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  1. Beastofwar

    LWM review of Yukon

    So do i....but i take into account her bias when reading it. LWM primarliy reviews what a ship is not balanced to do when it is rated "meh" or "garbage" with her. So a player needs to find other sources ( daily bounce guy is a good armour reviewer ) what the ship IS good for.
  2. Beastofwar

    LWM review of Yukon

    Do you really believe 2/3 of all ships in game were created to be "Free XP skippable" or "garbage" or "meh" ? Or is there something else ? I rate above as being extremely limited in overviewing tactics possibilities, and above all wanting the game to be tailored only to how you want it to be played. And things do not work that way. Obviously, as all recent ships are "garbage" or "meh"
  3. Beastofwar

    LWM review of Yukon

    Like i said : LWM is obviously* a biased long range shell lobbing and plane hating player : that fits the opinion likewise biased masses of randoms and CB players that play with very limited tactics. The forums population is a mirror image of that. Actually rating ships of how they are balanced and should be doing according the the values they were given.......is not generally accepted because the only "usefull" ship should be an even longer ranged, harder hittng and rail gunned shel lobber. * - hates secondnaries and secondary builds even on German ships before the skill rework - hates short ranged main gun BB even when they come with very thick horizontal armour, turtleback armour and horizontal plane well protected citadels meant to defeat flat arced medium-close range shells. - hates short range main gusn even if that comes with exceptional concealment values - does not mention the specific extremely well portected HORIZONTAL armoured of certain BB and what that type or armour is supposed to do. - emphasizes on DECK armour ( which is important for taking long ranged, arced shelling AP only ) ( armour does not stop fires, it has 0 to do with HE resistance ) - emphasizes on long range guns and spotter plane availability - thinks AA is of little value So you see her biased opinions are right in line with the actual forums public and therefore valued. Her review rates if a ship fits into shell lobbing meta and then if it is above avarage at that. The whole problem of that is, if a players wants to know why WG balanced a ship as they did, there is no one but him ( or her) figuring out what to do with that ships characteristics and tactics, and build. There are no ship reviews not connected to randoms "meta" and general long range shell lobbing "tactics" So according to that 2/3 of all ships in game are "Free XP skippable" or "garbage" or "meh" only becasue they do not fit a camping "meta"
  4. Beastofwar

    LWM review of Yukon

    Which differ in every mode of the game.... It is an mistake to confuse randoms "tactics" ( mass camping ) for good tactics in other modes, even though CB reportedly has mass camping too. I guess a randoms camper stays a randoms camper always , which is kind of proved in Bronze League ranked. And ships like these are not for them, which has nothing to do with being "meh" or garbage" only becasue they can't use it for their play style. The ships tier is both in range for ranked and Operations, so short range simply means : different tactics and/or different mode to enjoy it. The whole drama reads : LWM wanted 21+ km guns on this 9 x 381 mm BB. And WG did not think that was a good idea which is understandable if you compare it to same tier Gneisenau ( comparible gun caliber ) as i did. Or would LWM have liked 16 km range 381 mm guns with sawed off shotgun accuracy ( 1.6-1.7 sigma ) as the IT F.Carraciolo has ? When you compare same tier 380-381 mm gun ships they are all about the same with variations in Sigma and gun reload to compenstate for number of guns....... All 380-381 mm gun tier VII are more or less comparible, beneath portrayed bucket has 1.7 sigma ( coming from 1.6 even ) and 33 sec reload.......Yukon is even on the powerful end of them ( 9 x 381 and 1.9 sigma )
  5. Beastofwar

    LWM review of Yukon

    Is it really that bad ? 9 x 381 mm ( sigma 1.9 ) 12,8 km detectability : Yukon ( 107.100 potential damage ) 6 x 380 mm ( sigma 1.8 ) 15,7 km detectability : Gneisenau ( 69.600 potential AP damage ) 2 km less main gun range and 4,5 secs longer reload in trade for all that extra firepower and almost 3 km better concealment. LWM always says secondaries are useless and rates this ship useless for nothing more then short gun range : pretty obvious she is a biased long range shell lobber type of player.
  6. Beastofwar

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    AP rockets are great against island camping Cruisers : they dont move too much so they will take multiple citadels virtually guaranteed. Just fly aorund the island ( no AA damage as well ) and wooooosshhhh tringgg trinngggg multipe black ribbons. And often a red one depending on HP of that island camper Cruiser. But German torpedos are almost like rockets so they can be used in the same fashion. AP DB are best to be used on island camping BB.
  7. Beastofwar

    Why don't CVs fight CVs?

    I do not hunt them, but if i see a DD spotted by allies with low HP i will surely kill it, because that takes seconds and is not wasting my time and DPM. The only reason to hunt DD now in my opinion are those that head for my CV. Then you don't have a choice. For this i make sure i have ample fighter consumables left for self-spotting so i don't waste them over mewling allies. ( the stats of high profile players undeniably - almost no plane kills - show they do this too....)
  8. Beastofwar

    How to Z-31?

