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  1. DJ_Die

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    Tbh its more annoying when trying to go dark than the extra Hp loss.
  2. DJ_Die

    cossack captain skills

    Why would you try to improve its torps when theyre not very good to ber n with? Theyre there to supplement its guns at best. The torps are actually one of its least appealing assets, its a gunboat. Its most definately not worth 3 points. Take BFT instead if you want to improve your firepower...
  3. DJ_Die

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    I heard they can never turn right, just left
  4. DJ_Die

    AFK people in start of a match

    Well, in your case it doesnt change anything because youre a burden to your team either way. I would assume that giving guides how to be AFK should be against the rules.
  5. DJ_Die

    IJN funboats => HMS Exeter: WG going full freejazz

    It should fit T5. Yorks were horrible cruisers anyway. Besides with that range and at that tier you can have her get spotted at 8 km, now can you? Ships get much closer at those tiers. She might be good but i doubt she'll be the next Belfast.
  6. DJ_Die

    Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    Ive been playing my MO quitexa bit lately and i still dont see any changes. Ive had her pretty much from the start. Its just that there are now some new ships and meta has changed somewhat. Having said that however, she still works just fine.
  7. DJ_Die

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    Well, you can hide your stats for public but allow them to retrieved by others, including APIs, through a special link. Or maybe those people had made their stats public for a bit so the site was able to retrieve them? Because a lot of the newer players have stats hidden completely.
  8. DJ_Die

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    My Nelson doesnt have that problem, id say the problem is the captain.
  9. Its not a word its the way of life.
  10. DJ_Die

    Stalin nerf?

    Is THERE (not their) any other tier 10 cruiser with such long reload? Look, momma, I can do that too. It may or may not see shots like that. It also has very flat arcs and a large part of higher islands may block your shots and all the enemy ships have to do to negate your AP is angle. And youre extremely easy to spot so you either have to stay VERY far back or find one of those rare positions where you can shoot over islands. Sure, if you create crossfire then its amazing but shouldnt smart play be rewarded?
  11. DJ_Die

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    Theyre not useless but they require longer games to farm damage. With a ruskie DD you follow a friendly DD at a distance and him do the spotting while you provide the firepower. They can kill DDs and even most cruisers very quickly. You might not be able to cap at first but you apply pressure on enemy ships. Annoy the hell out of them. Make them DCP. You also tank by being shot at. They are comparatively useless in competetive environment because you dont need one more cruiser there but you need scouts and cap contesters. Randoms and competetive are two completely different environments...
  12. DJ_Die

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    Are you sure about that? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_air_patrol This kind of mission was pioneered by carrier based aircraft. And just because XVs have access to some nice tools doesnt mean that other classes cant have just as good or even superior situational awareness.
  13. DJ_Die

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    Actually, theyre a completely different type of CL, ruskie DDs (the gunboat line leading to Kebab) are great open water cruisers that are spotted most of the time. Wooster and Mino are camping cruisers that rely on cover of islands or smoke respectively. Try to gunboat with a Mino in open waters with no smoke. Wooster can do it to a degree but is still at risk of being deleted.
  14. DJ_Die

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    Theyre not exactly worst per se, theyre very very good... light cruisers. Theyre just not very good at doing DD stuff.
  15. DJ_Die

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    NO, WE DONT. You do.