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  1. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    2: Mikasa 3: Kawachi 4: Ishizuchi 5: Kongou-shimai 6: Mutsu 7: Ashitaka 8: Kii 9: Musashi 10: Don't have yet. #JapaneseBias #YellowLivesMatterMore
  2. Wait... Russian BBs getting nerfed? What sorcery is this?
  3. Nishi_Kinuyo

    im having a wierd resolution issue.

    Why is the borderless windowed set to 0×0 pixels?
  4. And Azunyan changes: Improved repair, returned hydro, and nerfed accuracy. Somehow, I don't think the accuracy nerf was unexpected.
  5. Personally I first thought of: Also, got reasons to build up both free exp and coal now. Nippon Daiichi!
  6. Nishi_Kinuyo


    New Jerky? No thanks, I prefer Borts.
  7. Sister ships at different tiers? What on earth could he be on about. No such thing ever happens in WoWS. Nagato-Mutsu Amagi-Ashitaka Yamato-Musashi ...
  8. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Plot twist: WoWs staff is paid by Gaijin...

    I'm sorry, but please show me how I can play my Kongou in WT. Or any other BB for that matter. Because WT doesn't have any of the sort yet. Your thread is invalid.
  9. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Server Status & Login Status

    Worked fine for me a few hours ago.
  10. Buying lootboxes without the guarantee of getting at least your money's worth (e,g. with WoT's or WoWP's boxes).
  11. Remember Guilio though? I mean, didn't that one start off with cruiser-like dispersion and had it nerfed before release? Maybe the same'll apply to the savyet BBs.
  12. So what remains good for Azunyan then? Just the accuracy? Haven't really been informed well on it, but according to the "official" wiki, Alaska gets Hydro and Radar, with WG now citing Azunyan's Hydro removal as being due to DDs being their bane but no similar announcement for Alaska? I hope that both the wiki and I are misinformed on this part though, because otherwise it just feels like a kick in the nuts. On the odd chance that I was well-informed, at least give Azunyan those torps she was designed with darnit. Make her unique instead of generic.
  13. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Help Me Decide! - Bismarck or Amagi

    Pretty much, yeah. It was in dry-dock after the Washington Naval Treaty to be converted to a carrier. And was still there when the earthquake happened (8.2 on richter, or so it is believed). Yokosuka Dockyard after the earthquake.
  14. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Help Me Decide! - Bismarck or Amagi

    Thought it'd be obvious, but: Bismarck is a legendary ship, afaik. Legendary for getting crippled by a swordfish. While the Amagi is an actually decent BB. Or should that be BC?
  15. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Help Me Decide! - Bismarck or Amagi

    Do you want to sail around in a legendary ship? Or in an actually decent BB?