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  1. I think it might have been me. If so the Hinden was retarded and kept broadsiding so he ate at least 3 citadels because when he did decide to angle he turned away so i could shoot his belly... The Yama was a noob who couldnt angle properly and i punished his MISTAKE by feasting upon his cheek... As for your guns i think i misjudged your speed and hit those instead of the superstructure but only because the turrets were not facing me and any cruiser could have done that...
  2. Rate of Fire

    Fine then, most BBs couldnt maintain 30 sec reload either. Their hit rate was also very miserable compared to the hit rates in the game. Oh, and one torpedo was often enough to put even a BB out of service for months and could easily sink it outright. I do hope a BB shortage comes because they already like camping at the back and being useless...
  3. UK WOWS Event??

    You evil Germans need to stop trying to take my guns first.
  4. UK WOWS Event??

    All superpowers are bad, power corrupts... But yeah UK is still part of Europe as servers are based on geographical position rather than political one except China... Btw i come from a country you betrayed to Hitler so we know a little about stupid empires...
  5. @Redcap375 well our Iowa of all ships blamed me for not supporting him... He was camping right next to your Minotaur... Its hardly surprising he has 45% wr huh? :
  6. OH SO IT WAS YOU! I thought the name sounded familiar... My team was horrible and your team was filled with mobile no-fly zones.... Thats why almost never play CVs these days :) GG on your part though
  7. Just got the last mission, the Lightning in my case. I havent bought a single container...
  8. Your team actually abandoned all of your DDs.... They tried capping B with some success but then we pushed them out. I think you and 2 of your remaining DDs were the only ones actually trying to win the game.. GG though.
  9. Too many dd

    Where will you get all those extra cruisers you need? And no, 2DDs per side wont help because DDs tend to split up and with only one DD per flank per team, those said DDs have enough space to not get in each others way... Playing a gunboat is rather risky even if youre good, a single lucky BB salvo is enough to ruin your game. Torpboats are a lot less likely to be deleted if there is less of a chance of meeting a gunboat... That means unopposed torping. And imagine all those poor cruisers that will get deleted even more often because they will have to spot for their cowardly BBs..
  10. GG WG

    Thats precidely because you angle... Just stay broadside and theyll overpen. And no it has a lot more going for it. Its guns are just great, it has decent surviveability and good camo for starters. You still have that fear factor you just cant autokill and DD that spots you. You dont really need that much radar range behind an island... You can counter most ships just by being impossible to hit. Is it DD captains fault that the Worcester HASNT been spotted until its too late because it just sneaky as hell? Lets face it youre not the best player and someone wants to fix your broken toy
  11. Best Destroyer

    Get the Fletcher if you want torps that can hit other DDs, YueYang is also a great choice. Pure torp boats are just bad....
  12. GG WG

    The Seattle is still meh though, it could use a little something. Imho it could use a little more range or SLIGHTLY better ROF. It dies quickly as it should but its ability to deal damage is somewhat limited. I do love the changes though and it seems the balancing department has stepped up their game.
  13. What's the most Karma you've had?

    How the hell? That said i think my highest was about 15... one Trashcab game later i lost 7 despite being chat banned so no insulting of anyone... Working as intended
  14. Throw weight against powder charge

    So they were not muskets anymore, they were RIFLED muskets and pretty much just a stop-gap solution... The modern use of the word musket is for smooth-bore muzzleloader. What you did is pretty much like saying a machine gun and a submachine gun are the same thing.... Theyre not. Besides i still dont get the point of your thread, is there supposed to be some?
  15. Throw weight against powder charge

    If its rifled, its not a musket. Besides that still to much for anything not of modern design. Id like to know what youre qouting because it doesnt make much sense unless its a modern design. You try putting anything with that much energy and pressure into an older design and its going to burst...