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  1. Steven Seagal

    Well, at least they changed it so that you can now dismiss him.
  2. Ashitaka is back, time to get?

    Normandie is tier 6 afaik, Lyon is tier 7. And according to that site, the Ashitaka actually has slightly better penetration than the Lyon, and vastly better sigma. Better firing arcs too I think, if you're into that.
  3. Ashitaka is back, time to get?

    Well, if it helps, I like the Type 5 Chi-Ri.
  4. Waterline discussion

    Oh! I know! They could implement a liberal dose of quick-time events for that. (Joke guys, a joke; QTE's are rubbish.)
  5. Waterline discussion

    Right, I'll go watch it then. Thanks for the quick reply.
  6. Waterline discussion

    So what's the difference in content between the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of that vid? CBA to rewatch 1.1 just to see what's different.
  7. Ashitaka is back, time to get?

    Just noticed that the Ashitaka is back in the store again for €30,60 (local values may vary), and I had missed her the first time around due to sitting too much on the fence about her AP shells. Now, several months have passed and she's up for sale again, so I'd like to hear some opinions from those who've played her a fair deal. Would you recommend getting her in general? " " for co-op/operations? " " if you love IJN BBs? Not going to ask for randoms, and even less for ranked I suppose, due to those AP shells she shares with Mutsu. Well, maybe ranked is more suited to it than randoms since you won't see higher tiers.
  8. 30% coupon as a middle finger

    Exactly what I was planning on doing for my next 30% off coupon. Hopefully the one I'll get for my account existing for 7 years on WoT is a universal code instead of just a WoT-specific one, since I'd dearly love to get my hands on the Musashi. Used it recently on WoT to get gold to use in WoWP btw; should get me two premium planes there for a total of 50% combined discount.
  9. Steven Seagal

    Amazing or not, I don't play murikan ships. Even some polish immigrant would be of more use to me.
  10. Steven Seagal

    Stuck indeed since you still cannot dismiss him.
  11. Bring back arp to wows

    Could definitely do with more of them. And for the whiners who don't like them; turn them off in port so you don't have to see them; its there for a reason.
  12. Tier 10 Destroyers and Anti-Ship Guided Missiles

    Can my yamato have a wave motion cannon then?
  13. I really fancy that Sakura Wheel, gj Shchors for making it.
  14. stuck on island

    Pretty darn impressive to manage something like that. I rarely find myself beached to begin with, and I honestly can't remember the last time I even got stuck like that. Still though, I don't think that WG should implement a fix for special snowflakes like that.
  15. Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    Ran into a bot earlier today while playing Killer Whale. A budy just sailed to where the support ships are and sat there for the rest of the match. Name was a random combination of letters and numbers as well. He got a report from me.