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  1. I amde the mistake to buy doubloons a few months ago for the 200% bonus. I regret it now. Since I'm only playing the game anymore when I'm in the mood, I just reduce it more and more. Malik Khatazhaev doesn't deserve a cent more from us.
  2. Myrmix

    WG Official Statement with Translation

    -) They couldn't even apologize for their [edited]up. "Sorry to see you go". Not "sorry we disrespected you, sorry we are marketing exploitative gambling mechanics to our underage community, sorry that our management creates riches by exploiting your desire for fun". -) Instead, let us introduce a mission to give you the genrous opportunity to spend money on a formerly free xp ship with immense historical background. -) In a year we might release a ship created by a former, dedicated, unrewarded CC that we will make tons of profit on. -) We announced to do more but we won't because we know you have to deal with other, more important stuff in your life and this will be forgotten quickly. Plx gb mone. If this forum is really the connection to the wargaming team, please tell Malik Khatazhaev that he does not deserve our respect. He makes his money by exploiting us, safe behind a wall of poorly paid employees while gathering amounts of money a human could never spend in 3 lifetimes. He is a prime example of people who create so much suffering, anger and pain in this world. He only measures himself in the size of his assets, not moral or honor.
  3. Myrmix

    Colombo hands down the most fun to play

    How did you approach them? I mean, they are obviously no smoke-firing BBs, more for smoke to position. I just started at T5 today.
  4. Myrmix

    Colombo hands down the most fun to play

    But how's the grind up to her...?
  5. Myrmix

    WG Job Opportunity

    Other way of saying "our players will spend unbelievable amounts for pixel boats and scamlootboxes".
  6. Myrmix

    What we want from Wargaming

    They would be selling it expensive and the other company would want to get the money back and double it, probably. Would be from the frying pan into the furnace.
  7. Myrmix

    WG Job Opportunity

    Yeah, it's probably either a distraction for an excuse or they are actually hiring someone to better censor their streams. If they say "miscommunication" again I hope they choke on it.
  8. Myrmix

    What we want from Wargaming

    I mean, nothing stopped them to have both systems parallel.
  9. Myrmix

    Things you should do to help the Ex-CCs

    I hope the Ex-CCs do more together, like divisions or just gaming together. Drawing attention to the smaller channels who grow in response and support them.
  10. Myrmix

    What we want from Wargaming

    I'm not. I'd like to pay less for a single ship than for a tripleA game. Dockyards used to be achievable without doubloons (see Kamikaze R) and season passes are a travesty initself.
  11. Myrmix

    What we want from Wargaming

    Well that's a censorship I haven't seen yet (Should work if you mark the text tho)
  12. After the growing disaster of Wargaming's PR, we could try to tell them what we would love to see improved: - Shredding the spreadsheet and a return to feedback from experienced players. - Putting submarines on hold, until CVs are balanced, only using them in coop convoy scenarios - Giving the whole premium shop a permanent 50% price cut - Displaying drop chances of containers - Easy dockyard missions (who don't need to be finished with doubloons and can be achieved by playing 2-3hrs a day) for one premium per month - Return of flags for achievements and doubling them - Increasing the credit gain for tech tree ships by creating new missions for permanent (community-designed?) camos in the campaigns. I know, these are big requests, but WG's tactic was always "overshoot and dial back to a smaller scam". I think we can learn from that. What would you love to see, as unrealistic as it seems?
  13. Myrmix

    What really happened

    Of course it doesn't include all CCs that took their hat: LittleWhiteMouse Chobbittsu iChase Flambass ChaosMachineGR Jingles Yuzral Mr Gibbins ClydeThaMonkey DocBrighter DobbyM8 Denarmo (And more to come..maybe?)
  14. I reported them as well, especially with the request to add gambling to the table. Not suited for 7 year olds!
  15. Myrmix

    And another one gone!

    Oh, they were educated by that crowd. Psychological tricks and gambling mechanics to hook players are very subtle and planned out in detail in a lot of games now. All those scams and only slight pull-backs are one of them.