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  1. Todesmagneten

    3 main turrets destroyed after TWO hits

    Happened to me today, lost all my turrets on my Clev in one single match. Very annoying.
  2. Todesmagneten

    The destroyer problem.

    + Rep, good points.
  3. Todesmagneten

    Mutsuki tier placement

    Same opinion here. Had ton of fun (and good results) in Minekaze, Mutsuki sometimes lets you down.
  4. Most of the time it's not the last kill. Very often teams split up to the sides, leaving the center unmanned, where fast and stealth ships can sneak in. It happened to me today, i was in my DD and i came back to my base to defend friendly carrier against an Omaha cruiser. He kept fighting, then I arrived and saved him. This while both teams had more or less half of their ships afloat ad fit for duty.Graf Spee captain scuttled his ship to save its crew form certain death. Hitler ordered him to get out the port and engage the britidh fleet; he couldn't stay there because of international laws so between a futile sacrifice of his men and disobeying direct orders he chose the latter.
  5. Todesmagneten


    Deamon93, that's a lot of good work!
  6. Todesmagneten

    AA defense on ships

    Fuso is well equipped, speaking about air defence. I think it depends also on which direction you attacked from(AA distribution varies) and how long you had your planes circling around the target befor attacking.
  7. As it has been said above, scuttling a incomplete or too heavily damaged ship to prevent its capture is a thing, killing yourself while you could still fight for your life only to deny a well deserved prize to your enemies is another. Exp and credits hits the first time, ban if done again.
  8. Todesmagneten

    The problem with this game is...

    Nope, if you shoot AP to DDs the shell will overpenetrate, passing trough the hull without exploding. When you hit.
  9. Todesmagneten

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    Uhm, ok, seems more logical now. Surely he was tunnelvisioning a bit, but when in DD always try to predict the course of your allies before launching torps. Personally, i don't ever lauch torpedoes until enemy is 3.5 Km far at most, with exceptions, of course, like desperate situations, still enemies, massed enemies. Launching torps lowers your camo, so don't lauch at random.
  10. Todesmagneten

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    Maybe I got it wrong. Do you mean that you sunk your Tier 8 ally who was by you, and you're blaming him for not watching out for torpedoes you launched, knowing he was there?
  11. Todesmagneten

    Game Mode Suggestion - Port Raid

    Never noticed it. Good to know!
  12. Todesmagneten

    Game Mode Suggestion - Port Raid

    The idea itself sounds good to me, but maybe it could become even more static than as it is now. The enemy could camp en masse their base sinking ship after ship concentrating fire. I would prefer a dynamic mission, "Intercept the convoy" sort of, with AI merchant ships that have to travel to a certain point, and one team have to sink them before reaching it, the other to defend the cargos. Just ideas.
  13. Todesmagneten


    Hi guys! I know, I seem german by username, but I'm Italian. Let's hope we get a space in TS, so we can play together.