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  1. Vive la France Part 1


    I also am 1 Duplicate short to get the french Commander, but when there will be a french campaign to get this last container (like @Tuccy implied), then i can wait.
  2. Ich muss ja zugeben, dass diese Katzenbilder schon ziemlich cool sind. Schaut ihr auch Katzenvideos zusammen? :) Ich suche noch einen Clan für die Clangefechte und vielleicht könnt ihr noch jemanden gebrauchen?! 10er Schiffe habe ich ein paar, mir fehlen im Moment in erster Linie die Credits um die bereits freigespielten Schiffe zu kaufen und auszustatten. Spielerisch bin ich ok, aber verbessern kann man sich immer, denke ich. :) Ich bin 38 und aus NRW, ich meine bei euch sind jetzt nicht alle so blutjung, wenn ich mich recht errinnere. Ansonsten würde ich mich freuen von euch zu hören. :) P.S.: Bin im Moment noch in einem Miniclan mit einem Freund und sammle da nur Öl, also nicht wundern.
  3. Had the same moment when i got a Molotov in there... :D
  4. Suggestions thread

    You are in a minority, that is for sure. So perhaps you should check your computer first and your configuration. It is not the problem of the servers!
  5. Suggestions thread

    What would a "boost" for the weaker servers (if there are any) help, when the people play on a potatoe pc or dont know how to configure them properly?
  6. Suggestions thread

    Dont make it so complicated, WG will never implement something like this for a "small" problem like this. Replacing with a bot doesnt work either! Have you ever seen a Bot ship play? It is very simple: I dont want something like it is in WoT, where you have AFK players and you cant do much about it. Like in WoT the problem is most of the time the player itself, because the client works very reliable. When your computer is too slow or your connection is bad: Play something else! When you know(!) that there could be problems, it is your own responsibility. When you got under 100 points in PVP after the battle, then you should get punished, so you get time to think about what you are actually doing.
  7. Suggestions thread

    Well, that is collateral damage, i would argue. That is bad for you, i am aware, but those AFK players are the bigger issue here.
  8. Thank you for your great work, Aslain! Is it just me or is anyone esle having this message after the install is complete? The install is complete and the modpack works, but i have this message everytime after an install. I think it is was gone after #1 or #2 of this game version now. I know it is in german, it is just saying that the setup doesnt work anymore.
  9. Suggestions thread

    How were they changed?
  10. You are right, i dont understand this high complex post from you. But what can i do? I am no rocket scientist!
  11. Why do you even bother to post it here? You clearly have a problem with WG and their support not with Aslain (as you said yourself...now). You can talk all day, but the matter of fact is, that you did have something that was detected. Whatever that was, doesnt really matter. Just accept the facts. Like described in this thread earlier: Reinstall the client, maybe in another directory just to be sure and perhaps dont experiment with mods you have created on your own. ...and dont blame a modpack where everyone else has no problems with...
  12. Suggestions thread

    My suggestion: Make the visibility/spot system like in WoT. Explanation: Right now when you are in range of someone you can spot, you see him first on the minimap and 1-2 seconds later right before you. That leads to situation where the enemy has like 5.9 km concealment, but when you see him he is like 5.7 km in front of you and THEN you can really shoot him. That problem existed in WoT too and was fixed like 1 or 2 years ago, which means it took like 4 years to do that. If i am not mistaken WoWs is like 2 years old and i dont want it to tak 2 years until they fix that. I think in WoT there was an overhaul of the engine needed and the servers needed to be more powerful...well, you could do it in WoT, just repeat it in WoWs.
  13. After 165 "Try-your-luck"-container, i got lucky and got a few SC in a row...more or less...just in a shot period of time. First and i thought: WHY? I have got like 8 of them and sold 6 now... From AFTvent event/mission: and then a normal one: I would say the 100 India Yankee are the best of all the rewards for me...
  14. Zu Anfang ging das noch nicht einwandfrei, manche Mods funktionierten, andere wiederum aber nicht. Kannst ja mal angeben, bei welchen Mods es bei dir funktioniert.
  15. Zeigt eure Super Container !

    Sind ja keine reinen Geschenke, da du selber schon was dafür tun musst um diese zu bekommen. Diese Logik, die zB auch Crysantos anführt, hinkt daher. Ist ja eher eine Belohnung dafür, dass du das Spiel spielst und der Inhalt selber ist halt pures Glück.