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  1. Where are the Gamescon discounts

    You should be scared of me you know ... Ask Eclaire what can happen to your clan :D
  2. Where are the Gamescon discounts

    Welp ... here we are ... nothing from WG. I guess I'll sit on my credits for a while longer.
  3. TX Games

    Quickly get this man a tissue.
  4. Match Maker

    Oh MM is fine ... what are you talking about. That T8 ship definetly had fun getting gang-b*nged by T10s :)
  5. Where are the Gamescon discounts

    Yeah I have the Hindy already thats why I didn't see the discounts. Still ... We will see what we get in 12 hours.
  6. Where are the Gamescon discounts

    Actually we have discoutns for german DDs. I'm talking about discoutns on all ships.
  7. Where are the Gamescon discounts

    Silly me I thought today was patch day.
  8. Where are the Gamescon discounts

    So yeah ... if you are gonna force us to play T10s again ... How about we get some T8-10 discounts. Its been a while since we got something nice. I've been siting on a pile of T10 credits for a while now. Will we have to wait another 4 months to get Santa discounts ? I remember that we always had some nice discounts when Gamescon started. What is happening this year? PS: nothing happend. No discounts. Thank you WG -.-'
  9. So after this latest update, whenever I play the game, new windows explorers open on my desktop. Sometimes I get tabbed out to desktop by force when a new window opens. Its annoying how I have to close down 20 folders after I close the game and realize my desktop is full of folders. Is there any way to fix this besides checking the game build with the launcher? I'm using W10.
  10. Love the reporting system

    You used a bad word. You were reported for using a bad word. The system was triggerd.
  11. Nerf BBs pl

    Salty sailor, best sailor. The brits were cocky as [edited]the first half. They only have themselves to blame for how the croats spanked them.
  12. the "carry harder!" thread

    Looking at the screenshots ... pffft rookie numbers :D Just look at this. I killed 0 people because kill stealing missions were going hard and I simply didn't care enough Burned down 2 yamatos and 3 DDs and some chunking damage on cruisers. In the end we lost by cap because "herp derp border sailing" instead of playing the objective. If you think I was sitting in the back ... look at my awards... camping cruisers don't get dreadnoughts. But yeah ... the credits earned tells you allot about how much I have done and still couldnt carry hard enough.
  13. Comments from a returning CBT player.

  14. Super container madness!

    My last super container was somewhere around august last year. Although I am not choosing special containers ... so this could be part of the issue. or I'm just unlucky ... which I'm already used to in my life.
  15. We can all agree that optimizations are not that important to WG. Personaly I have to restart my PC after 2 hours of playing to get decent framerates again. And yes ... most of the time its smoke screens that fill up my GPU ram and never let it go after.