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  1. Thing with WoWs and WoT is that team games are mostly decided by FC - be it setup, tactics, reacting, etc. Individual player skill isn't really a thing because they're all pretty much on the same high level. Now whilst those of us who have played CW in boats or tanks can appreciate the FC element, if you've not done that before watching something like KotS isn't much different from a normal random. On top of that, you don't really get to see individual player skill such as perfect angling or bow tanking, or whatever because it's always a helicopter view flicking about because the interesting bit usually involves a lot of stuff happening simultaneously. So, for a casual/passing viewer, the game seems to be a load of tiny boats doing not very much on a really big map whilst apparently firing the same bullets at each other. There's no spells, force fields, snake like twitch reactions, clutch kills, dragons, tactical nukes, or anything else. Like tanks, the game just doesn't lend itself to eSports viewing unless you understand the game already. Even when something has the potential, it quickly turns into a mechanics abuse fest. I remember years ago War Thunder trying it with planes in a 1 v 1 format - every game was just two planes just flying in an ever decreasing circle with flaps and gear down on the edge of stalling until one got a shot in - the only skill was knowing how to play right on the edge of the flight mechanics. It was really dull...
  2. _Dunc_

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    Yep. Last night in Alaska. Broadside Hindi at approx 8km. First salvo hit but didn't do a lot, adjusted slightly and missed completely - fell approx halfway between us, so not a dispersion issue. ETA - again. Missouri, firing at broadside Room about 9km away, the whole salvo drops 2km short.
  3. _Dunc_

    Exeter Missions

    Bit Grindy, but nothing too challenging. Part 2 with the Japanese boats was entirely in Coop Part 3 - 100k fire damage was two games in the DoY on randoms. 20 Torp hits took a couple of games in Gallant and Cossack. 1000 main battery hits is a bit of slog, but just means playing Belfast over and over. 20 kills I expect I'll go back to DD in Coop.
  4. _Dunc_


    Co-Op is useful for trying out new boats, different builds, and experimenting with AP v HE, etc. Given how random Randoms are, not sure they're good for practicing anything except facepalming and pinging the minimap
  5. _Dunc_

    Yubari build?

    Weird. I'll give it another go at some point today then
  6. _Dunc_

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    1. Can't remember 2. Can't remember 3. As above 4. Not here either 5. Exeter 6. Tricky - love the Perth, DeGrasse, and Aosta equally. 7. Belfast 8. Wichita 9. Krohnstadt 10. Minotaur
  7. _Dunc_

    Yubari build?

    Honestly, spend the money on something else. I've run full AA build and spent the whole game being hassled by a stock Tier IV CV and shot down zero planes. Then someone on the opposite side shoots at you, like a Tier III DD, and that's the end of you.
  8. Just got the Implacable. Don't worry about not getting it - it's good only for the coal and week's premium. It might be alright in Tier VI games, but at Tier X it is weak... possibly worse even than my Saipan.
  9. _Dunc_

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    I'd say the economy is skewed in favour of players, and I think WG have resorted to Alaska/Mushy/Mo/Nelson/Kron as the FXP sinks. It's further compounded by the fact that whilst there are rubbish boats, there isn't really any real stinkers like you get in tanks which cause you to open your wallet or FXP bank out of frustration or boredom. And, as previously mentioned, in any grind game you can simply fail your way to endgame - it makes little difference whether you make it a 2000 game grind, or a 20 game.
  10. _Dunc_

    LWM Exeter review

    Yeah, mine is a Dunkirk brother. The best games I've had in Exeter have been where I've been ignored and been able to flank properly, use torps, and swap ammo choices. However, due to the fact it's the size of a Leander, if not taller, it only takes one BB to be paying attention (or you mistake his intentions) and it's back to port.
  11. _Dunc_

    LWM Exeter review

    Have Exeter, playing with 18pt Belfast captain with demo expert. I wouldn't call it OP - it's far too much hard work to be called OP. It's strong, but situational, and require a lot of concentration and RNG. The main issue with it is the long reload - hunting DDs is very risky, other cruisers just out DPM you, and both HE and AP shatter to easily on BBs.
  12. Yes, perfectly happy for Belfast to be balanced sympathetically to keep it useful in meta and keep the game balanced for everyone. Problem is that WG can't balance for toffee... Demanding refunds because it's being nerfed is daft. Should I demand money back on Hood because the sigma buff makes it not the thing I bought? That's the issue here - buffing premiums to keep them relevant is okay, but nerfing premiums to limit their perceived strength to keep other boats relevant is wrong? By the extension of that logic, should I demand a refund on Boise because Belfast wasn't nerfed and therefore Boise is irrelevant due to meta shift? Indeed, why haven't you demanded a refund on Belfast already due to the radar changes being effectively a nerf? Why didn't you demand a refund when the smoke detection mechanic changed?
  13. As the owner of all the premiums, in principal I've got no issue with rebalancing things like the Belfast. My problem is that WG can't balance anything. They've never been able to do it. Recent examples; Exeter - a tier 6 CA nerfed into the floor to make it fit into tier 5 Stalingrad - is balanced like Object 268-4, comrade. No nerfs for you. Vanguard - citadel nerf because literally nobody was complaining about hordes of OP Vanguards clogging up tier 8 tanking things side on. CVs. Based on previous performance, Belfast is likely to lose its smoke, radar, and HE, and end up at Tier IX with 15km detection.
  14. _Dunc_

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    In the interests of balance, today I played Vanguard, Roma, Gascan, and Alabamuh. Remembered why it stays in port - the size and agility of the Alabama, overpens everything, and 18km range. Hard work.
  15. _Dunc_

    FPS drops

    I think the only way to really isolate this is in a training room with a couple of CVs, DDs, fires, smoke, etc. Then keep adding events like torps in the water, planes in the air, etc, until the FPS plummets.