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  1. trucane

    Gold to doubloons?

    Makes no sense not to use gold in this game as well. Why should I have to log onto world of tanks just to buy premium for my warships? Why can't I use the gold I have on my account to directly buy the premium from warships if the premium works for all 3 games?
  2. trucane

    Huge problems with Aircraft carriers

    Of course the upgrades should matter but if you compare things with other ships you would realize that the fighters get insanely much stronger for every upgrade. Also fighters are the only thing that can effectively stop other aircraft since airplanes can always stay away from the most dangerous AA ships but can do little against fighters since they are fast and can catch up to them. At the moment a Carrier becomes almost useless when up against a higher tier carrier since he can bully you around all day long, sure you can sacrifice your fighters to allow your bombers to drop their payload but that only works two times then you are out of fighters
  3. As I have been mostly playing aircraft carriers so far in the CBT I feel that despite the fun I'm having there is one huge problem that I just have to point out. The scaling of the aircraft. Any CV player should be able to agree that anytime you go up against a higher tier carrier your fighters will become absolutely garbage. Why is it that the difference between 1 tier matters so much when it comes to fighters? It's not uncommon to see a 100% increase in effective power (Damage + Survivability) and it's not uncommon to lose a whole squadron while only killing a single of the enemies planes who are just from a single tier higher carrier. Thoughts about this and what can be done? Making lower tier fighters slightly stronger?
  4. trucane

    more diverse weather?

    I would also like to see something like that
  5. trucane

    Dive Bombers and Torp Bombers

    Problem with Dive bombers it the super low damage. Have anyone ever being close to even hit for the full damage value? Also has anyone ever hit with all 6 bombs? My best is 4 hits and that rarely does any damage anyway. It's sad to see that during a whole game my dive bomber squad usually deals less damage than a single torpedo hit
  6. trucane

    Dive Bombers and Torp Bombers

    Well the dive bombers have faster service times and more reliable damage but I kinda agree, torpedoes are just much better especially as they get exponentially stronger the more you have as it becomes harder to dodge 2+ waves of torpedoes than one
  7. trucane

    Where to shoot with which ammo?

    I'm almost certain that a loading screen told me to use HE on superstructure and AP on guns and torpedo tubes. Shouldn't it be the other way around?