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  1. silence5

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    I read trough this whole thread before going into the CV testing. I'm just sharing my feedback. If you think negative feedback to a ship class belongs to a 440 page thread where all feedback gets ignored ... sure. I'm just stating what an experienced player found out about T10 CV gameplay... Honestly I was asking myself what I'm doing wrong after every match. I read trough so many other topics after that ... went trough many youtube videos ... looking at my replays... 2 weeks ... Untill I finaly figured it out and came back here to write my feedback... Its mostly to save other people who might stumble into this thread, all the moments of self-doubt.
  2. silence5

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    I took a almost year long break from CVs after the rework to wait for WG to figure things out and implement them ... My honest opinion. After playing with my Hakuryu exclusively for quite a few battles (+-50)... I can reliable say that you are an insignificant part of the team. Either your team looses and you do a 200k damage or your team wins and you do some insignificant ammount of damage. Due to the Smolensk trash meta every flank is completely blocked and the only thing you can do is some slingshot DB drops. If your team manages to hold out for long enough you might be useful at decaping in the last 5 minutes of the game and finishing off low HP ships trying to run away. Sadly most of my games were either quick defeats or quick wins. I'd say 10% of my games I was useful ... the rest was completely out of my control(runing after damage in a complete stomp or watching helpless as my team melts away in the first 10 minutes ). The end result of my testing. My W/L ratio dipped like bitcoin in 2018, my AVG damage went up, my AVG XP went up. my PR went down AND MOST IMPORTANT... MY KARMA... down the toilet, as every mentally challenged person blames the CV for defeats. Besides having some fun deleting American cruisers sitting behind islands with Slingshot AP bombers there is absolutely nothing interesting about the Hakuryu and will stay parked in my docks untill WG decides to make CVs relevant again. my 2cents
  3. silence5

    Slow user interface in port

    Supposedly they were fixing the UI ... obviously they failed
  4. silence5

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Fixing stuff that was working as intended.
  5. I'm not responding to you anymore as you clearly do not have the reading comprehensions that would enable you to understand the issue at hand. Any other opinions.
  6. silence5

    Whats the deal with players like this WG?

    Sadly there is no efficient system to report such players/bots. Nothign we can do but complain about it.
  7. I hope you never have to sign any important documents lad. " Complete the event "In the Name of His Highness!" and receive the premium battleship tier VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich. " Completing the event states that you have time to complete the missions ... not that the hall of fame stage is getting extended for another week. Stages always end in 1 week and a new one opens, which is clearly stated in the game as well. The only part missions have in connection with the hall of fame is when you can participate in it, not how long a stage in hall of fame lasts.
  8. Point it out for me where it says that they extended the PEF stage, because in the game it clearly states that there is a new stage ? Thank you.
  9. So the stage supposedly ended on the 22nd and the new stage started today... Yet I still have all my points for the top 5% and no rewards. Don't say that the stage continues for 1 week due to the patch delay, because it should be clear that a new stage should start, judging from the in-game dates stating that a new stage has started (23. - 29.1.). *edited*
  10. silence5

    [Official] Wargaming Response to Steel Concerns

    The ammount of competitive elitists who think that getting 6k steel trough regular play is somehow game changing is pathehic. Yes you've invested nolife ammounts of time into the game because of your life situation. There are also plenty of people who are trying hard as well but fail due to the fact that their free time is not so abundant. The average random player will earn 3-4k Steal max ... which is like 10% of the steel required for the stalingrad. It will in no way affect the ammount of players who werent active in competetive modes untill now. What this event brings us... is the little guy with a Job who doesnt have time to participate in every ranked or can't grind out all the clan wars but is still trying as much as he can to be able to afford the ship he was playing for all this time. AGAIN. You cant do anything with small ammounts of steel if you don't own it already or are planing to be more involved in the competitive scene. This is just a boost to the competitive players with less available time.
  11. silence5

    Gameplay is now a joke

    "Herp derp I'm a navy veteran and I should know more about ships than others" Its an arcade game and you can whine and b*tch as much as you like. I criticize your way of thinking and you come back with the "I'm better than you argument". Its clear to me, who the incompetent thinker here is. Go away old man.
  12. silence5

    Boring endless grind stages for Cossack

    There was a week where I was away from home for 4 days and still managed to get all the rewards by just playing the game for 7-8 hours during the weekend and monday. IF you think the missions are too hard ... You have seen nothing. This is the most player friendly mission grind I have seen in a long while.
  13. silence5

    History of clan base activity

    Thank you captain obvious. We had a clean talk and announcement/discussion on discord regarding which facility upgrade next. But its clear someone is disregarding the information given. I want to find out who.
  14. This year we had 2 incidents of our clan resources being invested in the wrong sectors of discounts/upgrades. Is there a way to see these kind of clan base history activities log? Currently we have 8 deputy commanders besides me(recently opened up the privileges because of the clan battles). It'd be nice if there were more ranks we could fit people into. So many people having access to clan resources was a worrying thing to me in the first place, and now my fears have come true again.
  15. silence5

    Gameplay is now a joke

    First time I hear this one xD Even though I play my cruisers more than other ships, I still have a healthy percentage in all the other classes at around 20%. So yeah you can call me a cruiser main. But thats only because I enjoy a more involved gameplay instead of looking at a target 20km away and deleting it. (Honestly I take my battleships out when I have a youtube video going on my second monitor... its so boring.) But I'm not here to fight with the master race.