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  1. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Hyuga in the Armory

    And not through the armoury either... Thank you for checking.
  2. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Hyuga in the Armory

    Anybody know if you can buy the Lacquer camo for the Hyuuga with doubloons? Considering to get her, but I'd rather use the doubloons I already have for the camo rather than spending the extra €30.
  3. How many BBabies actually take the torp-spotting module to begin with?
  4. Friendly reminder to please make the post in the interesting info thread readable for people using dark theme, thank you.
  5. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Wrong voice for UK Captain "Hood"

    Ah, that brings back childhood memories. Think I still got some of the toys at my old folk's place. As for Ms. Hood: she's from the Azur Lane collaboration, and would as such speak either Chinese or Japanese (Azur Lane being a Chinese game, but the collab likely being from the Japanese publisher/localisation). Haven't bothered to listen to her voice yet though, since I'm quite happy with Ms Kongou's voice.
  6. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Yahagi in the shop

    So I noticed that she can stealth torp from almost 2½km away. Not sure if this is going to be a thing or not, but its something I guess.
  7. Used my coupon to get the PEF so I got a tier 6 battlecruiser to play with. Haven't regretted it so far.
  8. Nishi_Kinuyo


    Why does your post have a scroll bar for the text?
  9. Just give me more IJN shipgirls. ^_^ Also, I wonder how they'll gimmick the RN CAs. I already read something about zombie heal at high tiers, but I doubt that's going to be it.
  10. For the Coal/Steel/Free-Exp/Reward ships: I'm fine if they get rebalanced when necessary. Agreed, and looking at one of the WoT fansites, they actually have charts showing how a given tank performs on average for each level of player skill. So you can see how a 45% winrate player does in a given tank and how a 65% winrate player does. Which is probably one of the reasons why WG can be a bit slow with balance changes, because they have a fuller picture of each vehicle's performance, when the community only sees a small part of it.
  11. Not that many afaik: Mikasa, Ishizuchi, Mutsu, Ashitaka, Kii, Musashi, Yuubari, Azuma, HSF Graf Spee.
  12. You call nine 356mm cannons at tier 7 a lot? May I remind you that the Kongou has eight of them at tier 5? And the Fusou gets twelve of them at tier 6? Now, if the guns were 406/410mm then yes, nine of them would be a lot at tier 7... ...Until you remember that Ashitaka has ten of them.
  13. Nishi_Kinuyo

    New Ship Line

    Might've been the airplane lifts instead then, along with various means of adapting existing plane designs for use on carriers, including for the Ju87 and Bf109.
  14. Nishi_Kinuyo

    New Ship Line

    Meant in terms of the (steam?) catapults used to launch aircraft from the carriers, and stuff like that.