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  1. Ise the BBV in Blitz

    Afaik, neither Fusou nor Yamashiro were converted into BBVs, only Ise and Hyuuga. You do make a point for Mogami though, although I feel it might be better as an alternate line instead to keep the gameplay "pure" for a given branch. Which would cause an issue, since what I gather from a quick search, of the four Mogami-class ships, only Mogami herself was converted into an CAV; which would mandate renaming her to avoid duplicate names in the techtree. Although that is probably only a very minor issue.
  2. Battlecruisers for collectors and all other players

    Which is why I specified IJN, not ARP. ;) And I meant as its refitted form (1944?) rather than what we have in the game as the Kongou.
  3. Battlecruisers for collectors and all other players

    Well, the Number 13-class is technically a Battlecruiser right? I'd enjoy having one. And there's something to be said about having the IJN Haruna as a... what was it again? Tier 6? 7? Premium. Or even as a techtree ship in an alternate BB branch. Also Design 1047 might be nice.
  4. Ise the BBV in Blitz

    So it turns out that the team working on World of Warships Blitz has managed to find a way to make the hybrid BB/CV (BBV) Ise work. Which makes me wonder why the team working on the regular version of WoWS never tried this. Additionally, given the upcoming CV rework, I wonder if the chance of seeing Ise (and other BBVs) is completely off the board or not. Or if it is still on the board, I wonder how they'd go about implementing it.
  5. Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    I finally managed to FreeXP mine last night.
  6. Reddit on spot, again: Why no italian Dasha?

    What about a Siemka Perova?
  7. I always try to use the maximum angle possible when firing off a salvo. Basically an Amagi Wiggle but with the Nagato. Should be decent practise for when you do get the Amagi. Think the same applies for most battlecruisers and fast battleships. The downside for some of other nations, however, are the poorer firing angles exposing your broadside too much. Also, aren't the training rooms now in the vanilla client? Maybe try a couple of rounds in there to get the hang of the ballistic dynamics.
  8. 1:35 conversion question...

    Can't wait for it to happen; my wallet is ready.
  9. Rightful Heir to the Cleveland in Operations?

    Now, this might be a bit pragmatic as an answer, but bear with me: Armour? Check. Dakka? Check. AA? Check. Massive Pagoda? Double Check.
  10. Is the stock Fuso crap or is it just me?

    I'm considering to buy it. Knowing WG, it'll suck hard for the first ¾ of a year it is released, then get buffed to usable levels like they did with the Ashitaka.
  11. Operation Narai

    So how would you guys rate the Ashitaka for this operation? I tried it once with mine with very decent results (first place by base exp on a 5-star victory). And that was the first time I tried the reworked operation at it.
  12. More anime commanders

    If you can't say anything positive to contribute to the thread, then don't post at all. And you want to know something? There's plenty of western cartoons that are just as bad.
  13. How about this guy as savyet captain? Ей, ухнем~
  14. Summer Sale Ships's 50% off

    Seeing as I already own this ship, would it be worthwhile buying it a second time to get its value (-300) in doubloons? By my own estimation, it would be around 9200 doubloons plus the port slot (worth 300), since 9500 doubloons matches the regular price. *edit* Nevermind, read the store page a bit more closely and buying this offer only gets you 4600 doubloons instead. So no abusing the system to get discounted doubloons this way.
  15. How about a Cuck NotThis instead?