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  1. Mudzahid

    AA defense on ships

    Hi guys, just played a game in my brand new independence. I send my torpedo bombers againts a fuso i think. After they were closing the distance to the BB they evaporated. I know that AA defense is precisely for that but isn`t a little too much. After that experience i only was near any enemy ships and the AA wrecked my planes. I don`t want to sound like another guy whining about the game balance. (i think the torpedos are ok ) How is your experience?
  2. Mudzahid

    The Russian fleet ?

    I read somewhere on this forum that they will.
  3. Mudzahid

    smoke screen display glitch

    Yes happened to me also. The whole spotting mechanic is little wierd if you ask me.
  4. Mudzahid

    Scouts from Cruisers question

    Thats a valuable information.
  5. Mudzahid

    The problem with this game is...

    I don`t think RNG is over the top just this isn`t WOT. It`s maybe the same genre but a different game. Ships aren`t tanks. I had games where i was one shoted but there where i has done the one shoting. Every time i`ve got one shoted i knew what i did wrong to deserve such a fate.
  6. Mudzahid

    Ship Physics

    I read that the physics is implemented in this game. I was fighting in my BB. Destroyed some ships, after that i went for a ramming course on a nearby enemy BB because i had low HP. When i was 5-10 meters from the enemy ship i was destroyed and in that instant my speed dropped from 35 knots to zero. Thats seems a little unphysical to me.
  7. Mudzahid

    Battleships underpowered and torpedoes OP

    The one thing that no one metioned here that this game is a cooperative game. This means if your cruisers let a destroyer to your battleship or if you go alone to the side of the map where you are alone then you are gonna have a bad time. Also this isn`t world of tanks where if you do a bad decision you can live to tell about it. I played a game where there was only 1 enemy destroyer and we had 4 battleships and we lose because the destroyer capped. The torpedos damage is ok. Just learn your role and think thats all.
  8. Mudzahid

    Smoke screen mechanics

    In battle i was in my St. Louis cruiser fighting a destroyer the distance between us was 1,5 km. Then he used smoke screen. After that i didn`t see him at all but all his teammates could see me. Also the destroyer could see me and all his shots landed with pinpoint accuracy on my ship even when i changed the course. Isn`t this a little OP? How actually the smoke screen mechanics work? Was that only a coincidence?