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  1. Exorite

    Eu Cruisers?

    We could just fake some "sikrit documents" of any EU t10 that had been recently and accidentally found in a barn in eastern Moldavia. If the russians can get it, we should too...
  2. Exorite

    Eu Cruisers?

    Oh Boi, just look at the Glorious Liberation Navy of the USSSR! Have a paper sketch from a child of a russian Star Destroyer? Fine, its "sikrit dokjument", lets implement it into the game. Other navies have to aligt to historical accuracy though.
  3. Use the conventional IJN Yamato tektix and reverse paddle so far back to fall off the map itself.
  4. Exorite

    Remove brackets in Ranked

    Zou are the bestest Belfist. I envy your resilience to spam 70+ ranked battles in 2-3 days. Wonder why there is no population on thursday around midnight.
  5. Exorite

    EU Destroyers getting tyred of them

    You are a funny guy.
  6. Exorite

    The Ohio Is Bad

    As a CV I suggest that everybody switches back from Halland yoloing to any of the aforementioned BBs and continue sniping / angling / etc from the spawn so I can conviniently farm them. Lately it became frustrating that there are 4/4 DDs per every single game. Usually 2 CV hunting Shimas and 2 yolo Hallands. They die in the first minutes on average. I never thought I would ever say it but atm I would like to have back the old days with 5 camping BBs.... (If I could suggest then everybody should just play Yamato all time, and ignore Ohio)
  7. That! The first and most important thing that you have to have the will to win. If one does not care then will utterly fall short. Also besides player skill and mindset the ship selection is more than important. It might be relaxing the play a HE spammer CA or DD or BB, but they do not win games. Dont get me wrong, one can win with any ship, but the real playmakers are the good cap control DDs, radar CAs and CVs. Especially the combination of them. For me winning itself became the highest priority. Winning entertains me the most, like the thrilling experience when you flip an adrenaline rush battle that everybody accounted as a loss. It is priceless. That is why I try to master the cap control DDs and CVs the most. PRIMO VICTORIA! Just imagine a late game scenario when you have equal skill players left in game: 1 Haku + 1 Daring >>> 1 Yam + 1 Yoshino
  8. Exorite

    Can we get a mercy rule perhaps?

    This game is not about winning. It is about farming damage.
  9. Exorite

    Petition to Keep Narai

    What is Narai?
  10. Just had an average Grozovoi game today. I found a border humping full HP Thunderer (you know, that long range support BB) 15 minutes into the battle. He was not that happy about it... At least I knew at that point, that he used the minimap after all, and he even recognized the ship symbols! He even knew that the little evil triangle nuked him.
  11. Exorite

    Shokaku VS Kaga

    Holy cow mate, you like to write a lot while playing little. Long story short, the TO should really consider staying low tiers until he learns enough to be below average. There is no point in discussing the finesee differences between t8 CVs while the poor guy did not manage to master the very basics. Simply not in time yet. After that its a question of being snowflake or not. Straight up advices might sound harsh but life and truth are harsh as well. The sooner one realizes where he falls short, the sooner will improve. The guys above like Elazer and Excavatus were totally right. I mean they could have formed a 4 pages long love letter to serve it more tenderly, but that does not change the facts.
  12. Exorite

    What is a "decent" winning %?

    That! In many of my CV games (and I am more than decent in that class) I see the outcome in the first 3-4 minutes, yet I am just unable to pump out enough influence to flip it. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes does not. There is always a critical step when its decided. After that only dmg farming remains.
  13. Exorite

    How about going more towards WW1?

    Also in the Cold War era fantasy shite like Stalingrad would have to face Kitty Hawk class aircraft carriers. I am sure it would be as fun for the Stalingrad as playing a Z-23 against him.
  14. Exorite

    How about going more towards WW1?

    If I understood it well then the TO suggested that the new additions could gravitate more towards low tier Dreadnought era instead of the Cold War era. Retiering into 0-12 with proportinal distributuion of ships per era could work with no impact on the past. Could be like lets say 1-4 is Dreadnought - WW1era, 4-8 is WW1 -WW2 era, and finally 8-12 is ww2 - Cold War. This would eliminate CVs feasting on Arkansas or ww2 DDs with 7km concealment being radared by 12km range fantasy ships.