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  1. kelly010

    Dragon Kings now Recruiting [EU 18+]

    Thanks for accepting me there lads! Looking forward to lobbing some shells towards our foes!
  2. kelly010

    Essex class carriers

    This, is a very extensive post, I salute you for the amount of research!
  3. kelly010

    USS Erie (PG-50)

    Matti_pl, on 27 September 2012 - 11:26 AM, said: But, spoiler is (Not)working as intended :) No issues for me (chrome) And yes, looks quite sexy, a bit tiny, but still, whadya expect from a tier 1 right?
  4. kelly010

    Main Gun and AA Operations

    Very nice! My apologies, I must have missed that one. I personally found the gif image to be very helpful in understanding the way it works
  5. This animation has always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, watching the rudimentary function of a main gun. Though a simple concept to grasp, the actual workings are much more involved, from the communication between top and magazine below, shell selection, power selection, quantities, down to the actual pivot of the turret, elevation of the gun, and fine tuning for adjusted fire. Ordnance being my specialty, the shear quantity of powder stored on a war vessel is mind-boggling, not to mention the tonnage of various shells, from main gun, secondary weapons, small arms, and other ordnance. I'm interested to see other submissions, actual pics, and related material to give this community a greater appreciation for what World of Warships is about. Anti-Aircraft - Rather than create an additional thread, I thought I'd just stick these two images in to show loading of AA clips and where they were distributed from. Crewmen feeding four-round HE-T/SD ammunition clips on USS Alaska CB-1 in 1945 U.S. Historical Center Photograph K-3740 Crewmen passing 40 mm HE-I-T/SD rounds on USS Alaska CB-1 in 1945 The clip that holds the rounds together can just be seen at the base of the cartridges The rounds with green tips directly behind the crewman are HE-T/SD ammunition U.S. Historical Center Photograph 80-G-K-3733 Reference Link http://www.navweaps....4cm-56_mk12.htm Comments? Other submissions? *WARNING: This is not my work, I found this to be a very interesting read and every little piece of credit goes to t42592 on the NA forums.*
  6. Tigger3, on 20 September 2012 - 11:38 AM, said: US War Department Manuals United States Naval Vessals http://www.ibiblio.o...DFs/FM30-50.PDF Royal Navy Vessals http://www.ibiblio.o...DFs/FM30-51.pdf Marine Nationale Vessals http://www.ibiblio.o...DFs/FM30-53.pdf Kriegsmarine Vessals http://www.ibiblio.o...DFs/FM30-55.pdf Imperial Japanese Navy Vessals http://www.ibiblio.o...DFs/FM30-58.PDF NAVY MANUALS AND DOCUMENTS ONLINE http://www.hnsa.org/doc/index.htm that is just heaven!
  7. kelly010

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    Yea, I tried getting back on topic a few times, but we always end up there xD Let's be proud of what we have achieved in our long naval history! HAIL TO THE DUTCH! P.S. According to wikipedia, the US department of defence has an annual budget in 2012 of $1.030–$1.415 trillion, that is quite a bit more than ours xD
  8. kelly010

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    Actually, I am willing to bet everything I have owned, own right now, and will ever own, on the fact that there will be a major war within the next 50 years. If it's not between countries, it will be between religions. And for wares you need soldiers and equipment, we have virtually none, compared to what we used to have. And yes, I would be willing to pay more taxes if it would mean a bigger and more active army.
  9. kelly010

    The Montana Class

    Ah cool, misread that part then, my apologies!
  10. kelly010

    The Montana Class

    She actually looks beautiful, too bad they cancelled her. but wasn't the iowa class going to be the tier 10? So we probably won't see this one ingame
  11. kelly010

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    GIAMarcos, on 18 September 2012 - 02:59 PM, said: We lack some ships indeed, at least in my humble opinion. On the other hand: we do have the NATO and the EU but what are they worth when things go wrong like in '14 and '39? Exactly my point! Thank you dear sir! It's hard to come across some people who have the same opinion as I do xD
  12. kelly010

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    DkySven, on 18 September 2012 - 01:18 PM, said: As far as I know the Hr. Ms. Holland is already taken in service and the Groningen and Friesland are currently undergoing trials before they are taken into service. Correct, the Hr. Ms. Holland has been in service since june or july this year I believe. But the way I know our government, I wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled it and sold the remaining 3 Boneripper, on 18 September 2012 - 01:19 PM, said: Ships and leadership, we did have some of the best admirals of that era. You need both to make it work and at that time we ruled :Smile_honoring: Oh yes, but we still do have some of the best "admirals" (when I say admirals I means anyone above the rank of "commandeur") Our ships are good enough, we just lack the numbers, the way I see it.
  13. kelly010

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    in comparison: Number of ships per year. I am just hoping they won't cancel construction on the other 3 (I think) holland class ships. But, back on topic for now! One of the few great dutch ships, we didn't have many, but lord, we had some quality!
  14. kelly010

    The 'De 7 Provinciën' 1665

    Boneripper, on 18 September 2012 - 11:29 AM, said: Russia and China will not declare war, they have more to loose then to gain from it. Also the Dutch naval vessels are used as flagships when they participate in combined forces. Then there is the army which does get sent out on missions, mostly as part of a UN force. The days that a single developed country wages war against another single country are over. If not the NATO then it would be the EU that would lend support. And why? Because we need each other. Lets say some country attacks the Netherlands, no northern European country can afford to lose Dutch soil as it would endanger their own borders just by being in enemy hands. War on a major scale is not going to happen any time soon. It would require a major breakdown in global trade en established structures. Still, when was the last time we were somewhere in force, in the afghanistan/iraq mission, we only did the safe things, now with the pirates off somalia, we send 1 ship. It might be the flagship but still, 1 ship is not very impressive. When was the last time we actively participated in RIMPAC? I can see we're not big enough to participate in such things with full force, but we should, at least, send 1 or 2 ships there every 2 years. Not just a few divers. Same thing with the air force, we have 72 F-16 (according to a friend who's a total flyboy) and half of those can't even get up in the air. Our government has to stop the budget cuts, not just because it endangers the defence of our own land and the lands of our allies, but also because of the losing of a lot of jobs. The military is our biggest employer, we have budget cuts in there, a crap load of people lose their jobs, not just soldiers but civvies as well, considering all military bases hire third party companies to do certain chores around the base.