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  1. Leucha

    Cuirassés Français

    Si on fait un tour dans la partie anglaise du forum, on sait que les devs on prévu de mettre le Lyon en T7, le Richelieu et T8, et l'Alsace en T9.
  2. Leucha

    Critical graphic bugs

    Ok, I figured it out why : In my drivers, I MUST disable forced anti-aliasing. I've got a Radeon graphic card, and I went into the AMD Catalyst Controler to disable the anti-aliasing.
  3. Leucha

    Critical graphic bugs

    Hello, I already send a support ticket for this, but I would like to speak about it too. After entering a battle, my screen is black, but I can see the GUI. I can ear sounds too. When I move the mouse, the GUI "print" on the screen, like in the screenshot linked in this post. I tried different graphics options, and updated my drivers. I've less bug when I check "Reduice GUI refresh rate", but my screen still flicker from fine to black with printed GUI on it. Any advices ?