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  1. Actually I will definitely make a "last chance" switch to get 0,5m FXP to get my Smallan faster, as I definitely do not want any Ships from RB, especially BBs. PS: And before many will attack my stand of view here is my explanation: I only reset lines that I ENJOY to play and grinded a long time ago, thus it is not a penalty for me to play them. Only use fxp to unlock critical upgrades. So in the end I do not really feel that it is a downtrade, even it is mathematically. I consider it as an emergency swap.
  2. Oppressor_

    why is winrate system a real shame for WG?

    Around 1k battles I did not know the difference between a fighter and a spotter, and wondered why the perspective changes. Also had no clue how to change upgrades and modules at all. Also around 1k+ battles I figured out that I can assign captain skills too! No need to talk about map awereness or game knowledge at all LOL Actually I was so shite it is even funny now...
  3. Oppressor_

    why is winrate system a real shame for WG?

    Actually I was thinking for a long time about rerolling mine just to enter the CLUB 70/2500. But after months of dilemma the laziness won and I got settled with my past "misplays". It is still healable but I will never have monster stats because of my horribad friggin potato first 3-4k battles (yes, I was a sub50, 1200PR one once).
  4. Oppressor_

    why is winrate system a real shame for WG?

    If one potatoes 15k battles and gets somewhat decent in the last 2k, it is no wonder the "whole picture" wont instantly switch to super unicum. Fast learners and talented ones will always have better winrate than slow learners or straight up potatoes. That is normal and the problem is not with the system. The progress is naturally slowing down with the more battle counter. And yes, winrate is the best indicator ones tactical ability. As the ex TTT head recruiter I always treated winrate a bit higher than PR, even though both are very important. Diving into solo vs div makes no sense, both have pros and cons (wont elaborate now) Everybody has the same "toolset" in the game to achieve as high WR as he can (pick proper ships, play properly and play in divisions). If one does not care about those, should not care about high winrate either. PS: Just checked that you tried to statpad with Fujin and Ryuju and utterly failed. That is still no reason to blame the whole system ffs.
  5. Oppressor_

    Playing Aircraft Carrier in 2020 is just like...

    And to add to that when ships "blob up" in 3+ groups they are almost a no fly zone. Early game avoid those blobs or you will be deplaned in no time. The overlapping AA aura is no joke, especially when you are downtiered. Sometimes even 2 ships can create such a flak wall that is unavoidable. Avoid ships with risen fighter squads, expect late game when the drop is crucial and you have to sacrifice planes for dmg done. It is up to you to learn which ships are dangerous AA and which are not. Also a little trick: when you approach a ship from behind or from the front (typical HE / AP bombing or rocketing approach) try to swing between the starboard and port sides to figure out which sector is reinforced. Usually it is possible to pick the weaker side of the ship to close in for the drop. Even though some potato CCs claim (with not a single game in CVs) that ships have no AA, its is completely bullshite. Yet 80% of the potato game population is learning that junk from them, and bring negativity to every field of the game, yet not abandoning it. Just dont listen to them, ships HAVE good enough AA. AA is more of an "attrition warfare" then huge alpha strikes from back pre CV rework era. Some of the old stubborn superunicorns cannot handle the fact that they can be touched by a 10% less winrate CV player. Do they expect shooting down BB projectiles as well? Ofc no. Torn down to the basics CV gameplay is all about target priorities. To conserve your plane reserve and manage it in the best way try to do the following: 1.) protect ships that are contributing towards a cap (DDs and CLs usually, or radards pushing in) 2.) harass enemy cap control ships (DDs, radars) 3.) try to finish low HP enemy ships / AA protect friendly low HP ships 4.) harass isolated targets with weak AA 5.) harass isolated targets with good AA 6.) nuke AFKers, isolated spawn campers (yes, points are points) 7.) hunt CV hunting Shimas, snipe enemy CV, etc bullshite... It is inevitable to lose planes, but the difference between a CV unicum and a CV pleb is the "plane loss : dmg inflicted" ratio. PS - take it with irony: just dodge! Cheers, Exo
  6. Oppressor_

    Hall of WTF?

    If that frustrates you then how is the situation with manually collecting the containers and watching the "awesome and exciting" half year long animation that the crane swings in the container? I would pay WG real money just to skip that container animation. TBH it should be a "feature" of a premium account not to watch it every time, aaaargh....
  7. Oppressor_

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    I am usually chat banned exactly because of potatoes like you.
  8. Oppressor_

    The tier V and VI sweet spot

    My personal favorite is when I get into a t6 battle with Graf Zeppelin.
  9. Oppressor_

    Eu Cruisers?

    We could just fake some "sikrit documents" of any EU t10 that had been recently and accidentally found in a barn in eastern Moldavia. If the russians can get it, we should too...
  10. Oppressor_

    Eu Cruisers?

    Oh Boi, just look at the Glorious Liberation Navy of the USSSR! Have a paper sketch from a child of a russian Star Destroyer? Fine, its "sikrit dokjument", lets implement it into the game. Other navies have to aligt to historical accuracy though.
  11. Use the conventional IJN Yamato tektix and reverse paddle so far back to fall off the map itself.
  12. Oppressor_

    Remove brackets in Ranked

    Zou are the bestest Belfist. I envy your resilience to spam 70+ ranked battles in 2-3 days. Wonder why there is no population on thursday around midnight.
  13. Oppressor_

    EU Destroyers getting tyred of them

    You are a funny guy.
  14. Oppressor_

    The Ohio Is Bad

    As a CV I suggest that everybody switches back from Halland yoloing to any of the aforementioned BBs and continue sniping / angling / etc from the spawn so I can conviniently farm them. Lately it became frustrating that there are 4/4 DDs per every single game. Usually 2 CV hunting Shimas and 2 yolo Hallands. They die in the first minutes on average. I never thought I would ever say it but atm I would like to have back the old days with 5 camping BBs.... (If I could suggest then everybody should just play Yamato all time, and ignore Ohio)