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  1. indycar

    Yankee go home! CV players indeed!

    stop being parked at the border/corner
  2. indycar

    Shell splashes

    dont have time to check the PTS. pics or gifs would help
  3. indycar

    Großer Kurfürst secondary build question

    take your secondary build and cry when cvs attack you :D
  4. if swastika is offensive im offended by HSF and other abbrevivations as well. you cant erase the past you can only forget it. im not saying that ppl under that banner were good or bad
  5. Spieler indycar ist nicht stolz auf seine Statistiken und hat seinen Account als privat markiert. User indycar has marked his account as private i see some german conspiracy and yes my stats are hidden und ich bin nich stoltz auf meine stats they are dropping down rapidly from 60%+
  6. indycar

    The most BS citadel that made me ragesell the CM

    160+ ping solves the problem
  7. indycar

    DON'T trust the auto pilot

    disable those warnings because even it drags you into an island and if u notice in time you still have to wait for the rudder to change direction
  8. indycar

    A BB with radar was a great idea, right guys?

    only 3 per side you were lucky
  9. indycar

    Idea: Captain skills

    hmmm interesting idea. i saw this kind of skill tree in "unnamed space shooter" it bring a LOT of diversity but also means you have to plan more to get what you want out of your skills.
  10. indycar

    Happy new year...

  11. indycar

    DDs 20sec

    if they would agree to change that i would recomend the gun calibre (inch) x 2 equals time 5" = 10sec 6" = 12 sec 8" = 16 sec 15" = 30 sec 16" = 32 sec 18" = 36 sec examples of the most common gun calibres in game
  12. indycar

    Happy new year...

    happy new year what soes it say in the fine print there
  13. indycar

    Neptune small advices

    dont listen to claw hes a chud o/ claw i had fun in edin just toss out smoke and position urself behind some island near the cap and no dd has a chance to get in there - you arent top dmg dealer this way but rn cls arent ment to be anyway