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  1. Yamato Cheek

    Not necessarily, because Iowas cost much less than Yamatos. At the same time their combat power was at best comparable. Fletchers were simply better than Yugumos because they were probably the best allround DDs of the war. Yes, Yamato was designed before WNT because Japs cheated. And despited cheating they still didnt build a ship that was miles ahead of everyone else due to their flawed AP shells and terrible damage control. Yamatos was laid down some 3 years before the first Iowa, but USS Iowa was commissioned only 1.5 years after Yamato. Other qualities you fail to mention are better AP shells and much better damage control. At any meaningful combat range Iowa and Yamato were able to penetrate each others armour. Why didnt the IJN design them in 3 iterations of thats what they needed? Thats why US ship designs were generally sound and good performing. They took what worked and improved it. I find it funny when you claim Yamato was built for peacetime... So you build a fleet that should be overwhelmingly better than any other fleet it can meet but you build it for peacetime? Sorry but it was a WARship, you dont build those for peace but for war. Even in times of peace. Yes, i can call her a white elephant. Do you know what that designation mean? Because thats what they were. Overly expensive for very little actual gain. Thats why they called her the Hotel Yamato. And yes, Japan couldnt have won the war against the USA. They pretty much betrayed their allies by not attacking the USSR. Which we all should be glad for. Another issue with Yama were its horrible AP shells. The 100mm guns were a nice improvement but still short of the effectiveness of the USN 5" with their VT shells and better fire control. But that still wouldnt have solved its lack of proper mid and low calibre AA guns. The 25mms were just horrible. And while DP guns are nice for their long range fire to support the whole fleet, individual ships still needed good intermediate guns. Individual quality is nice and all but theres only so much you can offset with it. Yamato didnt over much over the much smaller and cheaper Iowa. All of this in an era where battleships quickly became obsolete. If there ever was a 1vs1, which i highly doubt, It was all be pretty much down to luck because, as i said already, both should could easily penetrate each other at any meaningful combat range with Iowa having better fire and damage control. Yes, Yamato could still win but it cost so much more than its opponent... And thats exactly what i mean, every war just proves that "superweapons" often fail to deliver. Yes, it does not matter, because it was a white elephant and the resources could have been better spent elsewhere. Self-sealing aircraft tanks come to mind. Or pilot academies.
  2. Yamato Cheek

    The fact that Iowa and Montana have bad penetration at long range is also ahishorical because they actually had almost as much pen as Yamato. In fact Yamatos performace in the game is grossly exaggerated... Yes, Yamato did exist but it was hardly a battleship to end all battleships... It was a white elephant that cost way too much resources for its limited utility. In fact it might have been a match for the Iowas given favourable conditions but its probable a single Iowa could have taken out a Yamato out of commission if not destroy it. The Iowa could have been heavily damaged in the process but USN had twice as many of them...
  3. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    It also causes most low skill clans to just leave because they cant really win anymore. @MrConway Whats your guys take on this? What are your stats telling you?
  4. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Dont forget that hurricane clans keep accumulating and thus increasing the pool of available points even further because they just win a lot more than they lose....
  5. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Also with alpha and bravo teams, the top clans actually push out TWO not just one clan out of higher rankings simply because they get to typhoon/hurricane twice... I dont think weve played against any clan lower than storm even with out bravo in a very long while... Its mostly typhoon clans with a few storm or hurricane clans.... Everyone else just stopped playing for most part.
  6. Except the module is probably the only one thats actually extremely useful and worth a lot more than what the coal you would have gotten from the SC. Why cant people do the math?
  7. Tbh id rather have the radar module worth 17k coal than 13,5k coal...
  8. Well, if they do that, it will be their mistake as the Seattle i oneshot yesterday in my Richelieu will attest... Those CLs are squishy as hell... The problem are smart players who wont let you punish them...
  9. School Kids

    warships.today is all i have to say :)
  10. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    You dont have to be a unicum BUT making a lot of money requires to do a lot in a game.... If you think you can just play Missouri, perform like crap, and still get a ton of money youre sadly mistaken.... Yes MO CAN make a ton of money if you have a great game but given your BB stats it mostly wont... Roma is also a decent moneymaker, it makes less than the MO but its so much easier to play. You also have the Atago which is also a great moneymaker and its not too hard to play with its heal and decent armour. Yes MO makes more money that either the Krohns and Musashi but not that much more...
  11. Blue Line Railing

    Then try to hit a Zao at 10+km in CB when hes doing that on purpose. Ive seen it multiple times in CBs, they often know theyre dead so they just abuse the border to live a little longer while doing some damage. Its annoying as hell....
  12. Not as lucky as some ships though. A torp under its front turrets is almost a guaranteed detonation.
  13. BB Dammed if you do Dammed if you don't

    It really isnt worth the risk. IFHE troll build might be fun once or twice but tier for tier GKs secondaries are arent that effective because without a survivabilty build you GK goes down much faster than a BSM would.
  14. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    Most of us have familes, jobs and real world things that give our life meaning. And some of us try our best no matter what we do. But let me ask you one thing. Lets say youre playing football and there is this one guy who gives the ball to the other team or just kicks it into the corner instead of the goal just because he can, how would you feel about it? Would you want such a guy on your team?
  15. Thats one hell of an improvement there. Nice job.