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  1. I hope your hospitalization had the expected result! :-) Is there any way to implement that addon where you can place the ribbons vertically on the right side, like in this screenshot? Would be nice, but i dont know what this one is called.
  2. Good Idea, but why every Clan and not only the good ones?
  3. Right now you better play without this mod, it doesnt work right. The ones i tested didnt work either, so just wait.
  4. Yes, saw that. Thanks. Would have been nice when they just made a little announcement, when there is a deviation in behaviour. :)
  5. This is still the case, so kinda broken. Any idea how i can edit myself to prevent the overlapping?
  6. Source? :)
  7. The last weekly mission was this one: and i was wondering if there will be any in october. Always nice to see if they are doable to get the rewards. Thanks
  8. The just choose the flag container in the future. :)
  9. Does it happen every game? Can you AltF4 and get back into it? This problem sometimes happen.
  10. 4th Stage of the Yamamot Campaign...still good, plenty of ships to level :).
  11. Now it is getting wasnt marked as i didnt know. Interesting how rude you can be, i will give you the benefit of a doubt and presume you just had a bad day...and perhaps look up what you mean with a facepalm.
  12. Yes i saw that, i had the same issue, because of a "bad gateway"...but there is a) no need for a comment and b) no need to do a facepalm...just mark it as doublepost and be done with it. Treat people like you want to be treated...
  13. ...but couldnt find it yet. Installing it via modpack does not work, the mod shows then only one ship.