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  1. I'll try to provide as much information as I can, feel free to ask questions. THE PROBLEM: Playing on the EU server, I have experienced minor connection stutters and overall lag. During the Beta Weekend, I have played on the US server, and although my latency was higher I did not experience any kind of noticeable lag. This is what strikes me the most: I have experienced more lag on the current build while having a lower latency, than I had on a previous build with a latency twice as high. THE SYMPTOMS: Other player's ships and aircraft squadrons teleporting small distances at random intervals. No noticeable lag with my own ship; e.g. animation of cannons is fine. Does affect playability as it is a slight annoyance during combat (e.g. missing shots because the enemy's position was incorrect due to lag). FPS stable at 58-74, latency always around 30-40 ms. On the US server, I had a latency of 70-80 ms.