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  1. Marccus

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    By completing missions of the Directives, you can earn credits, Coal, and up to 20 Gift containers, among other rewards. Complete the first three Directives—get a supercontainer for each of them. Completing the last Directive will reward you with a container that drops a randomly selected Premium Tier VI ship. The container with a randomly selected Premium Tier VI warship can drop one of the following ships: VI Admiral Graf Spee VI Aigle VI Anshan VI Arizona VI De Grasse VI Duca d'Aosta VI Dunkerque VI Gallant VI Huanghe VI Molotov VI Monaghan VI Mutsu VI Perth VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich VI T-61 VI Warspite VI W. Virginia 1941 This I like: to get Premium ship and according text it's sure to get one if you complete last directive (since I have very bad luck)
  2. Marccus


    Step to right direction. Thank You. Now same to every tier.
  3. Marccus

    Announcing SKIPPER

    After reading Your question, I did.
  4. Marccus

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    Sorry, no. It's just that one ship which is in Elite. Previous are not opened.
  5. Marccus

    Armada: HMS Exeter

    Maybe because he use original report as source and crew and ship was British ... alas those primeval units.
  6. Marccus

    [RESULTS] Great White Fleet Event

    Why not? Gives what gives ... or not. No need to stress ...
  7. Marccus

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    - Set the limit for carriers to ONE per team. That's more than enough, even with the supposed "higher demand" for carriers which I don't really see. This.
  8. Marccus

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Wondering what is this new role of DD's? Can't cap because longer range radars which reach bases, whole base, thru covers. Can't spot enemy ships because perma spotted from CV's planes. DD's mission is zig zag couple hundred meters and hope no radar are used and if so run some far corner of map till radar are off ... and next one used. I don't like where this game is going: towards console playing (CV 'fix').
  9. Because it is Russian way: big brother knows best, be quiet ... or go Siberian gulag. Dev team of WoWs is Russian, no Belorussian.
  10. 600 posts 351 battles Location: Vancouver Island Maybe in NA server more battles?
  11. Yep. That's why there are same tv add often in tv: more sees, more potential buyers ... and that's why people are ordering Netflix et all: they are pissed about adds
  12. Marccus

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    SOP. All prize captains are trained in tier 1 ship .... training use resources and WG can get some money, so .... Very nice idea, though.
  13. Thank You for that Naval Action tip.
  14. Partly right, partly wrong. Wrong: All players have same importance. Devs need money just to run servers and stuffs. Right: All players do support games. Free players create user base, spread word. So there is importance of both group, but it is not same; no money, no game.
  15. Last what I have heard of this matter is that EU are considering bought Loot boxes as gambling. Just because you don't precisley know what you get with your money before you pay. Let see if they regulate it as in Belgium have done.