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  1. AmazingBeaver

    F spam "fix"

    I think I'm still averaging 70-100k+ / game in Midway, and I'm complete noob what comes to CV gameplay... sure I'm devastating my winrate and such, but I don't care anymore, I have basically quit the game already and I'm just here to test the new meta. Until carrier rework I haven't played WoWs for 1,5 years...As for "hotfix", at least CV's don't have unlimited planes now and they have some downtime if doing yolostrikes. Tier X carriers still are too easy to play, while VI and VIII are just painful... and the meta is just boring so I don't see myself spending money for this game.
  2. AmazingBeaver

    aa completely useless now?

    AA is OP and CV gameplay is incredibly boring; just launch wave after wave to suicide and achieve nothing but annoy the heck out of anyone who's relying on stealth. I uninstalled a minute ago. See you next year.
  3. AmazingBeaver

    What is going on with WoWs?

    I haven't played for 1,5-2 years and I come back to this? After first few games I already want to uninstall again.
  4. AmazingBeaver

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    WG overestimates the average skill of an average player for these OPs if I play BB, sure, I sink 8-10 ships with +200k dmg, but I lose because nobody is playing CL right. if I play CL like everyone else, the OP fails because nobody hasn't got clue how to play a BB right. If I play a CV, it's a 100% lose, because I can't play CV on unicum levels yet and everyone loses. It's a very simple OP with high potential grind income, but people are too stupid to play it right. I'm in a clan and in a community, but I just wanna play a few games and nobody is interested for divisioning. My only IRL friends who I played with in CBT are so bored in this game, they just log in for clan matches or ranked. Sometimes I just wish to have a superpower to see how these random potatoes look IRL, are they pretty much the apes I imagine, or just bots. I'm casual player by all standards, yet people are so indescribable bad in this game.
  5. AmazingBeaver

    BAN Policy

    The thing is, cheating in F2P games that have competitive aspect is massively popular for people competiting in top teams, and in WoWs alone, there are several cheat providers offering premium hacks for real life currency. WG is lacking behind for quality anti-cheat protocol, they ban one cheat provider, 2 other will pop up. WG's only choice right now is to send warnings and mass ban everyone they detect using modified files, even if they were harmless graphics modifications
  6. AmazingBeaver

    Operation Cherry Blossom - Your First thoughts?

    It is rather simple and straightforward + it's tier 8 making it potential credit grinder. If you are a solo player, your best bet for earning full stars and a lot of cash is to get matched with other solo players and not those mongoloid clans where stupid people play together, ruining the game for everyone else.
  7. AmazingBeaver

    Cheating (again on public record )

    You have contracted an "HACKANOIA". At a certain point, some players will stoop to hackusating people for any reason. This can lead to a state of "hackanoia," creating delusional and irrational thinking that affects the people around them. I recommend taking a chill pill and maybe teaspoon of L2P.
  8. AmazingBeaver

    How to reduce toxic behaviour

    This game has become more and more toxic after introducing ranked battles and clan wars. I'm so fed up with this playerbase, vast majority are just bad and don't have a clue and the people who have started to learn something but are not quite there yet, act very toxic against everyone.
  9. AmazingBeaver

    Bot account and why is WG not banning this?

    Isn't actually that big of a deal to create an forum account on some of those sites and waste some time doing research, there's people talking about what is the best cheat, what is detected and what is safe. In the end you have handful of legit hack providers with thousands of users in europe alone. I don't know how much the hacks impact the playerperformance, does it make am average player an unicum? From unicum to super unicum? Don't know but they are out there. But sure if you wan't to live in a perfect fantasy world or maybe you have something to hide being so defensive for WG's ability to detect hackers, I don't care. There's cheaters in every F2P game, it's just business. This game is no different.
  10. AmazingBeaver

    Bot account and why is WG not banning this?

    Do you really want me to link ALL the private cheat and bot script providers for this game for everyone to see?
  11. AmazingBeaver

    Opt in for 'tougher' Random Games pool

    I only play for fun, there would be hardly anyone playing statistics based MM
  12. AmazingBeaver

    Bot account and why is WG not banning this?

    there are bots and a lot of cheaters in this game, a way more than people think, but also little kids playing on dads computer and sometimes they accidentally join PvP battle etc. F2P game.
  13. AmazingBeaver


    Welcome to the internet, snowflakes