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  1. Reyte

    Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    Wows is full of rng, and here you are complaining about rng. It was obvious fron the start that teams who would get the highest rating would get to win cw, and not the ones who managed to win the highest amount of battles relative to their overall games. Despite that you still promote the idea you actually were the best? Thats some bad sportsmanship. It was close, and one the last day it could ve gone either way. I actually thought OM was the one who was the top-adversary (due to their similar points) on the last day. But OM had a bad day...And twa seemed to have a very good one, they almost managed to become equal in points, possibly even overtake omni. It was a close race by looking at the points for the last half hour of cw. Twa, om played well but in the end it was not enough for twa. It could ve ended up differently. But it did not. You should still be proud of your what your clan managed to accomplish. It was very close. Overal I found cw very unenjoyable to play myself. Not beeing able to play cv in cw made it unpleasent to play other ships I am not used to. Especially the rating system seems to be awful + clanshuffleing put some big questionmarks about why it was allowed in the first place. I would ve preffered a teambattle alike system, so people who dont feel confident in their abilities could still play cw without having to leave their clan. The few games I played on EU in CW were less enjoyable than the ones on NA, which had a much more active meta from my pov.
  2. Reyte

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    yes yes montana has radar and yamato got defensiv AA, right? /S
  3. Reyte

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    instead of going from calling conqier Instead of just calling it CLEARLY overpowered, lets say what it is: A battleship which mimmicks *cough* does a better job at what the general cruiser is doing: slinging HE from high ranges. and everyone knows what that means for the ship in performance. Much more concerning actually is the actual playstyle: I cant overstate this but you positively dont want a Battleship to play like a cruiser, avoiding taking damage and sitting at high ranges while shooting mostly HE. A team which is down one battleship, regardless of how effective of dealing damage is at range is something nobody likes to see. and this is litterally what we have, a battleship which is extremly good sniping at maximum range and still amazing in close combat due to its armor layout. if the ship was fragile one might be okay with a passive playstyle but due to its armor, heal and size its an extremly potent brawler if required to. and while it can lose its aa rather quickly due to beeing HE spammed no cv is likely to oneshot it in the first place. it also has amazing stealth for some reason, further increasing its role as potent sniper. I see the RNBB snipe all the time, avoiding taking damage. and if they actually tank damage they overshadow every other BB line in their tankiness. so what is their role? where is the balance? the RNBB line is litterally the worst addition to the game I can think off. CW will only see the Conquerer as sole BB for topteams. the ship is not CLEARLY overpowered, its BLATANTLY overpowered and toxic to the gameplay-meta as a whole.
  4. Reyte

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    I still wonder what let WG to also lower Missouri citadel, making it the downright best t9 BB. Oh well Lion is thing now.
  5. Reyte

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    well if WG produces videos in which they encourage to battleships to take expert reargunner, the commmunity rightfully thinks the developer arent playing the game. I am well aware developer and those who did the video aren't the same person, but can one exspect that from the average guy to be able to know that?
  6. Bogue in 1-1-1 wäre ja ein Novum.
  7. Reyte

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    why even bother to even just think about about playing superleague......
  8. Reyte

    Tier 8 Shokaku

    AS ist grundsätzlich kein Hindernis, glaube kaum das alle Schiffe zusammenbleiben werden. Das passiert so gut wie garnicht. Die Shokaku ist der einzige IJN der seinen Conterpart absolut dominieren kann, die letzte AS Lxington die ich getroffen habe hat 48 FLugzeige an mich verloren..... Wenn man sich mit wenig zufrieden gibt wird man niemanls ein guter Cv captain. Das trifft auch zu wenn man sich einredet man habe es schwer oder Shokaku sei schlecht.
  9. Nobody exspects KOTS quality play,but just derping around with 12vs12 is boring in the longterm. One or two more serious battles would ve been fine. Not more, not less. but all battles just derping around in artifical 12vs12 with 1 ships is really really wierd to me. Especially when u consider how different it is from randoms which arent known for their teamplay. Nobody likes to derp around in a trainingroom for that long, not even on liveserver. I actually think if the last battle would ve been somewhat serious it would ve gotten the attention from more viewer, it could ve been even called the highlight of the evening and people would ve been more likeley to stay till the end. I dont know how many of your CCT are actually ve played more competetive-alike-matches.... some atleast. I cant imagine them not liking 1 match which is more serious. If they arent interested in such things they might not see the event relevant as such - and the cct should be interested in it. After all the event should ve value for all kinds of player and not just the ones who like herpa-derpa-trainingroomaction.
  10. that sounds like "we agreed on having low goals and suceeded getting those done - so we did a good job" you should compare it to last CCT even which was better in every way, and even that was highly critized. I am quite sure another cct event wont gather much more interest if its organized and handled in the same way. You need to keep in mind player as flamu alone can gather up to 900-100 viewer by themselfs, jingles has a big fanbase from wot which maybe even wanted to just watch him.....If you just argue based on viewercounts then u ll only fool yourself. 1. was it a good event? you could still argue this and I wont call it objectivley bad - an event is better than none, even tough it remains still a missed opportunity. 2. was it better than the previous event? NO, not at all. Pretty much the other way around 3. was it well rounded event? no competetive battles, not like u should play all those games as comp ( you cant think of 12vs12 shima beeing serious) but atleast one or two. 4. Have the events been properly showcased? NO, only ichase streamed it - horrendours POV and robs me of every little will to watch this properly.
  11. Reyte

    Tier 8 Shokaku

    meine flugzeuge werden nicht mehr hp haben als die flugzeuge eines anderen cv spieler solange die skillung die gleiche ist. sollte jemand meinen als shokaku ist man chancenlos in t9, 10 mm liegt er falsch. dann fehlt allerhöchstens die Erfahrung oder nötiges micromanagement was bei 6 Geschwader allerdings kein problem sein solle.
  12. Reyte

    Tier 8 Shokaku

    1, 2 ,5 , 6, 7, 10, 11 können mit ner shokaku mit einiger vorraussicht angegriffen und versenkt werden. im Falle des GK ist das evtl etwas schwieriger durch die HP
  13. reminds me of a yamato which I had in my team, not having a single scratch but "proudly" argueing he would ve already made 100k damage as the battle was already lost.... BB player, always BB player....