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  1. SovietFury43

    Do you use "Vigilance" Captain skill on your ships?

    Yes, on RN Cruisers. In case someone sends torps into my smoke so i get more time to react. On any other ships there are much better choices,
  2. SovietFury43

    Remember IEarl's story...

    I ran out of reports today in the first battle. I hate my life.
  3. SovietFury43

    Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    I rage at them in the chat. Because every time i tried to be constructive and tell them what they are doing wrong i was either ignored or told to STFU. Of course, a side effect of that is that i am often chat banned, so when people try to message me in the game and i don't respond, it is because i am chat banned again. Besides, how the hell could i not get pissed off when i whiteness something like this: EDIT
  4. SovietFury43

    How many French BBs did you get?

    Two. The Bretagne and the Normandie. I only wanted the Bretagne any way because she was at Mers-el-Kebir.
  5. SovietFury43

    [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    Words of wisdom right there.
  6. SovietFury43

    [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    I don't fear the Asashio itself. I fear that once she is introduced into the game no BB will have the balls to even leave the damn spawn. We need a dedicated counter to BBs, not a ship that will make them camp even more then they already do.
  7. SovietFury43

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    The whole rewarding system doesn't help much either. Since damage done is pretty much the only thing the game really rewards, the players look out for themselves. Surviving longer = more damage done is the mindset that this rewarding system encourages. As a result, nobody is going to go out of their way risking their own neck to play the objectives, when sitting safely in the back and sniping citadels yealds more rewards. Damage upon spotting and potential damage taken should also be rewarded just as much as damage done, and planes shot down should also be rewarded the same. And taking objectives should by far be rewarded the most.
  8. SovietFury43

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    Does this really surprise you?! The quality of the playerbase has gone to complete dogshit since the steam release. The only thing you can still count on your teammates doing in this game is run away and hide the moment a shell lands anywhere close to them. If you try any kind of aggressive play at this point you are guaranteed to end up left alone against half the enemy team as your teammates turn around and run away halfway through. Even if you had the advantage. And now, with the balance between classes being as screwed up as it is, matches are decided literally in the first few minutes by how well your teams 5 DDs do against the enemy 5 DDs. Four out of the 5 BBs on your team are guaranteed to camp in the back line and snipe citadels, they may as well not even be in the game. So the only thing left for you to do as a Cruiser player is to try and provide what ever support you can for the DDs and hope for the best. Here is an example of what teams are like now: Pushed a flank, cleared out the enemy Cruisers, fought two BBs (that of course were sniping behind their Cruisers as usual and were left with nearly 100% while the rest of their team died), killed one of them, got the other down to low and then my Cruisers killed him, then preceded to fight the enemy Fuso in the middle that had literally 100%, got him down to about 11% hp before he and a Nurnberg killed me. Meanwhile we had a Konig and a Mutsu literally in our spawn, Konig at almost full hp, Mutsu at 100% (untouched ship). After the match, our entire team, except the Cruisers that followed me and i had less then 600 xp. I just can't fathom how is it even humanly possible to be that bad at the game. This is not even a game like Starcraft or something where you need to learn to micro as well as playing smart. Here, simply using your brain will get you over 50% win rate.
  9. SovietFury43

    Toxic Moaning Community

    So you moan about the community moaning? Brilliant!
  10. SovietFury43

    Riding the map border BS

    Exploiting it how? BB hits border, BB slows down to almost a stationary target, BB gets filled with HE and burned to a crisp. A Cruiser hits the border, Cruiser gets his, now easy to hit citadel obliterated. A DD hits the border, Destroyer loses his mobility, DD gets wrecked.
  11. I am not to proud to play BBs, i respect history to much to play the paper ships that never actually existed or participated in any serious combat. Its hardly my fault that most BBs basically gathered dust throughout most of the war, besides occasionally providing off shore fire support. Besides that i find most BBs boring and sluggish, the Dunkerque is different, being rather fast and agile. Edit: And i am not spamming HE with the Dunkerque, if that is what you are implying. In fact most matches i don't even touch HE, since her AP rounds are pretty good.
  12. SovietFury43

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    Could that be done with a mod? It would be great.
  13. SovietFury43

    After I lose the next battle

  14. 6 Cruisers on top because 3 of the 4 BBs tried to pull their usual camping around the islands and sniping citadels. Only this time it didn't work because the battle was to dynamic. They got instantly left in the dust and could not catch up any more. It was pure poetic justice! Also props to the enemy Queen Elisabeth for being the only BB in the match that actually moved with his teammates and tried to play aggressively. He may have lost, but that guy knows how to play BBs. Complimented.