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  1. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    Commander rework: best approach for after 18 feb

    Will reset all my commanders then take a break sorry just dont trust WG not to change the skills and not offer us a free reset.
  2. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    Spreadsheet results?

    Spreadsheet says wait till free skill respect ends then rework the rework for those shiney doubloons.
  3. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    Persistent trolling in game

    And here was I thinking this thread was about the devs.
  4. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    When the next patch hits....

    That is a great game. If I rage at warthunder I will return to Skyrim.
  5. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    When the next patch hits....

    Will be resetting my commanders before the free reset ends then probably reinstall warthunder.
  6. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    BTW any chance of a refund on my Massachusetts since this update gimped its secondarys.
  7. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.1

    Because the update is still being tested,
  8. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    American premium Secondary nerf

    Actually did not think of that this is a nerf to a premium ship.
  9. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Wish we could rollback the game to start of 2019 when the devs cared about the game and not WG bank balance. CV rework unfinished Comnander rework 6 months of tweaking then will be abandoned. New maps yer maybe in 2025 New game modes nah Fixing the bugs in operations lol still waiting for that. Make more and more stuff requiring us to actually pay ie reskilling retraining yep spreadsheet says it is fine. Release constant overpowered premium ships cause WG need those shineys. And then we have the joy of submarines in the future which we all know will be a dumpster fire.
  10. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    When the next patch hits....

    Doubt it were still waiting for the CV rework to finish. Plus WG like their doubloons.
  11. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    Italian T4 BB Dante Alighieri EA for Prime Users only!

    So release a new tier 4 but the CC are still under an nda and will be updated in the morning lol.
  12. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    And after the devs actually fix the skill systen will we get free resets or will we have to pay.
  13. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    All we have to look forward to is 6 months of reworks of the reworks till WG abandon fixing it like the CV rework were waiting for them to finish. God help us when subs finally enter the game.
  14. King_Of_The_Potatoes

    How Wargaming will balance post Commander rework.

    We all know WG will tweak these skills but it will be after the free skill reset has ended so they can earn all those lovely shiney doubloons.