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  1. Celandri

    New Laptopper

    yes this laptop will hold your game https://www.ebuyer.com/861937-medion-erazer-p6689-gaming-laptop-30023993 still 100£ higher than you wanted though and i recommend to change the hdd with a ssd later for faster gaming.
  2. Celandri

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    ships i got was crappy krym and novel whatever the tier 7 american that was used by Argentina? the rest was either gold and or flags.
  3. well easiest lines i guess is the American cruiser/BB line and the IJN cruiser/BB line all other lines have their weird moment ships. american cruisers loose their torps at tier 6. but getting either faster or harder hitting guns. and American BB is slow as a slow cow and getting faster after each tier. (you can feel the ships getting better and better the higher tiers you go) while the IJN have destroyer feeling cruisers up to tier 4. and tier 5 and up you will get hardhitting cruisers and or flamethrowers. and the BB in the IJN line is fast from tier 4 and up to tier 9 and 10 then its slow. but a Yamato is sexy as heck
  4. Celandri

    Chime sound

    cant remember the name of the song though. and i cant find it on soundcloud :( @MrConway can you help? :D i have now used 2 hours just listening to soundcloud music to find the song and cant find it on soundcloud
  5. Celandri

    Chime sound

    aaah that beep sound part is a part of the soundtrack :)
  6. Celandri

    Chime sound

    is it mabye from a mod? im at work so i cant listen yet
  7. Celandri

    Game with destroyers in TIERS VIII, IX and X

    well i still play my shim like normal. i just dont rush into center like before and get pulverized before you can say poi. So i get to do more dammage now than before. So for me its better than old time sake.
  8. seems lots of people like that ship. but the best part imoho is that you get 2 ships for one. and you can use one of them for captain training i got to many ships so i dont want to buy more unless i get a ship that just say click in my brain and i can feel its easy for me to game with.
  9. Celandri

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    had the same issue with my maison ikkoku dvds that i preordered from Amazon, so i got missing boxed set 5 and boxed set 8. (because viz only sold the series half a year) and well if i am going for the boxes now it cost me 150$ per box
  10. Celandri

    Special Task not triggered

    had the same issue with a standard battle. the enemy ships was overrunning us as our group went totaly donkey and i hit ships that was in our cap but no points gained. sadly i dint have a replay or i would sendt it to wg
  11. Celandri

    Whats your favourite ship for ranked?

    for me it will be tier8 Benson, Atago, Kurzov/the other russian tier 8, Harekaze, Torpiz, Amagi for tier 10, Zao, Shimakaze (as i got else yamato only and thats not so good for ranked)
  12. Celandri

    Game with destroyers in TIERS VIII, IX and X

    3-5 dd each side, say that radar dont need a nerf for now.
  13. Celandri

    Does the enjoyment improve?

    at the tier 1-4 it takes people usualy a day or four and those tiers you can have random hodgepodge of skill (either super uper uber ultimate ships with 19point captains or new players) so you will see the tier do change abit form tier 5-7 you will have the ones have less issues with random torpers etc as they will learn how to torp (unless you meet me that sometimes derp superduper and torp you) and they usualy learn the lemming mentality (actualy semi good in ships as more guns = easier to kill enemy ships)
  14. ships of silver i still keep is BB Fuso Amagi Yamato CA/CL Zao DD Benson Flecher Shimakaze the rest is premium ships. and wont be in this list.
  15. Celandri

    Top 5 Most Favourite Ships - What's your list?

    hmm. i dont have any 1. i realy wana say is the one right ship as they changed the lot. but i guess 1. Iwaki Alpha 2. Amagi 3. Yamato (just for looks and feeling) 4.Fletcher/benson 5. Zao/Atago/shimakaze