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  1. Well, i would like to give them the benefit of a doubt here, even though they f.ucked up in the past multiple times... ...but lets not hijack Aslains thread more then necessary...! :)
  2. I see two possibilities: Either you didnt make it clear enough that you mean WoWs (maybe used the wrong category in the ticket?) or it is the "typical Wargaming Support"... got those answers myself...it is like they sometimes dont read well enough...or they just dont care.
  3. Suggestions thread

    You dont work in Software Design or in any kind of support, do you? :) There is a reason why it works like that, right now even though there is a mod, which works exactly like you described it. They could just copy it, but they didnt...there is a reason. :)
  4. Suggestions thread

    I think that they wont implent that, because there are some "special people" who forget a feature like that and then they will write a ticket to the support asking to "restore their ships", because those "are gone".
  5. Suggestions thread

    Well, there is a solution with primary ships in the non-mod client right now. You cannot hide them, but they are not as present.
  6. Suggestions thread

    I second that. I think there are more idiots in the game, who torp from second row or just dont care than griefers.
  7. Suggestions thread

    Well, that is your opinion. It is not that easy. Yes, you have long cooldowns on your repair and damage control, but you can learn to time them and learn where you want to expose yourself and where you can actually push. And no, it is not meant to be that you just go nose in against 3-4 cruiser and think that you can survive it every time. The problem you describe is that many BB players dont try out what they can do and learn what is possible and what is not. Those players are those BBs which are only camping in the back. Well, now you described all possible scenarios, i think. :) I have one more point: It is also about where you position yourself or drive through and where it would be possible to exspect torps. When a friendly DD is on your back or on your left side and you know that there are only ships on your front or on your right you would almost never exspect torps from your left. And also dont forget that the warning signal is the same for all torps, friendly or not friendly. In the heat of the fight you wont check for torps when there is no enemy ship on this side. And even though the friendly torps are spotted for sure, the warning signal just begins, when the torps are already very near and may be too near. I for one would almost never say that anyone drives deliberatly into friendly torps, the problem is that there are even friendly torps in the near of your allies. The one who releases the torps has the responsibility that those dont hit his allies. The funniest people are those who torp from your side and then yell in the chat to be careful...i mean, it is nice to tell you, but maybe dont risk to hit your ally... I know that it depends on the situation and there are some situations, which you cant predict, but i had only one or two situations where it was chrystal clear that the one who got hit from a friendly torp, was the one who was more guilty than the one who released the torps. And that were situations where i was affected directly. The other scenarios are those where it looked like that it was clearly a mistake from the one who torped. Maybe it looks a little bit different from his pov, but that needs to be proven with a replay or video in the specific situation from his pov.
  8. Suggestions thread

    It is a question about timing and experience. Furthermore you can slot a module for less fire/flood time. And there is always the chance to avoid fires and floodings. It is not supposed to be super simple. You can try the Oktober Tier 5 BB (russian premium) and see how you can deal with shorter duration of the damage control but with charges.
  9. Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    The armor buff is interesting, but may be a bit too much. I would have prefered to give it better concealment like the Henry has, for example.
  10. Suggestions thread

    When you have problems with 6km torps and cant use them without torping your allies, then you shouldnt play something with more torpedo range. Or play more and try to learn, as i said. ;)
  11. Clan Feature: Dual Teams

    I have a question: We have those 2 teams and we played some games on the 2 days where it was possible. One team is in "Gale" and the other team is in the starting league ("Squall"). Now we have a player who had played in Beta team only, which is and was in Squall-League only, but his wins in Squall were also counted for Gale. Is that intended, because the Alpha-Team is in Gale and is counted as the clan rating? I just want to clarify if that is intended or just a display bug from the client (which happens some time). I mean, when the Alpha-Team is getting into the Storm-League, will victories (for that mission) also be counted for Storm-League, when you play with the Beta-Team in Squall-League??? In general: The two teams are a very good idea! As @DataDemon pointed out: The team with the lower rating is good for training and just4fun, even though some member dont like to be named as "the second team", but that is nothing you can change, i think, because there is a need to name them somehow.
  12. Suggestions thread

    I disagree, statistics were always showing that a minority is paying for the game. Most of the players play WoWs for free. You can still buy ships for coal in the arsenal, so you are not "exluded permanently". If you only want something for "work", then you can grind FreeXP and buy ships for that.
  13. Suggestions thread

    I second that, a good idea. AFK players are such an annoyance and "torp" the fun of every game, where they are.
  14. Public Test Rewards

    That is correct. Not sure if you get an eMail everytime you participated on the PTS. I would go with no.
  15. Suggestions thread

    hm you have 9 (!) Battles in your DDs which are all lowtier. Either you have a second account or there is something wrong. If this is your real account, then you will learn how to use your torps properly. A lot (!) of players have no problem and your described behaviour exist almost never, when you are playing right and you know what to do and you pay attention to the game.