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  1. Beastofwar


    If you are into cruisers that ship does well much more easily The Roma requires more effort and opertunity to get satisfying results from.
  2. Beastofwar

    Poll - CV, yes or no?

    Agree.. And there are so many potential fun options like a 4th squadron of dedicated fast recon planes, removing shared fleet spotting for strike aircraft that "solve" general complaints. But i think BB and Cruiser players underestimete how much mechanics change if they cannot see the enemy for minutes.....let alone if their DD get blapped. ( cap exploders ) BB/Cruiser player after spotting was removed from CV : "boohooo my damage has been falling to under 50 % of what i used to do since this baaaad patch !!! Give us the spotting baaaack !!" I mean by that BB's and Cruisers want to be concealed ( and hate CV for not being able to ) but want the enemy to be spotted ( not concealed ) so they can shoot them. That is pretty warped thinking.
  3. Beastofwar

    bb players migrating to cvs? (edt.)

    No, to make enemy BB's turn away from DD('s) that have lauched salvo's of potential devastating torpedo is in fact helping the enemy team win. There is no real excuse for it either as from up there you have a much better overview of the things going on below. The thing is your own aerial torpedo's as CV do not come anywhere close to the damage a ship-borne torpedo will do. Even if you make allied torpedo's miss and hitting yourself you did screw your team if you did not actually kill the target. And with CV torpedo's that chance is considerable.
  4. Beastofwar

    bb players migrating to cvs? (edt.)

    I completly agree......i really hate that in DD too and it is one of the things i avoid doing in CV. And it works against you as DD torps hit far harder then much nerfed CV torpedo's .......you may lose matches not taking out that target that could have just exploded there and then.
  5. Beastofwar

    bb players migrating to cvs? (edt.)

    I had changed it in "equally" alredy but you bet me to it quoting it. I saw in Fourteeth Season Ranked the role of a DD was of the highest value ( continous spotting vs on-and off spotting of the CV flying off after dropped load/most spotting fighter consumables are instantly shot by long range AA and enemy CV) as if the DD was killed all the Cruisers and BB were in fact blinded.....and almost always lost the match for that fact. The presence of CV was not a winning factor there although they can obviously spot too but not as continuous or sneaky ( invisible ) as DD. Who could see who ( for the most minutes ) was and the DD is/was crucial in that. Obvious to say at that level there are few cap exploding clueless DD players......
  6. Beastofwar

    bb players migrating to cvs? (edt.)

    I think "bad" players have equal effects on their team in a DD or a CV. But then again the amount cap exploding DD players ( "bad players" not contributing to a win ) dwarfs the amount of long living, influential and smart playing DD players actally spotting continuously for the team and sinking ships of their own. I do not say exploding in a cap means you are a bad DD player....but it is so easily done with the wrong kind of DD and if it happens obviously too few skills fighting that way. Masses of players think speeding to a cap - in any type DD - is the only way. Such players you can miss in DD what ?
  7. Beastofwar

    bb players migrating to cvs? (edt.)

    Which regularly come here complaining about bad teammates too......why would they not be obessed with stats they have yet to aquire ? And why would you not want ships that make you perform less bad they you should ? Talking about premium/steel ships here, not CV in generala syou still need CV skills for them or you fare bad too.
  8. Beastofwar

    bb players migrating to cvs? (edt.)

    Players that play for stats are drawn to the highest WR /damage dealing ships, not matter what type. Is that new ? I mean in Formula 1 racing the best riders get the best materials - engines and tires - .....the lesser riders really have no chance of winning. They only can work their way up. Here you can at least buy yourself into the best materials, WG created the game around that....and then have to make them perform ( ~ 50 k average player base damage of Enterprise comes to mind )
  9. Beastofwar

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    It sets fires El2aZer.....nuff said.
  10. Beastofwar

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    I agree completely....When you demand a ship makes you perform extremly higher then the average stats of the player base it is your own problem......a problem for 2 % of the players ? Not a problem at all. The Enterprise is at ~50 k damage for the average player base......should all these players complain that ship is "just bad" because they cannot get 120 k damage in it ???? Those average players are a lot more players then 2 %. Should all these masses that got a ""bad buy" if all they want it to break damage records complain about the stat-indicating "bad Enterprise" ??
  11. Beastofwar

    Fire starting

    Setting multiple BB on fire - when they present themselves to be able do that ofc - is what stacks your damage to the higher regions. These are just multiple DOT's that stack simultaniously. What is probably meant by "bad play style" is you should not fire your guns continously......that attracts counter fire. When you are cool and watching your targets ( are they using Damage Control Party and are on immunity CD but after that also Damage Control Party CD so they cannot extinguish more fires ? Do they keep the fire burning ? Are there any not burning spots ? Will they counter fire me ? ) you can do more damage ( over time ) then causing a raging firestorm of arcy shells.......that enrages enemies that want to kill you with priority. ( flamethrower soldiers got a very bad treatment when captured in real wars.....you have essentially the same effect on enemies ) That said you can chase away enemies by a raging storm of arcy shells too, as many BB fear to burn....can be profitable to chase them away from caps for your team....or counter productive as they flee from your range. ( and arcy shells do not help at max range either )
  12. Beastofwar

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    Not for CV with planes with lower HP and high speed. They can fly anywhere really fast but cannot fly into concentrations of AA. Long range guns BB and Supercruisers can hit the enemy almost everwhere too.....ofcourse they are worth sinking because they can blap ships with 1 (lucky ) strike form the back of maps. That is why players camp to start with.....only thing preventing that is WG forcing them to close by limiting gun range/accuracy which they have in selected lines/ships.
  13. Beastofwar

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    These planes are VERY fast....why not strike the juicy isolated from concentrated allied AA BB in the back ? Well because in randoms many players are less experienced then you.....even in T10 ranked most CV are shot mid game. Smaller maps influenced that ofc. And...Indomitable functions bad with conceament mod.......you will run with depleted squadrons very fast.
  14. Beastofwar

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    Maybe if a BB sits in the back less it won't be burned for that long/often ? At some point your repair parties run out.....you only delay sinking that way. Breaking through the lines killing that CV with shell fire might actually give better survival rates - against random teams in random matches - then being burned to death over a long time....i agree this does require team coordination and that is often lacking in randoms...that is what makes them frustrating... "up, up, and at the enemy !"
  15. Beastofwar

    Indomitable in the shop

    Hybrid ? As in Monaghan DD ? You can have a ship that with a few clicks in it's upgrades turns from a BB/Cruiser into a CV and back just the same way.