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  1. Watchman35

    Game crash, disconnects

    Bloody ping is going mental tonight jumping between 38ms and 3000ms with both teams complaining. Come on WG kick the hamster he has fallen asleep on the wheel.
  2. Watchman35

    World of Warships: 2019 Results

    Well good luck in 2020 WG you really do want to be the new EA/Activision Blizzard/Bethesda or atleast be part of the club.
  3. Watchman35

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    Still grinding directive 3 done 3 out of the 5 missions will probably finish it tonight then after that im not bothering I will just take any free rewards I get.
  4. Watchman35

    Server down

    Nope just logged in fine but have been getting the server overload warning a couple of times over the last few days.
  5. Well this rules me out from playing since I dont have a tier 8 cv lol.
  6. Watchman35

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    Grinding 3rd directive now for the Goriza not interested in PR as I have enough free xp to get the Alaska.
  7. Watchman35

    The Dock Yard : The Future : The Game 2020

    Make the dockyard a second option to get a coal or steel ship. Make it a long build process 6 months for a coal ship 8-10 months for a steel ship before boosters. Make ship building tokens a part of daily missions you can gain plus add ship building tokens to battle medals ie 5 tokens for first blood 20 tokens for a kraken unleashed.
  8. Watchman35

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    Hey WG have you hired EAs managment department or something?
  9. Watchman35

    legendary/unique upgrades becomes research buru only

    Hey WG I think you need to rebrand. How about Dumpster Fire inc.
  10. The fact you can actually get refunds for the boosters should have its own pinned thread in the news section not just hidden away in replys to other threads.
  11. Watchman35

    JJR (Jolly Jack Royals) recruiting

    cough bump cough
  12. Watchman35

    Shortest Battle Ever?

    As a certain CC would say according to the spreadsheet you were all having fun.
  13. Watchman35

    [Edited] playing

    After checking your stats I am not going to comment.
  14. Watchman35

    JJR (Jolly Jack Royals) recruiting

    Current clan base bonuses -5% to post battle services on all tier 1 to 10 -14% to cost of all reasearchable ships +3% xp per battle to all tiers of ships +15% free xp to all ships all tiers +8% commander xp per battle +5% to coal
  15. JJR is a small English clan looking for new members to replenish our ranks. Have you played 10000 battles have all the ships in the game or just starting out all are welcome. No winrate cap be your winrate 80% or 8% come join us. We play random ranked operations with clan battles on the cards once our numbers are high enough. Clan base is well on the way so you will get some bonuses. We use discord and English is required. Swearing is optional.