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  1. Recruitment status of main competitive clan TTT: open - but only exceptional competitive players should apply Recruitment status of social-casual sub clan TTTX: open! Also we have a new recruitment officer mjester Feel free to contact us for information. NOTE: before applying PLEASE read the requirements up in the main post!
  2. Exohoritis

    Ranked Battles

  3. Exohoritis

    Will Somers render the Shimakaze redundant?

    Nothing on Earth can stop the general Shima Spam. It is the lowest risk, lowest reward DD. Even CV rework could not. 60% of all DDs in radnoms are Shimas. Neither the Somers release can do anything about it.
  4. Exohoritis

    What are these drainpipes on BBs for?

    Could be a toilet exhaust.
  5. Exohoritis

    Audacious help

    At least somebody sees the real situation. The old meta was way worse in every aspect. No more omni spotting, no more dd cross dropping and no more AP deletions. Nothing is wrong if a CV can hit somebody for 30% hp. BBs can do that, DDs can do that and CAs can do that too!
  6. Nice guide, even for long time players are a reminder. A great + for this. On the other behalf why are you giving away confidential information to the folks on the bottom of the food chain?
  7. Exohoritis

    Which is the Best Premium CV?

    I am actually in that deep love with Enterprise that I will found some Fan Club of it or the Church of Enterprise. When you master it you just wreck everything. Even the losses are fun. I blame myself not buying it earlier. It is the best entertainment in this for me from day zero. As for skills I went for classical plane tankiness, and hp boosted the rocket planes with the upgrade.
  8. Exohoritis

    Which is the Best Premium CV?

    Short version: E N T E R P R I S E PS spoiler> It is not even t8 in practice!
  9. Exohoritis

    Audacious help

    Another angry BB main potato?
  10. ATTENTION: The recruitment into the main clan is halted! Our Academy clan [TTTX] is still recruiting active players that are interested in CB (from next season only), but do not meet yet the requirements for our main clan. If you want to be part of the TTT community here is your chance (read the requirements in the main post)! Embrace the way of the "Throw"!
  11. Exohoritis

    Random gameplay lost its way

    Was semi sarcastic, as there is no real solution to prevent MM from landslide battles which are not enjoyable for anybody. So to fight fire with fire lol
  12. Exohoritis

    Random gameplay lost its way

    Yes exactly! I want to be able to harvest potatoes for free. Randoms is too frustrating already due to endless stupidity. Good players should be rewarded more, so randoms could be as easy as stomping kittens in a 4 men div.
  13. Exohoritis

    Random gameplay lost its way

    WG should just add 4 men division so the good players could be even more effective. As for potatoes it does not matter if they are alone or even 12 of them. They will just potate anyways….
  14. Exohoritis

    We can all use some more [FAITH]

    Hugs friends are our friends, so here you go a huge BUMP!