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  1. _Dunc_

    Your Puerto Rico impressions

    It's a pretty good package... Apart from the inexplicable Montana dispersion... And the reload that's longer than the Alaska because reasons... And the rear gun angles being so limited that when nose in you can only use the front turrets (see points above) I'd be livid if I'd spent £250 on it when it came out
  2. _Dunc_

    How to spend 1,000,000 fxp; Need some advice.

    Friesland is really hard work. Alaska was a bit dull until Puerto Rico, now you can nose in against PRs and out DPM them
  3. 200 euros for a ship(s) that'll be on general release in 4 weeks time. I'd love to know what WeeGee's marketing team are smoking, but it's something gud
  4. _Dunc_

    Is the Puerto Rico gonna

    He's right. In a head-on short range brawl, Alaska will out DPM its big brother. Which is one of the bigger issues with PR - the rear firing angles aren't great, so if you're nose-in, you're worse than an Alaska.
  5. _Dunc_

    battleships with worthless secondaries secondaries

    My full secondarymong build YoloGeorgia endorses this thread.
  6. ^^^ Actually reinstalled the game that must not be mentioned on the weekend. Still utterly broken above starter tiers. It's looks beautiful, and the fundamental mechanics are very good, just no balance at all. Gaijin have wasted all the promise that game had, and actually manage to make WG look like a model of player engagement... Also, you think WeeGee have a hard-on for premiums? The number in WT is staggering.
  7. _Dunc_

    Is the Puerto Rico gonna

    That wouldn't necessarily be an incorrect assumption. My main issue is the derpy guns - as I said above, they seem to operate at extremes, depending on what RNGesus feels like giving you. Also, Alaska is 17 sec reload... PR is 22?!?
  8. _Dunc_

    Is the Puerto Rico gonna

    I think you got a buffed one then? It's the guns which let it down... they're just so derpy; either godlike accuracy, or Missouri dispersion. Either they all bounce or shatter, or they all penetrate. It's not Yubari terrible, but so far I put it down with the Roma and Vanguard as 'could be useful if WeeGee had given guns which work reliably'. Props for your average damage though
  9. _Dunc_

    Is the Puerto Rico gonna

    I'm a collector/whale, and having just played my first game in the PR, all I can say is.... I'd be absolutely furious if I'd paid more than the first two doubloon boosters for it. It's bad. Really bad..
  10. _Dunc_

    Mass reporting resulting in chat ban

    Things you get reported for in this game; - Playing Smolensk - Playing CV - Playing Puerto Rico - Playing Belfast - Insta-killing someone with a wall of angry triangles (Asashio, Benham etc) - asking for help - not asking for help - Rushing mid channel on Two Brothers - citadelling a broadsiding BB - insta-gibbing a broadsiding cruiser - having radar - not having radar - HE spamming people in an HE spamming ship (French cruisers, British BBs, etc) - lurking behind rocks in American CLs - not lurking behind rocks in American CLs - Asking team to use your minimap - camping at the back in your brawler BB - camping at the back in your sniper BB On and on it goes.
  11. _Dunc_

    WG clearly dont get role of CV in naval warfare

    Well, we could hope that the introduction of Subs brings us the Mosquito Tsetse
  12. The In-game economy doesn't drive a need to L2P. As an experiment, I'm grinding the Balti with max XP signals and camo. FXP'd the two modules. 4 games played so far, halfway to Buffalo....
  13. _Dunc_

    Tons of Coal with nothing to spend it on..

    Sssshhhh, or they'll all want one
  14. _Dunc_

    Tons of Coal with nothing to spend it on..

    Yeah, that got me last Christmas. That little jingly tune you hear signalling a super container. I did end up with basically everything though...
  15. _Dunc_

    Tons of Coal with nothing to spend it on..

    You're not missing a great deal mate. Kami is just a Fujin GC is filthy, but considerably less filthy than the Imperator Nikolai (which is mostly a Okt Rev one tier lower and no superstructure to burn), and lacks MaccyD camo scheme Gremy isn't the OP monster everyone (Zathos mainly) seems to think it is. It's alright, but nothing amazing.