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  1. twannieboy

    Cheating (again on public record )

    Low quality hmm.... Anyway the answer is quite easy, yes it is a replay bug. If you fast forward in replays the reload moves ahead in time, but the counter doesn't. So if I skip a minute ahead, the counter stays a minute behind. Often I put a replay bug note at the start so people stop asking how it is possible, but can't get them all sadly. It's the same as turret position in replays, the turrets follow your mouse in the replay, even if you had ''locked on target'' in the real game.
  2. twannieboy

    How to citadel Hindenburg? Plunging fire?

    Plunging fire is the most logical (especially with USN shell arcs), since you avoid her turtleback armour. But a broadside Hinden can die as easily as any other broadside cruiser, less armour after all. You just need to get lucky with dispersion to devastate one with Alabama :P
  3. twannieboy

    background image of the last update

    Here you go :) (If this is the one you mean of course)
  4. twannieboy

    VKNGS (Vikings) looking for skilled players

    I'm afraid your stats aren't just good enough yet. Maybe with a few more battles,
  5. twannieboy

    VKNGS (Vikings) looking for skilled players

    I'm afraid the WTR is too low :/ But I'll see you on the high seas!
  6. twannieboy

    Turning off Dynamic Music 6.0.1 ?

    As far as I know the dynamic part can't be turned off. It's just the way the music plays now, modding this will be really hard. So no fix to this.
  7. twannieboy

    Lunar new year marathon bug

    Go to carousel and on the right of that tab you can enable ARP and dragon. Tick of the box with dragon and it will work. Will be changed in patch
  8. twannieboy

    Hell Choir

    You can turn off the sounds in port, but then there is no sound at all. Also you can't turn off the heavy sound, unless you turn other sounds off as well. Turning off single parts of the game is not possible as far as I know.
  9. twannieboy

    ARP replay 0.5.16

    If this filter is enabled, all relevant effects and features, including special voiceovers, ship icons in the carousel and in battle, and the exterior appearance of Arpeggio ships will remain unchanged. In fact, only the Yokosuka Port itself will be removed from the Arpeggio content in the game. Did I miss something about the replays then?
  10. twannieboy

    ARP replay 0.5.16

    So it seems since the update with the removal of the Yokosuka Port the ARP ships are gone in the replays and turned into the normal ship (Kongo, Atago, Myoko), but the voices are still there. I guess the replay system needs that port for some reason, but now I can't use ARPs in my video's anymore and am I left with their voices only. Now there are no colourful ships anymore I hope WG can fix this (or my replays are just broken).
  11. twannieboy

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    It's pretty hard to get that one, but try to play as much DD as you can. The best chances of killing Russians are the DDs, although other people may want them as well of course.
  12. twannieboy

    [GNBAerroon] Week 2: Guide Contest + Replay Contest

    Defeated by a ship girl... How could this ever happen. Just kidding, they did a good job by making it and Waifu outsmarted me. But even 100 diamonds are enough for me, what would you say as ''best'' ship to choose in the GNB?
  13. twannieboy

    [GNBAerroon] Week 2: Guide Contest + Replay Contest

    And I thought I would win for sure with my Kancolle jokes. Too bad But ofcourse you need to be neutral. ;)
  14. twannieboy

    [GNBAerroon] Week 2: Guide Contest + Replay Contest

    Thank you Aerroon ;) 100 diamonds are still great, so I'm still happy with it. Had fun in making them and I'm also happy for the guys who have beaten me. GG PS: Katori will be mine now