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    Bug Reports

    Description Games crashes with a critical error on loading first map of the session. (Has only ever happened on this patch in over 4K games) Reproduction steps Start game and press battle after selecting ship. Map loads initially (I see my ship and the countdown timer) but at this point game crashes. Result Game shuts down and have to reload. After reload the game map has already started. After the reload has been done it does not seem to happen again. Expected result For the battle to commence normally. Technical details
  2. IronHound

    Unable to connect to update service

    I have this as well
  3. IronHound

    Reduction in surveillance Radar II in Loot crates

    Just to clarify - I am taking about the consumable.
  4. First time poster.... So if this in the the wrong place or been mention in previous patch updates or posts forgive me. I've noticed that I VERY RARELY receive any premium Surveillance Radar consumables in loot crates any more. I remember when I first started playing I would see these regularly. Has this been nerfed to reduce the amount of level II radar in the game? I'm just curious is all.