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  1. Guys, let me ask you this. You already have T8 ships and are clearly on your way to T10 already. When you get your own T10 ships, will you then NOT play them and wait for a say a year whilst plenty of other players also get T10 ships? If not, then you're being utter selfish hypocrites. Seriously get a grip on your perspective. Someone has to get to T10 first and they've done it. They have the right (temporarily) to enjoy being king of the hill. You WILL catch them up. One thing's for sure, WG will not be stopping them.
  2. OP, until you've also got a T10 ship, you'll ALWAYS have the chance of playing against upper tier ships. I don't understand the issue. The players who've made T10 have done it because they put the time and energy into it. Stop moaning, and do it yourself. After all, I don't remember seeing T6 players complaining about having to face your T8 ship.
  3. Mr_Sukebe

    team play pointless, solo rambo K/D is king ?

    Communications? I don't remember seeing any of note whilst playing During CBT, the teamwork I saw was virtually non-existent. IMO, the game needs: - Rewards for spotting (for both planes and ships) - an enhanced message system that allows players to click on the mini-map with "recommendations and/or requests" and will translate the stock pre-designed options into the language of the player
  4. Mr_Sukebe

    My thanks to WG: Money back...

    See my opening post.
  5. Mr_Sukebe

    Psychological preparation for OBT

    +1 I've already pulled the plug. In the months I played, rarely saw any communications or attempts for players to actually work as a genuine team, and it'll only get worse, much worse. Such a shame. I actually think the game mechanics, ships, visuals etc are lovely. Sure, a bit of polish wouldn't go amiss, but it's already a genuinely good game, screwed by a player base who seemingly have little or not interest in teamwork.
  6. Mr_Sukebe

    My thanks to WG: Money back...

    Cash spent to join the CBT.
  7. Mr_Sukebe

    My thanks to WG: Money back...

    Got my email from WG offering a refund, wow, I'm pleasantly surprised. That's just paid for my copy of Borderlands GOTY 1 and 2, which is massively less stressful and a whole bunch more fun. Don't get me wrong, WoWs is an ACE game, sadly let down by a complete inablity of teams to actually work as teams.
  8. Mr_Sukebe

    Unified account question.

    Will I be able to share the gold I have in WoWs with my WOT account?
  9. Mr_Sukebe

    2k battles in so here's my personal opinion of the game

    Look on the bright side, at least WoWs hasn't yet introduced a reporting system that players have now worked out allow them to report the "better" players for shooting them, and resulting in them getting banned for a day.
  10. Mr_Sukebe

    Life After The OBT Wipe

    Personally I'll be waiting until WG let me use my WoWs gold in WOT and will then use it to train the crew on my M103.
  11. Mr_Sukebe

    League's , a part solution for toxic chat ?

    lorus93, on 03 June 2015 - 03:53 PM, said: The only real way to get rid of "toxic chat" is to remove chat entirely. I for one find it entertaining when people go at each other in the chat for killing the other player or blame the entire team for their failure. The league mechanic would create long waiting times for battles. At the moment, you might well be right that it would be increase load times. However, be aware that the WOT NA server runs with massively fewer players than the EU (something like only 10% IIRC) and that apparently has no issues. So on full roll out, I'd expect no genuine issues with load times. AegeanGhost, on 03 June 2015 - 04:40 PM, said: while sound in theory I fear that match making like that would only fuel elitism and make the game even more toxic for players "promoted" to the next level I'm struggling on the the logic of this. Can you please expand some more.
  12. The way to counter DDs and smoke like this is simple, teamwork. You have either your own DDs or AIRCRAFT spot the enemy, then you give support from your cruisers a bit further black and blow them to hell. Of course that means having: - DDs will to spot, as against hunting torp hits against BBs - CVs willing to use their aircraft to spot - CAs will to give support to the DDs who are spotting for them In short, you need soem TEAMWORK. Oh, hang on, sorry, WRONG game. Next!
  13. Mr_Sukebe

    Just uninstalled WoWs from my laptop. Here's why...

    Quite. As I mentioned in the OP, whilst the game clearly needs a little more polish, updated MM and improved game balance, in essence, it's VERY good. The issue I've highlighted is the intransigence of the player base to attempt to play as a team. As mentioned, I've tried to ask nicely in games and been not only ignored, but often seen players do deliberately the opposite thing. Drives me nuts. Yes, I appreciate that it's CBT, but I'll say it again, IMO this is when the players should in theory be the MOST communicative, as they're early adopters and should be the most communicative. Just wait until the game opens and then gets flooded with the "I play for fun" brigades that cover WOT, it'll only get worse. That's why I'm pulling the plug now. I have a finite amount of time and I have to say that despite my mis-givings with WOT, I'd rather play that than WoWs with it's present player base.
  14. Mr_Sukebe

    The real problem with carriers

    Strikes me that the real issue his is one of XPs awarded. Right now, it appears to be based almost solely on damage inflicted, which therefore favours the higher damage classes. Have a bad match in a DD where you're fighting players who know how to avoid torps, and it's dead easy to have a lousy game for XPs. For CVs, I'm amazed that there isn't more pressure towards XPs for spotting the enemy. How many CAs and BBs are lost to torps because they had no one spotting for them? If some CVs could be bothered to actually consider the idea of foward spotting, would make dealing with DDs and forward CAs massively easier. Thing is, there's no reward for it.
  15. Mr_Sukebe

    Just uninstalled WoWs from my laptop. Here's why...

    Kraut> I know where you're coming from. What I did find interesting was to have a quick look at the game notes. For WOT, there's a big mention that it's a "team game". For WoWs, there's nothing of the sort. Now maybe it's just coincedence, or maybe WG have realised that we as the player base don't have enough people who actually care about teamwork. Within WOT, I kind of assume that if it happens, it's more by accident than intended, though being fair, I do sometimes get positive responses in WOT. For example, played Karelia in my "OP stat padding AMX30 prot" yesterday in a T10 game. We had a pair of BatCs. Asked if they were going hill and one said yes, so I went off to help him and we took the hill very nicely, before sniping the middle and wiping them up.