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  1. Myrmix

    Increase the value of caps?

    I just started playing again after a break. And I liked the idea. But it would have been better, if the fort only had the range of the cap circle and could only target ~half of the area. Enough to still cap without getting shot at, but not ridiculous. But I guess gone is gone.
  2. Myrmix


    It basically has the firepower of 2,5 grozovois, making it an even more ridiculous flamethrower. Additionally to the smoke, it also has heal and makes it more forgivable with mistakes. But even if it would be weaker than the Kutuzov, it's still too strong for the current meta.
  3. Myrmix

    Colorado, you're a steaming pile of you know what...

    I enjoyed the guns of the Colorado: decently accurate and hard hitting for 8 guns. Not sure what you are talking about. Sure, it's slow as hell and can't hold a candle to T8 or T9, but every line has a stinker. IJN used to be Izumo and that took longer to grind.
  4. Myrmix

    Increase the value of caps?

    I know that it's not a popular opinion, but I actually enjoyed the caps where you could take coast batteries or an reconnaissance airport. They might have been a little too strong, but that could have been fixed. It would have felt more like tactics than just capping imaginary points on maps. On the other hand, why is epicenter still ingame?
  5. Myrmix

    CV Rework Discussion

    I think the problem with CVs is, that they were just OP in reallife (that's why we don't see BBs anymore). If you want them to be somewhat usefull, you are already making them strong by definition. But I think the situations has improved to a point, where CVs could be a class just like any other. I see games with 0-2 CVs now and I think that's healthy. One thing that could be tweaked: Make the CV itself more vulnerable, so DDs can take them down reliably. But I wouldn't implement those changes, before WG is implementing the (unrealisticly fast) submarines.
  6. Myrmix

    Smoke from the sky's next?😂

    Just saying that there were reliable radar planes in WW2. Because smoke clearly isn't useless enough.
  7. Myrmix


    It's a Kutuzov. On Tier 10. I'm not really sure why anyone is surprised that it is OP. I'm more surprised that WG put it in after they knew that lots of fires+smoke=gamebreaking.
  8. Myrmix

    When in doubt, blame BBs

    First of all, this shall not be a rage-thread, more an explanation of observations. I've returned after ~1,5 year break to the game and I'm somehow not surprised that everything is still the same. Russians are OP (wasn't a Kutuzov enough?), epicenter somehow is still a thing, the prices in the premium shop are ridiculous and "BBs suck". I myself think of me as an average battleship player and usually try to lead/support flanks and not (yet) crawl around the mapborder. But more than often I hear complaints about battleships beeing to passive, when a game goes wonky. Here is my two grains of salt to the already brine topic: Battleships are the most team-dependent class in WoWs First of all you are spotted 90% of the time, making it really hard to "poof" from view like cruisers and destroyers can. You can tank damage to a certain point, but are overwhelmed easily by 2-4 decent ships who know at what end their cannons go boom. Since you have 30 sec reload, you have a very limited dps (don't forget to sacrifice to rngesus) and have to rely on the stupidity of the enemy to turn full broadside (I nearly avoided to mention RN-HE and russian blanced BBs who might be exceptions). So while you angle there and beg that at least one of your cruisers starts firing back at the enemy and hope the enemy DD doesn't come around the corner (because your own ate torps half a minute ago), I'm more and more wondering, if it's really a battleship's fault, if it prefers the safety of distance, where it has at least a chance to maneuver to avoid shells and can hope to see less torps swimming towards him, because the DDs are dead and cruisers kiting a BB somewhere. Has 3 years of cruisers prefering to burn BBs instead of focussing DDs (and WG heavily enforcing this gameplay) lead to this problem, or is it just "BBs are stupid"? I'm not trying to put blame on every other class, I'm just asking you to think if you have done everything right, before you start flaming your battleships in chat.
  9. Myrmix

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Supercontainer from 8th credit-container. 250x detonationsflag...
  10. Myrmix

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I'm modest and happy about 5 flags out of the luck-containers..