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  1. _Dunc_

    What Wows was, what to bring back

    Can't remember where I read it, but RPU (revenue per user) is higher on WoWs than it is in WoT. The playerbase is smaller, granted, but where WoT is 4th or 5th largest MMO (or was in 2019), WoWs was still in the top 25 if I remember correctly. Both games are a slow paced shooter, even now, which is a rarity in the games market. In fact, you could argue that as War Thunder is such a mess, WeeGee have cornered the market with slow paced shooters that appeal to older guys (and girls) who can't deal with being pixel-sniped by a 14yr old with the twitch reactions of a rattlesnake. WoWp has never made money, and they outsourced the development, so why on earth its still alive is anyone's guess. WoT has been on a fairly steady trajectory to casual appeal for 3-4 years, along with all of the associated predatory tactics that involves. WoWs, for reasons only known to SerB, has compressed the same amount of change into 12 months. Game was happily plodding along with a stable playerbase for 3 years and then CV rework happens. I know why they did it, and it makes sense, but since then it's been a total car crash of new content, more content, new and convoluted side-quests (research bureau), more content, money grabs, loot box disasters, grind grind grind for special ships (which you still have to pay for), now a skill rework which makes no sense at all. Being generous, WG have a plan for WoWs, and it may involve selling the game to another house - in which case you want to maximise playerbase, and RPU. Hence the push for new content, new players, and new ways to extract money from players. Or being unkind, WG have lost their direction with it - either through poor management, internal politics, or just outright incompetence - and are simply throwing the kitchen sink at it to try and arrest the decline (or milk it as much as they can before it loses critical mass and dies like WoWp did). The probable real outcome of this trajectory is it ends up like War Thunder - a confusing mess of a game, which appeals only to a tiny hardcore playerbase who tolerate both the sharp practice, endless powercreep/inbalances, and riddled with literal P2W content. Casual players need not apply.
  2. _Dunc_

    2020 Results in World of Warships

    2020 Summary; British Heavy Cruisers - dead on arrival. European DDs - initially awesome, but then... Soviet Cruisers - Yay! Stealth radar proliferation, ridiculous armour, insane shell velocity, and less freeboard than most DDs German Carriers - More Orbital Strike joy, because the USN, IJN, and RN lines just weren't enough. Topped off with what was, briefly, the most idiotic CV in game. Until FDR came along to powercreep the powercreep. Odin - a Tier VII BB wedged into Tier VIII because balans US BBs - the perfect solution for the problem of BBs sitting on the map edge trying to support DDs 20km away? Black Armada - WeeGee showing some serious Copy/Pasta flex
  3. _Dunc_

    Lest We Forget — Remembrance Charity Drive

    Yeah, that's the good stuff WG.
  4. _Dunc_

    [POLL] How Will You Use Your Coupon?

    Plymouth, because I get a perverse pleasure out of playing hipster-awful British cruisers, and the Belfast '43 has prepared me for the disappointment. Could go for Somers, but as I've already got 500 games in the Benham I don't think it'd get much use
  5. Legit learned how to unicum from this post. Will +1 you in game if I see you
  6. _Dunc_

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Except when you charge the money that WG do for premium content, people expect a certain level of service both in terms of quality and availability. This isn't some tiny 3-person indy dev working on a shoestring budget on a Beta engine we're talking about here, this is WG, with all the resources SerB's space program can bring to bear on it. And no, for specific bits of the server to go down, which doesn't affect everyone, that's not a hardware/network issue.
  7. _Dunc_

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Nothing available for me either - has been down since yesterday lunchtime when I popped for a game or two. Continued being down yesterday evening for most of my clan mates, although two were able to find people on chat, but had no clan chat. We managed to make a division using the guys who still have a chat server, but only they got a div chat window. So... Armoury and store unavailable Naval battles won't load Clan section won't load Can't create Clan Brawl teams, so we've missed an evening of that It was being discussed on a CC Stream last night, and the streamer had told WG about it on the CC Discord server yesterday morning...
  8. _Dunc_

    Losing streak

    The teams are particularly bad this morning,
  9. _Dunc_

    6 Days till Armory Coupon Refresh

    Plymouth for me, because you can never have too many Belfast clones.
  10. _Dunc_

    take a quick guess

    The meta has shifted again in the last few weeks - teams collapsing within minutes, or one side just running for the map edge. I've noticed in my Benham (most played boat) I'm often struggling to get to my average damage - either I'm chasing damage across the map with clockwork torpedoes, or half my team has died before I've finished the first cap. Tier IX games now taking 6-8 minutes FFS. I think WG have noticed it as well, getting an awful lot more Standard Battles since patch, but even these can end up ending due to points hitting 0 on one team.
  11. _Dunc_


    Damage Over Time boat, which is a problem when most games these days are over within 4 minutes of first engagement.
  12. _Dunc_

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    With the supreme irony it's the only RN BB with reliable AP (with a nod to DoY's improved US pen angles)
  13. They're bleeding players as well now SirFoch had an uninstall party on Twitch yesterday... which given his main income is streaming Tanks then you know there's a problem
  14. bought 10 of each before seeing the video (yeah, I know)... now bearing in mind whilst I've got almost all the premiums, I've not got the last release of Pan-Asian clone ships, or the latest Tier VIIs. 10 small containers - Mikoyan 10 med containers - California in a Super Container 10 large containers - Makarov 7k doubloons, 90 days prem, bunch of camos and flags. So, arguably broke even, but none of those three are ever gonna get played - Tier VII is too broken for California's speed and tragic guns. Makarov - got much more fun stuff to play at VI. Mikoyan - again, got much more enjoyable things to play. So on an emotional level I got fleeced for 7k doubloons and 90 days prem
  15. _Dunc_

    The sheer amount of money WG could make but doesn't

    Well, apart from the fact they nerfed AA bubble because poor little CVs couldn't attack when ships were clustered together, and that was really, really, unfair on CVs. I mean, they could only strike with impunity, spot everything, traverse the map at will, have limitless plane respawns, and get a two and half minute window to carry on spotting or striking after they've died. The fact they couldn't just derp into a group of AA cruisers was severely limiting their usefulness.