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  1. DJ_Die

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    On the other hand, one team got a Z-39 which craps on Akatsuki from such a height, the Aka might think the god did it...
  2. Hood was an obsolete battlecruiser that sorely needed a full overhaul, instead it was send to fight a much newer (although also quite obsolete) battleSHIP. Battlecruisers are supposed to run from those.... Bismarck got lucky and then karma did its magic and it got equally unlucky. Because guess what? Bismarck is equally as gone. :)
  3. @Crysantos I only have one question, did you draw the short straw or do you guys have a different sophisticated system of determining who gets to be the messanger shot by the community?
  4. Are you out of your minds at Lesta/WG? Whoever came up with that stupid idea with NTC should be fired this instant. Remove every single mention of this idea from every server in the world and lets pretend it never came up.
  5. DJ_Die

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That sounds great. /s Lets punish good players and reward the bad ones, sounds like a good way to make all the good players leave. Also, this doesnt work at T10.
  6. DJ_Die

    Pro's and cons.........

    That sure was fun, but what about stock Izumo with T7 shells? And no AA. And low HP. And bad speed.
  7. DJ_Die

    GUAM T10 battlecruiser?

    I guess it has to do with the popularity of lack thereof of the RN cruiser line. Theyre gimmicky and arent all that popular in the competetive meta either.
  8. DJ_Die

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    Musashi has more girth.... If you know what i mean, and more guns too.
  9. DJ_Die

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    well, you pay the same for fewer guns i bet thats the reason. :)
  10. DJ_Die

    CV Kamikaze Option ??

    At least Skybuckflying was funny.. HMS Venomsux not so much.
  11. DJ_Die


    But... But i can play however i want and you cant tell me what to do, you meanie... Its not my fault i have bad stats, its the MM i tell you. And the OP DD and OP firespamming cruisers. Youre just lucky and get good teams.
  12. DJ_Die


    I know from your posts, general lack of knowledge, and your stats. See? Youre doing it again. Its a TEAMgame and should be glad its not football. If you did something like that in a game thats not only youd get kicked out of the team, figuratively and quite possibly literally as well. Im not going to dictate but dont be surprised when i call you out on that.
  13. DJ_Die


    And who are you to ruin games for 11 other people just by being bad and unwilling to learn? Yes, this is a game, how is it any different from playing football or any other team game?
  14. DJ_Die

    nice fake russian boats

    Sorry to burst you bubble but the Jap ships we have in the game arent more than paper either, they only have few things in common with the real ships. Generally just looks, speed, and number of weapons. How about adding their generally atricious damage control? Or the great ability of many IJN ships to capsize and turn into a sub, or take heavy damage in stormy weather? IJN ships also need to explode a lot more when their oxy torps get hit. Happy? Oh btw, Yamato should be about equal to Iowas. And no, Izmail and Soyuz were being built just never got finished. And at least the others were existing projects unlike Zao and Harugumo. :)
  15. DJ_Die

    Which is the clumsiest behemoth in the game ?