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  1. blindhai

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    well, it is your own fault when you are in prison. :)
  2. It still does work. But there is also a dev version of the new WoWs Monitor out there. You can find it on the discord server of the dev from the MM-Monitor.
  3. blindhai

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    I only get the victory bonus SC only till 0.8.9? Or do i have the same time as the for the directives?
  4. blindhai

    0.8.8 Gifts & Rewards: How to Get Everything

    I have got a mission for the cossack in one of the containers. I already got the ship and got "only" credits. Would have been fairer if i would have got another mission instead for a ship i already bought. So i feel punished that i spent money for that ship.
  5. blindhai

    What's up with French Token event?

    Which containers do i need to buy now, to get some french token?
  6. blindhai

    Are Premiums Up-Tiered ?

    A) well, if you know them all, then live with it. If you are just too lazy to look again, then you have to live with it too. B) As i said mutltiiple times: These are the only sources that are available. Nevertheless that kind of analyzing is a common thing in science, so i wouldnt abandon them so quickly. Which you are asking here, is a mathmatical proof, not a proof in the common sense. That is just not possible, you will never get that. And no, that is not really proving your point, it is just another way to argue. From what i understand you are just playing here and have nothing else to do, you are not really interested in discussing, you want to be fed something that cant happen and want to see how others react to your claim. For me that is rather boring, i am not here to prove you anything.
  7. blindhai

    Are Premiums Up-Tiered ?

    There will always be a "margin of error" as long as you dont have their algorithm, but you could rely on the data we had so far. There were some samples from a lot of players, even though it is not a big amount of data to give a better result. I was always lowtier in my new tank or ship (well, ok, i can remember 2 times where that was not the case). Dont forget that it always depends on the time and day when you play. I think it was common sense that we are not speaking about facts here. If you would understand mathematics then you would understand there is always a margin of error, when you dont have the algorithm. You only could try to analyze the data there is and draw a conclusion from that. You are asking for something that can no one tell you for sure, i mean for like 100% sure. I think i explained it very well, so you better dont ask for a source or for the algorithm, and if you want to have it ask WG or search for yourself, if you really want to know. You also just believe what you want. As long as we dont know the exact mathematics is your guess as good as mine or you could listen to the people for their experience instead of blaiming them, that they dont want to invest their precious time to look for the news and articles where the MM is mentioned...which you easily could on your own.
  8. blindhai

    Are Premiums Up-Tiered ?

    WG will never lay their algorithm open, but it is common sense and they said so. There was an article about it too, you can find it on their side, when you have the time to search it. Until then, you just have to believe it. You could also check sides/blogs like the armored patrol.
  9. blindhai

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Nobody knows that?
  10. blindhai

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Regarding French Tokens: I have got 1550 Tokens, did all the missions, which you do without premium ships or luck with the containers (early access). I cant buy the commander, how was I supposed to get the missing tokens?
  11. blindhai

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Opened 26 SC and some others I think it is time to call them: "Mediocre Containers" :)
  12. blindhai

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Nice try, but the prices for "Wargaming Premium" still gets no discounts and i can STILL not buy Wargaming premium with dubloons, which i bought before the change of premium time, making them unusable for me, because i bought dubloons only to buy premium time. Premium time would be the only thing i need in this game to progress faster.
  13. blindhai

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    just FYI: The event went till 21. and the whole day. Just for the future. :)
  14. blindhai

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    I have a question: Does that mean i can use my last tokens tomorrow the whole day or do i have to use them till 7:00 in the morning? Does anyone know this for sure? How was it in previous events?
  15. blindhai

    Benham - impossible grind............ WG have done well

    a LOT LOT !!!