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  1. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Exactly. Truk Lagoon, Leyte Gulf, etc. where the Yamato barely did a thing, iirc.
  2. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Mighty Jingles is a winner of the Ring Contest

    I read something about more Aobas?
  3. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Time for Type 91 on Mutsu?

    With West Vergina in the game, isn't it time for poor old Mutsu to get better AP shells?
  4. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Beta tester insignia?

    I hope you're happy now.
  5. As others have already pretty much stated: Musashi adds very little gameplay change from the Yamato, but a tier lower, and possibly better credit earnings due to premium camouflage. If you got premium camouflage on your Yamato, then there's basically no reason to get Musashi at all except for collector's or historical value. Jean Bart should be quite a departure from that gameplay, but likely still have good credit earnings due to it too having premium camouflage. And, as stated, you got at least two captains you could train using JB. On the flip side, you got likely a year or more to grind more coal for JB, so there's no rush to get her.
  6. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Beta tester insignia?

    Afaik, it might take a while for the forum to be updated with your new patch since I doubt that it will try to update them every minute but instead at set intervals of time to reduce internet/server load.
  7. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Beta tester insignia?

    I've never participated in any testing outside of the live server, so I doubt it.
  8. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Beta tester insignia?

    Logged in today to find this in my notifications: Got me rather confused since I don't remember being in the beta. Heck, my forum profile doesn't even say that I am, and yet, here it is. Anyone know more about this?
  9. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Giving IJN DDs another go, how to proceed

    Wait... you're saying that I shouldn't launch torpedos from the white line? Is joke, poi.
  10. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Win rate like never before - Player base

    I can quite understand this notion myself. Although to be fair, it is an issue in all three of their games. Still though, who wouldn't want to sail the might Yamato as soon as possible? So yes, bit quilty of this behaviour myself despite the fact that I should know better due to my experiences in WoT. Not doing that horrible myself in my Amagi so far, but low sample size means it doesn't say much either. Which is part of the reason why I've tried going up the KM, UK and MR BB lines, but I don't like those ships very much so far. Too slow and poor turret traverse for my liking. Oh well, at least hacks don't have much influence on the game results due to server-side calculations. So there's at least that.
  11. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Giving IJN DDs another go, how to proceed

    Thank you for your concern, but I already got one of the worst performing tier 10 mediums over at WoT. As for other DD lines, I'm not really interested in nations other than Japan. Going over what's been posted, I think I'll have a go at the torpboat line, since that seems to give a more interesting gameplay difference compared to my BBs, or so I hope. Not that I have much choice with that until higher tiers anyhow. Bit of a rant next: As for new vs. inexperienced: My account is definitely not new, having gotten that 3-year camo award thing lately. However, as painful as it might be to some folks here, Warships isn't my main game, but more something I play occasionally or for shorter periods of time. Same goes for Warplanes. Inexperienced then? Well, due to my lack of battles, I suppose one could call me that. But at least I think I have a reasonable grasp of the game mechanics, which most new and inexperienced players would not have. Guess that there might be a... dissonance between knowing the game mechanics and being able to apply them though. Although with BBs at least, I'm not doing horribly in them. Also, I've had some... issues... with random battles in the past, with teams being far too passive for my liking, and simply not supporting me at all when my BB tries to push a cap. Maxrange HE flinging and such, not exactly the most exhilarating gameplay if you'd ask me.
  12. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Giving IJN DDs another go, how to proceed

    Well, Yuubari is pretty much a destroyer (leader) with a citadel, as WhiteMouse puts it. A bit like Tenryuu in that regard.
  13. Got Yuubari for coal yesterday, played it a few times and had quite some fun, so I decided to give the IJN DDs another go. Ages ago I grinded my way up to the Isokaze before stopping that line, so I'm continuing from there. Got a 3-point captain on her with priority target and last stand. As a BB main, it'll be quite a radical change in gameplay, so I could probably use quite some advice: Both on which branch to go for as well as how to play DDs in general. Tanomu!
  14. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Thank you for the quick reply. Kinda makes me wonder why WG couldn't just post the (dispersion) stats directly in their patch notes though.
  15. Nishi_Kinuyo

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Anyone got some hard stats on the IJN 203mm buffs? I can't seem to find it anywhere.