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  1. Beastofwar

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    Don't have to....you can put them ahead of the fleet, but at the same travel time as DD* to nearest cap. Ofc capping must be done at the surface. * with engine boost active ofc Submarines will be the true stealth hunters, but at the cost of slow speed and complexity of having to submerge and surface regularly. DD can hunt submarines, torpedo or shell them at the surface, or depth charge them in the deep. Those DD players that are against it should really consider what it is they are against. In a DD their game will improve as they will be an important class again for other far more skilled duties then cap rushing. When they want to sneak around in stealth an even better ship will be available to them, i expect many to embrace it and some time after will cry for DD nerfing :-))))
  2. Beastofwar

    How does Skill effects WR?

    The question should be does a player that : - plays alone, so no divisions and no coordinated team ( strong disadvantage ) - plays all ships in lower tiers, does not skip weak tech tree ships ( disadvantage ) - does not play in tier X ( faces many higher tier ships, strong disadvantage ) - faces +2 tier on 3/4 of all games played basis ( faces many higher tier ships, strong disadvantage ) Should have a 50+ % WR at all. The odds are obviously against that player. When all above are the exact opposite for you : - play in coordinated teams in randoms against players that do not have that ( strong advantage ) - plays only in tier X ( faces lower tier oppontents, strong advantage ) How can you compare ? This is the difference between day and night. Apples to oranges. In many a sense not even the same game. There is no sense in it whatsoever. Yet it is done over and over and told those that not want to see it that way are wrong. Maybe it is popular opinion you should team up and it is a fault or even unlogic that you don't. Or you should skip waeker ships and strorm through the techt tree in order to be at tier X in minimal time....but to that i disagree.
  3. Beastofwar

    what ship will break the 500,000 damage mark EU server

    And such a ship would be sought after and celebrated ? There would be no massive forum filling cry for nerfs ? Why then must CV's be nerfed to ~200k ?
  4. Beastofwar

    New map suggestion

    I would like to see more maps with open water. If there must be islands then to the sides so you can't (ab)use the maps edge.
  5. Depends really on what tier/what period in time you consider to matter. If you consider Rl events the UK and Japanese navies were probably the most powerful for a very long time, with the German, French and Italians having very powerfull navies too, but more locally and not as numerous. The US obviously tried to keep balance with their adversaries - UK included - but only really grew in power only after their war with japan started. The UK and the US operated globally, needing in part other ships - that could keep a crew comfortable in all weather for many months, having large enough fuel stores and more economic engines - then other nations. Speed played a major role for German and Japanese ships design too, and of the UK starting that in the first place, but does not really have a large impact on our game in the small maps. You can outrun a persuier only for so long.....Early WW II there were still battlecruisers and battleships each with specific tasks, but in our game they are all "battleships" I really do enjoy all ships in their specific roles. They were all designed for a purpose, and obviously - except paper ships - fulfilled that purpose.
  6. Beastofwar

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Excavatus this WR idiocracy is poisoning the player base, just as it did to WOT. ( or WOW for that matter, or other games without doubt that all have elitists and an end tier or level ) Not anything good can come out of it but self entitled elitists telling others they are so bad players.Or call for nerfs it something is lowering the stats of stat fanatics. They already ruiined good enjoyable rework on the CV. They probably were there to ruiin Artillery in WOT. They will be there to try block submarines ever entering WOWS. Not anything good, probably just more euro's for the game developers as keeping up the stats you will feel you need top notch stuff.....buffed, upgraded and probably premium.
  7. Beastofwar

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Your beliefs are based on a measurement system created to promote spending euro's. It does not meansure skill, it measures how well you can feed the measurment system with stats it weighs more heavily then other things. The "cold" facts or "hard numbers" are therefore flawed and cannot be used to prove anything. "Kill rate" = you can be a kill stealer with very little skill shooting only the heavily wounded ships ( or tanks for that matter ) "Win rate" = can heavily be influenced by devisioning up and have unfair coordination/communication rolling others up "Damage done"" = picking only ships that are more effective then other ships, certainly not using every ordinary tech tree ship. And that is just a tip of the iceberg of influencing stats. Keep up the appeance, Miss Buckets.......or is it Buquet ?
  8. Beastofwar

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Only in Operations.....the sheer number of hopping idiots not knowing what to do is staggering. It is there too where stat fanatics fall through the basket as frauds. It is there their incompetence in made bare.....conveniently "stats" do not include Operations. And by your own system you cannot judge anyone not using Tier X ships or at least ranked battles in the same tier .....because only in matches where everyone is the same tier can there be fair odds. And fair odds.....that is scary to stat fanatics by nature.
  9. Beastofwar

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Ok, it is without result trying to convince fanatics out of their beliefs, i should know better yes. Please do inform me if you are on the enemies team in a random if you see me. Do not come in a devision however, that is the way of cowards and stat manipulants.
  10. Beastofwar

    How does Skill effects WR?

    If anyone claims he can influence 23 unkown others, not being divisioned, picked by MM at random in a random match i rate him insane. Therefore these stat fanatics get their numbers in another way, in a way they can influence. Divisioning with communication, divisioning with cooperating teamates, playing tier X only having benefit of fightling lower tiers.... Anything but exeptional skills really. They just manipulate the results because they know the measuring system. As all frauds do.
  11. Beastofwar

    European research tree?

    I too would rather like to see an Italian tech tree line. Plenty of powerful, well designed ships there. In fact the British were so afraid of them, they had to resort to attacking them in port, by surprise.
  12. Beastofwar

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    In all the matches where i used a DD since the rework in have never been sunk by aircraft ! NEVER. Evading the aircraft attacks did kill me, but it were other ships that shot me. Probably manouevered well in their sights so i can't even blame aircraft spotting. What is the point exactly ?? In DD you get sunk by other ships. The aircraft are just a nail in your coffin, may deliver the final strike but they were not the ones that cause your health to fall from full to zero. Maybe it's psychology......feeling more vulnerable to aircraft then to other ships that in reality sink them.
  13. Beastofwar

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    Just un-nerf the rockets, then they have something else to complain about again. Everyone saw this whine coming. If listened to and nerfed, it will be something else next time. In reality the most deadly adversary to a DD is probably another DD, the most probable death to any DD is being spotted and sunk by another DD and/or it's support. They are even more likely to want cruisers supporting DD nerfed as they couldn't be nerfed themselves. This nerf whining has no end. Nefing is the most bad thing you can do to a game.
  14. Beastofwar

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    Well it doensn't always work......but look at the sheer volume of secondary fire output :-)) Really dissappointing reward for almost 100 K damage though.....
  15. Beastofwar

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    Did you ever notice your shoes walk next to you :-)))))