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  1. yamato or conqueror?

    I would take the Yamato because it was actually built. But that is more of a personal preference, i dislike playing those paper ships that were never built.
  2. I got IFHE instead of CE. I thought i could get more overall damage out of it by combining DE and IFHE. Probably a mistake. I think i am getting the hang of it a little bit. Unfortunately my team did not invest the same amount of effort it seems. Edit: I am retraining my captain for CE instead of IFHE. Lets see how she performs with CE.
  3. Oh don't worry, i will keep at it until i get the hang of her. Since i got her for free and with the premium camo (which i love the look of) i do not intend on selling her.
  4. Unfortunately the Martel was never built so i probably wont be getting it. How is the Algerie?
  5. How do you do that? I find that when i try to kite i show to much of my broadside trying to bring the front guns to bare, and then every BB on the enemy team tries to annihilate me.
  6. I just can't make this ship work for the love of me. I got her from the Scharnhorst campaign and have been trying to make something out of her since then, but with little success. She is painfully slow, has awful turret coverage, terrible gun positioning, paper thin armor, has a 9 seconds reload, long rudder shift time, bad concealment, terrible shell arcs, and only two torpedoes per side. She just overall doesn't seem like a very good ship. The terrible turret placement, combined with the terrible turret coverage means you can almost never bring all your guns to bear on the enemy without pretty much going broadside. And since two of your three turrets are in the front, when retreating you only have 3 guns to fire at the enemy. If you try to bring your front guns to bear you have to go almost broadside and that gives literally every BB on the enemy team a hard on. And even if you do manage to get all your guns on target, your shell arcs are terrible. In other words, you have pretty much the same guns as the Cleveland, but 3 less and 1s longer reload. The torpedoes themselves are good, but with only two per side, their use is extremely limited. Anyone got any tips on how you are supposed to play this thing?
  7. Enemy planes spotted! Quickly! Man both the 7.7s! I reccoment we give the Novik the Defensive AA consumable. By default the crew should man only one of the Maxims, when Defensive AA is activated they man both.
  8. Here is an idea! Replace them with fishing nets! Then your Battleship could catch some fresh fish on its way to the warzone!
  9. IFHE on French Cruisers?

    Yes, just becuase they are 203mm guns that MUST mean they behave exactly the same as the Japanese 203mm. What the hell were you parents thinking. @Butterdoll I just tested them on the La Gali, erased an Emerald with HE citadels. Will play a few more matches and let you know how it goes.
  10. IFHE on French Cruisers?

    I guess i will train two captains. One with IFHE for the lower tier CLs and one with CE for the CAs.
  11. RADAR

    Great idea! Make it so that 5 or 6 fake ships appear to the enemy, let them figure out which is the real one.
  12. IFHE on French Cruisers?

    Is it worth it? Or should i get CE instead? Their concealment is not that great to begin with so i don't think CE would be a very useful skill on them. IFHE i think would be a better choice, but is it worth the -3% fire chance?
  13. Finally got a supercontainer.....

    I did spec secondaries, but they still have only 3.8km range.
  14. Finally got a supercontainer.....

    The other day i got 1000 dobloons. Used them to buy the Mikasa for the lolz. Still have not figured out how to hit anything with her main guns, but i hear its possible
  15. Any news about upcomming french battleships?

    Doesn't that make you an easy target for HE spam? I have torched quite a few reversing BBs in my time.