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  1. Sprockett

    Just a question to Wargaming devs

    you are wasting your time having this discussion - it is a cash grab and WG does not listen. Uninstall and walk away.
  2. Sprockett

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    just going to reiterate this again: WG will not make any changes that we suggest as players. FACT This is not about diversity of ship builds - but a CASH GRAB It is great reading all these well thought out suggestions, all laid out with reason and a deep understanding of the game and the gaming experience - YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR EFFORT, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR precious BRAINCELLS. DO not bother with this game. We are not important in WG's mind. Quite Frankly go and play other games where the Developers have more respect for their player base than WG. 18th February when the free rework has ended - then you will see and feel the true nature of the update - how expensive this "free to PLAY " game has become. In fact the best part of the free game is to walk freely away.
  3. Sprockett

    Update Survey

    I will just leave this hear. Steam Charts (i know not full player base) but give you and idea of player retention numbers, going down Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players 7,936.4 -118.6 -1.47% 14,059 January 2021 8,055.0 +693.9 +9.43% 14,059 7,361.1 +252.6 +3.55% 14,254 November 2020 7,108.5 -616.6 -7.98% 14,343 7,725.1 -523.6 -6.35% 15,604 September 2020 8,248.8 -1,124.5 -12.00% 15,958 9,373.2 +113.5 +1.23% 17,432 July 2020 9,259.7 +345.9 +3.88% 18,580 8,913.8 -754.1 -7.80% 17,330 May 2020 9,667.9 -861.1 -8.18% 17,708 10,529.0 -122.8 -1.15% 22,687 March 2020 10,651.8 +183.6 +1.75% 19,402 10,468.2 +3,068.3 +41.46% 19,807 January 2020 7,399.9 +490.8 +7.10% 13,968 6,909.1 +1,481.7 +27.30% 14,168 November 2019 5,427.4 +593.9 +12.29% 10,845 4,833.6 +55.3 +1.16% 9,365 September 2019 4,778.2 +71.6 +1.52% 9,496 4,706.6 +170.6 +3.76% 8,471 July 2019 4,536.0 +59.8 +1.34% 8,628 4,476.2 -196.9 -4.21% 7,744 May 2019 4,673.2 +483.6 +11.54% 9,346 4,189.6 +21.2 +0.51% 8,385 March 2019 4,168.4 -47.8 -1.13% 7,582 4,216.1 +17.6 +0.42% 8,439 January 2019 4,198.5 +439.9 +11.70% 7,074 3,758.6 +680.5 +22.11% 7,247 November 2018 3,078.1 -158.0 -4.88% 5,373 3,236.1 +95.5 +3.04% 5,710 September 2018 3,140.6 +125.0 +4.15% 5,634 3,015.6 +133.3 +4.63% 4,831 July 2018 2,882.3 -30.5 -1.05% 4,679 2,912.8 +482.0 +19.83% 5,496 May 2018 2,430.8 +3.9 +0.16% 3,896 2,426.9 -284.5 -10.49% 3,877 March 2018 2,711.4 -432.4 -13.75% 4,310 3,143.8 -215.9 -6.43% 5,209 January 2018 3,359.8 +277.1 +8.99% 6,648 3,082.7 +1,198.6 +63.62% 5,113 November 2017 1,884.0 +1,882.8 +156736.53% 6,739 1.2 - - 5 to me this shows a general decline in the game. The CV re-work got a lot of players back into the game, but they soon realized how crap it has become... a steady declining number in players... (what's your spread sheet say?)
  4. Sprockett

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Oh yeah so lets take the RN CL line - out of the 24 skills available for the cruiser - the RN CL has 7 skills out of 24 that are of no use to the ships. a 2ndry 4point skill for a cruiser... what the Actual F@@k? SO out 6 tier 4 skills the RN cl lines looses 1 straight off,.1 of the skills is for 2ndry's (on a mino?) and then further AA skills which as we all know do nothing to protect your ship from a CV attack.. which leaves a Brawling skill in a mino, RPF, detection and some AA Nonsense... well thought out WG Like i said before - you have managed to nerf everybody's fleets. We are alpha testing your product. @yabbacoe you must be finding this hard trying to justify this dumpster fire....
  5. Sprockett

    DEADYEY skill

    like game play improved with CVs 2 years down the road!
  6. Sprockett

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Fill in the survey but keep it too the point 1000 characters only - some thing along the lines of GFYS...... https://checkbox.wargaming.net/Update_0.10.0.survey
  7. Sprockett

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    WG only knows forward - so once live no patch has been back tracked. Uninstall game.
  8. NO RECOMMENDATION FROM ANY OF US PLAYERS WILL BE LISTENED TO. YOU are WASTING your time and Ideas. UNINSTALL and move on... this is only going to get worse with Sub coming..
  9. Dismissing Commanders cost money re-speccing the commanders as and when the parameters are changed of the various OP skills, will cost. The XP to get from a 19pt cpt to a 21 point captain is the same value - so to get those last 2 points will require a lot of flags.. (money) My whole account has been Nerfed by this rework - NObody asked for this - which begs the question of why do it - then you look at the small print finances - so much more DUBs now have to be spent. The community are testing these changes at our own cost. WG has not listened to any of their CCs - in regards to various concerns raised by them after testing of PTS. SO they are not going to listen to you me or anybody but MONEY THIS is a MONEY grab - players like me who whaled into the game 5 years ago, buying every premium and premium time, who then slowly after time realized that premium cash bought ships will be nerfed/buffed when WG do things like CV re-work (no more AA cruiser - looking at you Atlanta, Kutazov, DM, WOrcester etc_). The CV rework nerfed a lot of cash bought ships with out WG having to actually nerf the ship - no cash refunds. After the CV rework I have only spent £20 with WG and that was to prove to myself of the FIXED loot boxes - otherwise 0 money spent. But after this Commander skill re-work I will have to spend money overtime testing out each ship and each commander to get mu fleet back to where it was before this re-work (I was happy with the commander skills - previously and all WG had to do was add either another colum of skill or another row of skills.... This is commander skill rework is a way of getting more money from you. This is the same with the Commmander rework - BB hp pools have been nerfed, DD's have been nerfed, CA and CLs have been nerfed. Now for the next 6 patches or so there will be parameter changes to the Commanders skills which guess what, will cost money to re -spec your commanders. My advice un-install the game - I have watched WG never listen to its community - It is their game. UN-INSTALL and move on!
  10. Sprockett