    It is supposed to be used to escort another DD in the role of a light Cruiser, and support that allied ( real ) DD against the enemy DD and it's ( real ) enemy support Cruiser. It fills a Light Cruiser role with a DD slot......Long and short of it. There is also the thing of failed mechanisms because the conditions they were designed for in game are not met in reality : just like the AP rockets of the German CV line get spoofed by all Cruisers knowing about it at simply not fall victim to it by angling slight toward the rockets - thus a failed mechanism - the new German line is probably supposed to meet a lot of other 25+ mm armoured belt DD in game : and that is not happening as they are unpopular and other DD of that kind extremely rare.
  9. Beastofwar

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    I have yet to see a nerf that is not heavy handed when it comes to CV.........and CV suffered dozens of nerfs since CV rework. There is no class that is more nerfed. Some nerfs partially reversed too though.....so i hope this recent rocket nerf will be softened too. But yes these AP bomb nerfs regularly freak me out......out of 3 attacks only one RNG citadel hit is good for keeping spreadsheets in a certain bandwith, but not for game enjoyabiliy. There are trolls that will say "its you, noob" but these are not even playing these German CV.....which says enough.
  10. Beastofwar

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    Well it is what it is ( has become ) and that is to be considered as a support ship now. Support ships do not carry ( or something went terrible wrong ) The line is not comparible to US or IJN that are simply more flexible and efficient vs all targets. More recent released CV ( lines) do not come like that anymore.
  11. Beastofwar

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    Reserve the AP rockets for when you see camping Cruisers behind islands. Fly around the island and citadel them. Every match has at least 1 or 2 camper Cruisers behind islands. Aternatively you can use them to hit the superstructure of BB for good damage. Do not use them on Cruisers in open water unless they are distracted ( thus by opportunity also ) : this simply does not work anymore as all Cruisers know what German AP rockets do, and "advanced" tactics of forcing enemies to turn to allied AP broadsides does not work anymore either.....as only a very slight angle already spoofs these rockets and all Cruiser players know that by now....The AP rockets also work very well against other CV when aimed at their waterline. ( many have Cruiser type hulls ) Use the torpedoes on Cruisers in open water. Their damage and speed is more fitting to hit them then BB. As you say you can strike at DD of opportunity too, or use them for CV self defence. Use the AP bombs on German and Japanese BB, release early/high ( releasing at the bottom of a dive works against chance on a citadel on BB ) Or as weapon of desperation on any BB. German Cv are hard work to rack up damage, and they have less stopping power vs DD and BB as they are designed to be efficient fighting Cruisers but can rack up good damage/score and kill low HP targets fine. Lots of elitists players do not want to play them as they kill full HP targets less easy ( carry matches all on their own ) but as a support type of ship ( lots are in game ) they are perfectly fine. This is your playstyle in german Tech tree CV : a bird of opportunity....not pure power I agree though that their main attractive points : AP rockets ( much too rigid penetration angles + Cruiser players mass angling against it ) and AP bombs ( nerfed to hell ) took the shine off them not long after their festive relaease. WG does that often.
  12. In Bronze league randoms campers are still learning their usual behaviour does not work in small maps with lots of islands and only 7 enemies. But i noticed after 3 sprints remaining in silver league these players still reached ( lower ) silver league too, leanring nothing at all. DD, Cruisers and CV in silver league are ususally working together quite nice. The big oofing idiots are really camper-type BB there. But that is really about the player in it, not the ships. CQC type BB and Cruisers usually do very well in ranked though. It is the one PvP mode you can enjoy their characteristics ( secondaries and torpedoes ) Beacuse of the small maps everything is closer and you should fight closer. There are also more islands then is usual in randoms. These are supposed to be used to agressively flank, encircle or surprise enemies at very short ranges. They work against long range camping by providing ample cover. In ranked holding caps is everything.
  13. Beastofwar

    Why don't CVs fight CVs?

    If only DD were that stupid that leading ahead would be enough......but using A or D key after a CV players loses control of his squadorn ( who thought this up ?!? ) guarantees a RNG result, just like dropping nerfed to hell AP bombs that will never hit where you aim them. That is i guess the whole point : more and more player skill is taken away and replaced for a RNG outcome, as this is certain to lower DPM in spreadsheets. And your previously DD snuffing buddies in CV suffer this the most, but will never admit it as they can't handle losing face. I know they are killing BB and Cruisrs like maniacss too, as their stats do not drop at all.....which they would if they were still attacking DD 100 % statistically guaranteed. I can lead whatever plane tumbeling through the air in a dogfight in all dimension axles in other games fine thank you......but those games does not take away my controls for 3-5 seconds when i press fire...ofcourse your target will escape then
  14. Beastofwar

    Why don't CVs fight CVs?

    Enjoy it while you can Europizza......it can't last....it is nature you know....
  15. Beastofwar

    Naval Battles

    Cool...dind't know that is possible too. I guess that is logical for larger clans and/or getting higher on the score ladder.