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  1. Bombguy

    Frogman Korp [_FK_] Recruiting

  2. Bombguy

    Frogman Korp [_FK_] Recruiting

  3. Bombguy

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    lol maybe if it was 1 mil fexp then yes. but 2 mil hell no, also this ship should come with smoke and reloader in slot 2 and 3. not choosing between the two... Meta is already fucked up for DD. and with the subs you get perma spotted which is OP
  4. Bombguy

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    they idea is great... the outcome and how they worked it out is totally crap and just want more money out of the pockets. not really free 2 play.... and noone can grid these things out. unless you are willing to spent at least 700 games on it....