it to spot it" even when completely submerged that would be crippling for any submarine. PS: Depth charges need some work. If you are on periscope depth you cant see underwater but you still hit those charges and die instantly.
  9. silence5

    Gameplay is now a joke

    Generally the high tier games are the same if you ask me. You just have to learn to ignore the dumb people and move on with your life. I got reported for carrying my team hard so many times, just because I didn't want to suicide into the open with a DD. My stats are basically static at 58-59% wl ratio for a while now. You just have to understand the way of the potato player and not give a F about his opinion.
  10. silence5

    Where are the Gamescon discounts

    You should be scared of me you know ... Ask Eclaire what can happen to your clan :D
  11. silence5

    Where are the Gamescon discounts

    Welp ... here we are ... nothing from WG. I guess I'll sit on my credits for a while longer.
  12. silence5

    TX Games

    Quickly get this man a tissue.
  13. silence5

    Match Maker

    Oh MM is fine ... what are you talking about. That T8 ship definetly had fun getting gang-b*nged by T10s :)
  14. silence5

    Where are the Gamescon discounts

    Yeah I have the Hindy already thats why I didn't see the discounts. Still ... We will see what we get in 12 hours.
  15. silence5

    Where are the Gamescon discounts

    Actually we have discoutns for german DDs. I'm talking about discoutns on all ships.