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  1. xCaptainObviousx

    How short is your attention span?

    Game played: 1833 Most played ship: Warspite (128 games), Furutaka (95 games) and Dunkerque( 83 games) # of ships played: 91 Games played/ship: 20.1 You could say I grow tired of individual ships pretty quickly
  2. xCaptainObviousx

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    The delay was about 15 sec; there is no way in hell the Mahan made a maneuver in 10 seconds that allowed it to fire it's remaining launcher and then resume it's old course. Keep in mind that this was the Mahan in the final wave, the one that blindly charges the base no matter what you do.
  3. xCaptainObviousx

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    Mahan and Nicholas at 7 km and closing: dodge 6 from the Nicholas, dodge 8 from the Mahan, line up to fire.... and get hit by 4 more torps from the Mahan that's been sailing in a straight line the entire time and in no way had time to reload.
  4. xCaptainObviousx

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    But it can only use 2 launchers on the same side, the bots still manage to launch all 3 without turning.
  5. xCaptainObviousx

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    If I'm not mistaken an unlisted change is that the bots now use 19 point captains with relevant skills, so all the 152 mm armed cruisers now run IFHE and the DDs have CE
  6. xCaptainObviousx

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    I know you're joking but I used to (try to) provide a lot of feedback in the beta so I kinda racked up a lot of posts back then. My issue is that I burn out on playing ships after about 100 battles so my captains never reach 19 pts before I switch to another line/nation
  7. xCaptainObviousx

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    I have none, 5 captains at 14 pts but nothing better. I guess I need to spam more flags and camos
  8. xCaptainObviousx

    graf spee hsf missions

    Yes, the Graf Spee and the HSF Graf Spee are two different ships. They have identical stats so you can own both and not have to worry about the ship being stuck in a battle.
  9. xCaptainObviousx

    Bath Tub Map Ships

    I think it was a stab at a certain part of the community, just like the inoperable sub we got this year. (also, it was just one of the Smith's single launchers mounted inside the hull model)
  10. xCaptainObviousx

    Bath Tub Map Ships

    And the best part of those ships? They had a submerged torpedo tube in the bow that actually worked.
  11. xCaptainObviousx

    What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with?

    I'd say the Giulio Cesare. It's fast enough not to get left behind and it's agile enough to go where you want it. It's squishy but gives you every tool to stay safe (and may or may not be slightly OP) For cruisers I'd go for the Graf Spee. It's slow without being clumsy and packs a real punch versus both cruisers and BBs, not to mention it lets you get back into stealth between volleys without losing a lot of effective DpM. (Runner up: Emile Bertin. Who needs speed boost when you do 40 kts with the flag alone and those guns have incredible dispersion)
  12. xCaptainObviousx

    How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    It's not specific to the WGGC, it's just that I suddenly have more "game center" programs than I have actual games. The point of having a "game center" app is to gather all your games in one place but now every single publisher is making their own one that they shove down your throat.
  13. xCaptainObviousx

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Some days it's just not meant to be.
  14. 15x Halloween camo Blade perma camo 75 Sierra Mike flags. Even though I don't play the Wakatake I think that camo is the best looking one so I'll just keep it as a port queen, just like the Albany.
  15. xCaptainObviousx

    The "Giulio Cesare" is in "Premium" shop!

    Nope, I enabled them right after this. The end was so intense: I had 1500 hp left vs 2 carriers with an unknown number of planes remaining. With 2:30 remaining I spotted the first carrier sitting broadside 12 km away, I fired and got one citadel hit on him before our surviving CV recalled his planes for rearming and he went unspotted so I trundled towards the last known location and found... the other carrier instead. He ran behind an island just before I could get my guns on him so I followed and caught up to him with 45 sec left. I fired at him and got a great hit, bringing him down to 5.6k hp, I couldn't bring my rear gun turrets on him for the next volley so I fired with my front turrets and did about 3k dmg, realize that 12 sec isn't enough to reload so I turn and beach myself to get the rear turrets on target. I just manage to fire before the traverse arc ran out and the shells landed on him for about 2k dmg JUST as the timer hit 00 and we lost with 450 to 500 pts. EDIT: And for all you guys struggling with getting 1600 base xp... EDIT2: Shoutout to our Bogue player who saved me from pretty much all torpedo drops in the 2nd half of this battle, 32 plane kills with the 1/1/1 loadout.