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    WG have never gone back on a patch - ever. This rework is a money grab Uninstall game - move on!
  11. Wargaming Listening... now that is a joke. This re-work is a money grab. this is not for the benefit of the game, but a money grab for the longer time player (I have 205 ships). The free rework will be over in no time and then they start rolling in the money. @MrConway WG have never gone back on a patch. The community is going to be hampered over the next various patches as WG change the parameters of the re-work but not the problems. AS they did with CV - which we all know are now perfectly balanced. I have uninstalled the game after 5 years of playing. This rework is all for a money grab and nothing else.
  12. Sprockett

    Update Survey

    i have played this game so long. I always wanted to carry on playing so took most of the bad decisions that WG made on the chin and carried on playing. But after CV re-hash the game became more frustrating, in many areas of actual playing the game. I have 205 ships and my inclination to carry on being shot in the face by things nobody has asked for has gone. The current patch feels as though my whole account has been nerfed and that I have had my pockets picked. I have UNINSTALLED the game. Most likely for good. I have never seen WG go back a patch once they have gone live. SO I am certain that this patch will stay and that there will be months of micro patches to follow, which will only change the parameters but not the problem. Then the SUB patch will come in and well - i can't be bothered with this game anymore. Well done WG....
  13. Sprockett

    Update Survey

    same hear - though I filled in my opinion on survey!
  14. Sprockett

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Farewell WG. I have as of this morning uninstalled the game. I waited for this patch to come out before i made this decision. As a long time player of this original game to see the quality of enjoyment of the game slowly getting eroded away. 1) all the blatant money grab PR stunts. 2) CVs there game play and our interaction with them 3) the captain rework - feels now that every class has been nerfed over all (except of course most premiums, (flint being exception and others)) 4) I have not got the time nor inclination to bother. I really enjoyed how the old skills worked as there seemed to be good variations in between Classes and inter class builds. I now have to loose things heals on BBs, BFT on DD's etc Cruisers are dead with Dead eye and again nerfed detection's the list goes on. 5) I do not want to have to keep on re training captains as and when each of these new commanders skills gets a nerf/buff... 6) These forums are pointless in offering suggestions complaints on how too improve the game. Falls on deaf ears. 7) I am not going to wait around any longer for the disaster that will be SUBs SO by by. War Gaming you are idiots. - you could have made a fortune with just cosmetics on ships - buying cammos, flags, premium time, ports, CMDR skill points, Premium Consumables. Which means you could have focused less on power creep ships, which has lead to this dreadful current update and all the tweek updates that we will now be over the next 4 months, and instead focused on excellent tech lines, games modes that work, maps etc... Briefly lets talk DEAD eye skill. IN a BB you make sure you are not spotted and your guns accuracy goes up a considerable % - game play now means BBs in the back. Had Dead eye been implemented in the reverse then it would have encouraged BBs to be the blunt force of their design - what I mean by this is that once spotted your guns get buffed, the closer you are to the enemy also increases buff.. So I am in Yammy, not spotted, shoot guns (no buff). Sail towards enemy and get spotted at 15k then guns get accuracy buff... get closer to enemy lets say under 12k then full gun accuracy buff comes to effect. No point in discussing as we know that WG will do what ever they want to their game. Adios Warships. If anybody knows of another navel game in development that is not WG nor War Thunder (Ill pay for a game - rather than free to play) then do let me know.
  15. well I am in Gold League and it is just as much a crap show as ever! There are many many sub 50% players in the league (so more like a plated gold league). The games are mostly very static and there always seem to be a player (including myself) that is dead in the 1st 3 mins. CV's make the whole game mode pointless - as we are back to the muppet CV's who are useless in every aspect, and then we have the CV masters who wreck your team. They are over powered aircraft factories that have 3 minutes of extra life after you have ship killed them and that 1 mechanic has won many games already! No other ship has such a wonderful OP mechanic. (oh WG ) https://wows-numbers.com/player/500802626,Sprockett/?type=rank that is my recent ranked stats - doing more damage but loosing more matches... go figure. All I want to do is win, and that seems very hard. Players have got a meta attitude to matches, so do the same tactic again and again, with a diminishing return on said tactic. Player; because of CV's being in most matches are now getting less capable of making independent but team based decisions , to improve ones chances of a win. What I am saying that the matches without a CV are as bad as they are with a CV as tactical skill base has been diminished by the all dominating CV forcing the game to only play one way too even stand a chance of victory! SO now Ranked to me is another random game mode. Currently sitting at Rank 10 been up to 8.1 but now back again to 10. Do not run many flags, am using it to understand maps better and they are fun match 7v7 - but a level of ranking based on your personal skill - naah... nada not. It is a win loose fest. (should be based of average exp over say 10- matches must be greater than 950 , you move up a rank, 10 more matches but this time average 1000 xp and so on) then ranking would be more about consistent game play performance rather than an win rate (w)rank off....