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  1. Uh Sov lines arent really that much worse off than other nations. At least most of them werent just impossible wet dreams. Id love to get me some RN DDs though... Especially the Tribals.
  2. Reporting system - hit back

    Thats the problem with the game being full of uneducated people. If there were fewer absolute idiots like the Mongerror I described, the game would be a lot less toxic. If the game had fewer toxic people the idiot would still be there. See the problem here? What we need are better tutorials that actually make people LEARN. Its like those people going middle on Two brothers. They die for no gain in 99% of cases but they still do that because it has worked once for them.... And i agree, the reporting system should go away. That way nobody can report anyone.
  3. They did mention being good at playing CVs, mate. Sealclubbing in a CV.... Now thats dirty. Who would re-roll? Usually egoistic little tryhards who have to be the best no matter the cost.
  4. Reporting system - hit back

    Thats is the reason why you have below-average stats in your BBs. You can only use secondary guns until Bismarck, then its a waste and its better to spec for survivability. Juust getting closer is stupid, yes. You have to plan ahead, have a place to disengage to if you need to heal. But just staying away is not a good thing either. Its not my idea of BBs role, thats how it is. BBs are by far the most survivable class under fire in the game. They have very good armour, HP, heal, and at higher tiers theyre also quite fast. Not to mention good AA on most of them. The BB captain in question was NOT doing well. In fact he was doing quite the opposite. Engaging targets that can best endure his damage and are were the least important at that moment. He wasnt even doing his best. He said so himself. He told me he didnt care about the team just about doing damage and that he did well. I wouldnt call doing 150k in a T10 BB while making your team lose doing well. The Missouri that was in division with me and our DD DID do well. He tried to help us push and we actually killed 2 of their DDs and some cruisers. Meanwhile the Mongerror was hiding at the back doing nothing. See the problem here? The 7 report game was not similar at all. I was doing my job as Tashkent. Burning BBs my team was engaging, stopping cruisers from pushing with their DDs, drawing enemy fire, that sort of thing. And my team didnt complain about me playing the way i was. In fact, they congratulated me for carrying the game. See the difference there? Doing nothing for the team and making it lose vs. actively helping your team win.
  5. Reporting system - hit back

    BBs role is to stay at medium range and support other classes both with the weight of his throw but also more importantly by the pressure of his presence on the enemy and TANKING for more fragile ships. That guy in the conqueror did nothing of that. What he did do what fling useless HE at BBs which then proceeded to disengage and heal most of it back. Sure he dealt 150k but to targets that could easily heal most of it back. Meanwhile their Montana killed several of our cruisers and heavily damaged one DD all the while being near the frontline and actually taking pressure off more fragile ships. Do you know why we lost? Their Monty was free to engage our cruisers and support their DDs while our cruisers either stayed away unable to use their radar or, like me, got close and got steamrolled because there was nobody to stop the enemy from push, i.e. our own T10 BB. See? The Mongerror did finish first but did he contribute to the team effort the most? No, he did not. In fact, his presence in the game was detrimental to our own team. BB behaviour is mostly stupid, because they are the most survivable ships with great firepower but they hide like chicken instead. The stuff about being too easy to hit by torpedoes is nonsense, because after all the nerfs to torpedoes and all the buffs to torpedoes and means to detect torpedoes, you have to be very stupid or very unlucky to actually take a lot of damage. Not to mention the high tier meta of going bow on which means you present a lot smaller target.
  6. Reporting system - hit back

    Of course not.And even if we did what would have changed the fact that he was an idiot?
  7. Reporting system - hit back

    Well I just had a conqueror on my team who spent the whole game 20km from the enemy. Guess what? He was top because all he did was spam HE at random targets. I was right in the middle because I tried to support my DDs with radar and what did i get from that? I got oneshot by an enemy Montana that just waltzed through our cruisers because BBs were too scared getting close to DDs. He deserved the report but your system wouldnt have allowed that.
  8. Reporting system - hit back

    Well, if youre a system engineer, they you damn well should know your proposal wouldnt work. A) It works based on an unreliable variable, raw XP, that does not always accurately indicate player's contribution to the game. B) Just because someone died doesnt mean they didnt play well and they can still provide useful feedback thanks to better situational awareness. @That_Other_Nid: Youd be surprised the amount of reports you can get just for harmless comments like: Kongo move closer we need you to tank.... The guy reported me for telling him how to play and called me a noob and an idiot for not knowing he was using his superior range. IN. A. KONGO. Because that ship is not tanky or fast at all right?
  9. Reporting system - hit back

    More often than not, the idiot LOSES the battle. I got 7 reports from 3 enemy players who ended up in TOP 3! because i ruined their game by playing well. How does your proposal solve that? Thats right, it DOESN'T. Does removing the reporting system solve that? It sure as hell does.
  10. Reporting system - hit back

    But an idiot who still made hit team lose can end up in top anyway simply because everyone else died rather quickly while he spent most of the game camping behind in island in a damned top tier BB scoring lucky shots. Does he not deserve the reports? Yes, he DOES. So it wouldnt be fair to deflect the reports back, now would it? See? Your system is just as unfair.
  11. Reporting system - hit back

    And neither of then would have been solved by your proposal because the GK still ended up on top (I think he was 3rd) and in the second example I got reported by the enemy and one of their divisions (the one i think reported me) ended up in top 3. See? It solves nothing. Just remove the system and everything's fine :)
  12. Reporting system - hit back

    IT IS NOT A SOLUTION. It only makes the system even more broken. You just cant allow your average player to have this much power. Your average Joe thinks camping behind an island in a battleship is perfectly OK and its a good way to save money for repair costs....
  13. Reporting system - hit back

    I dont want the system to hit them back, I want the system gone. Its stupid beyond measure and really offers nothing the game needs. It wouldnt reflect anything because the GK still ended up on top mainly because he got lucky. In fact BBs often end up near the top despite doing nothing just because the get lucky and citadel a cruiser with one lucky shell a couple times. Chat bans are annoying for one simple reason, you cant chat with your clan and friends in the game... You cant even tell your clanmates to get on TS because they cant see youre banned.
  14. Reporting system - hit back

    Yup, get rid of the reporting system that allows such stuff. Problem solved. I remember playing my Tashkent, happily burning down BBs, APing the hell out of cruisers, and winning the game for my team. I ended up with the top XP score by a wide margin. Do you know what my reward was? 7! reports and a chat ban. I also remember reporting a Grosser Kurfürst because he stayed at max range the whole game mostly hiding behind islands and nearly cost us the game when he almost died to a damned Charles Martel, who was the last surviving enemy ship. I died in the first 10 minutes BUT i killed 2 out of 3 enemy DDs and helped my team kill the third. Does that mean i shouldnt have reported him as i was dead? So once again, just remove that stupid reporting system.
  15. It sure does but too many people DONT want to learn. There are tons of resources everywhere but they dont bother reading/wathing them. Service costs have been fixed for a long time but a lot of people still believe not taking damage saves them money, except they dont even look at the result to realize its not true. How often do you see people going middle on Two brothers? Its stupid in 99% of cases but they still do it. But i do agree there should be a compulsory tutorial for every new class.