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  1. Bligger

    Remove Submarines

    Not quite i'm afraid. I mean I was wondering all the time about the question, what kind of mindset is neccessary to be a sub-lover? See?
  2. don't destroy their little monkey world dude
  3. Rely on their instincts alone? No, but it seems you misunderstood me there. And btw., when you think humans without what you call "civilization" are fish, because they use/have/rely on instincts, i really dont know what to think. Let's say, there are worlds in between. Back to the numbers game: statistics are ok. I tried to find anything from the side of WG that is proof of what they call "secret minority". You already know what there is to find. Nada. I think i was somewhat open minded towards subs, actually once i considered them as essentially important to any marine warfare game (i know that historically they were quite irrelevant). I was excited over the anouncement that they will be part of the game. So, maybe you realize by now how superficial your whole agenda here is, how much you rely on boxes that you tick off, when arguing based on false assumptions.
  4. Imagine a world without digital or let's say modern methods of quantifying. Is it impossible to get to the opinion/position of people concerning a specific topic? Sometimes there is nothing else besides that what you can grasp in your vicinity. What are you doing then? Refrain form buildung your own opinion at all? Why is it that we unlearn our instincts/ trust in our own faith etc.? What is more real? That what you actually hear/see/smell/you get it, or what someone claims he has found out "because". It is good to question statements - made by any side, sure. For me there is enough "evidence" (polls, opinions of peeps i know, my own eyes/brain) that subs are broken, more than there is "evidence" that subs are not broken. One thing though, i personally believe that WG is not intentionally making this game worse, or that they are evil (to even think that anybody is having such feelings towards WG is somewhat immature to me).
  5. When you get salty about all the salty salt ....
  6. Nope. Neither is it useful what you have written so far nor is it about what anybody writes here anyway - and that is exactly the point, you still miss it. They do not listen, for whatever reason. You can't know why that is the case. Don't pretend otherwise.
  7. Hilarious, to state the problem lies in the way feedback is given or to claim there is no constructive criticism at all. First players are forced to play-test all this on live-server and then we get told by humperdoo we are not on point with our statements?? I did several lengthy surveys, where i tried to give good advice - as did so many others i know of. So their own methods of data gathering are what for exactly? If you rate introing question negativ you are even not allowed to give any further opinion .... tldr: the playerbase (minority your a***) is already frustrated, becaus of the state of the game and the way communication is handled by WG
  8. "as we mentioned"? You can mention it, that doesn't turns facts into myth. And the facts are right in front of everyone. There is no guessing, no observing, no evaluating anymore. Another point is reached. So many have explained what are the issues, what may be the issues. Stop mantra-ing your spreadsights, and .... listen. So .... Does WG really think they are adept at judging gameplay-related issues better then the playerbase (reflected in the forum by >many< peeps who can play that/your? game better than most)?? This is the same as when a musical instrument constructor claims his products are "XYZ", despite musicians telling the opposite. It gets to the point for me where those "explanations" become even insulting, as is the way how those declarations are presented. Know-all-manner meets ignorance. Really, is that the promised change made by Wargaming?
  9. Bligger

    SUB POLL for the benefit of YABBACOE.

    voted "put it in own mode" That way there is a "way out" - having developed that pile of crap but it will be in game (so it must be a success).
  10. Bligger

    Erste Tests der Geleitflugzeugträger

    Gab es für die Support-Carrier nicht mal den Ansatz, dass diese das CV-Gameplay im allgemeinen wieder aufwerten sollen - also auch das Counterplay wieder in den Fokus gerückt wird?
  11. what kind of nonsense is this? Why try to balance the whole issue with range aspect in the first place? Just introduce a delay, in the form we already have for radar for instance. Then change cv fighters to be *drums* fighters, and not comical spotters. And theeeeeeeen, make the use of the fighter-consumable something useful. DONE
  12. Bligger

    Incomparable out of NDA

    for me those two are perfectly *Comparable* - or not?
  13. Bligger

    Incomparable out of NDA

    Hey, IT is close to being able to stealth-torp. Kevins wet dreams come true, Weeeegie what tookI it so long? Clap.