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  1. I really fancy that Sakura Wheel, gj Shchors for making it.
  2. stuck on island

    Pretty darn impressive to manage something like that. I rarely find myself beached to begin with, and I honestly can't remember the last time I even got stuck like that. Still though, I don't think that WG should implement a fix for special snowflakes like that.
  3. Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    Ran into a bot earlier today while playing Killer Whale. A budy just sailed to where the support ships are and sat there for the rest of the match. Name was a random combination of letters and numbers as well. He got a report from me.
  4. Operation Killer Whale - collective amnesia?

    Depending on ship and remaining health, a single ship going there should be enough to take both of them out. Did it a couple of time both my Graf Spee and Aoba, to my recollection. The main downside is, of course, the inability to get to the opposite side of the map in time, especially if your "allies" are less than willing to enter the exit grid. Earlier today I suicided on purpose after I killed those two ships just so we'd have enough ships in the exit grid. Almost a pity that team damage is disabled, or it'd be a way to "encourage" those people to move, or sink for the win.
  5. Steven Seagall gone?

    And I still can't dismiss him...
  6. Forum mess (personal problem or?)

    Had the same issue as well. Thanks for finding a temporary fix.
  7. Richelieu - Tier VIII

    I'm wondering though, can Richelieu mount the Engine Boost Modification 1 upgrade? Got one yesterday in a supercontainer, and was wondering if it'd be worthwhile to hang onto it while grinding my way up to it.
  8. Missouri gone for good?

    By current expectations, it'll be at least another year before you might have another try at getting it.
  9. operation Hermes needs rebalance

    If they're so pent up on "historical feeling", then why can you play as allies in Ultimate Frontier? But no, they have to cheat players out of getting a smallish amount of doubloons because of it with this operation. As a casual IJN player, I have to start grinding any of the accepted ship lines all the way from tier 3 up just to do this one operation (or buy a premium).
  10. My short guide to "how to play Battleships"

    Missing two rather important bits: 1: don't sail in a straight line at a constant speed while showing your full broadside to the enemy. 2: don't snipe from maximum range.
  11. Lyon

    No disrespect, but that's no way to play any ship other than a CV. Haven't read up on its sigma, but if its anywhere close to that of the Fusou, then you don't want to fire at long range if at all possible.
  12. Segal's departing

    Glad to be rid of him. Only reason I got him was because it coinsided with those ARP ships which I did want.
  13. Kii needs a buff - petition?

    One has to ask though: used, or used to good effect? On the other hand, an excellent player could possibly even make a mediocre ship work well.
  14. Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    Afaik, that vid just shows that the french sailors/captains are better at playng with balls than at commanding ships.
  15. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Well, there's one reason not to get that package then... As if the huge rangefinder on the Kii wasn't bad enough.