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  1. pifkaa

    Game crashing

    Same here.
  2. pifkaa

    Night battle

    I think the Japanese fleet tried a night battle - and it turned out to be a battle of radars which eh they didnt have?
  3. pifkaa

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Dunno pointless, but it is getting tougher and tougher. Especially those cruisers with bad concilement dont do any good in my opinion..
  4. pifkaa

    World Of Infantry

    What realism?
  5. pifkaa

    World Of Infantry

    Well WOT players would be absolutely GREAT in Kamikaze wouldnt they;)
  6. pifkaa

    World Of Infantry

    Ah, you played BF1 beta Would be a great Android game, wouldnt it
  7. pifkaa

    World Of Infantry

    Well it would be the "future" game, Id recommend 128 player maps - with so much players around the "balance" wouldnt be so improtant as 1v1 fights wouldnt be really common. And a Mouse tank against ten infatry, two planes and BB fire So what he is big, he is just a big target Infantry would go where tanks cant go, ships would go where tanks and infatry cant go.. The only universal fighters would be the planes.. And they would be summoned by infatry on designated targets..
  8. pifkaa

    World Of Infantry

    Ok, and how about this Des Moines getting spammed by player controlled dive bombers, torp bombers and some assholes in the BIG BOMBERS)))) Dont think the Des Moines captain would dare to shoot more then a few rounds.. Not even talking about the lifespan of arti drivers - very likely getting targeted by planes asap.. AND imagine the big artys taking shots at ships) AND I suppose mines could be deployed at strategicly important spots, so only dds could come close
  9. pifkaa

    World Of Infantry

    well yeah and the progress of the fleet then decides for instance on the air support (if your carriers joing the subs under the water, no planes supp) sucesfull bbs can for instance destroy a defence parameter planes can fight ships even when friendly fleet shot to pieces The amount of combinations is overwhelming and in my opinion, it is the infantry that connects it all.. And a BB captain after dying does not have to wait for the end of the game, can join another game or join the infantry.. In my mind its obvious, that the connection between all the projects is called World Of Infantry. Btw. a BB hitting a tank from 15 km - and even seeing a tank - is called coencidence.. But a BB shooting up a road or a bridge, so the tank cannot cross is called strategy..
  10. pifkaa

    World Of Infantry

    Just red the Q&A, and wtf Q: Will you integrate all 3 projects in one battlefield.A: Nope. We have no plans to do this. Tanks won't do much against ships shooting at them from 10-15km out. It's more likely we may have some tied mechanics in Clan Wars. (A hypothetical example could be that you capture a coastal area in World of Tanks Clan Wars, it gives your Clan a small bonus in World of Warships). Well, that is pretty much right.. BUT in my opinion the connection between the battlefields are truly not tanks and ships.. But infantry is.. Infantry gets loaded on ships, planes, gets deployed on the battlefield to fight tanks.. So I accept the answer regarding the "3" projects - cause the project No. 4 is still mising isnt it The infantry game is the project that could connect the whole universe no problem in my opinion. edit: sorry to see you guys dont want WG to move anywhere really In my opinion WOT especially needs to make a move or it will become absolete.. But that is my opinion.. edit: based on some reactions particulary I noticed that World Of Infantry would obviously invite a completly new group of player now playing COD, BF and some other 1PS..
  11. pifkaa

    Ingame Voice Communication?

    LOL this is the crazyest idea Iv ever heard?)) I think the answer to your kind of question is : For the same reason its not in WOT:dddd Although Im sure all the psychos would love the option to make swears and annoying noises for twenty minutes)
  12. pifkaa

    Mixed ammunition

    yeah I would like that too to select for each turret what it fires..
  13. pifkaa

    Mixed ammunition

    I hate you))))
  14. Well we probably all know the winner, but lets see anyway) Btw. the torp reload booster is just on Hatsuharu AND Kagero.. and it replaces smoke screen.. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Torpedo_Reload_Booster
  15. Well, this season is kind of daft isnt it.. For rank 6 - 5 000 000 creds.. (I have 110 000 000 )) For rank 2 - 1000 doublons.. For rank 1 no special flag (although Im happy that the pirate flag stays uniqe then).. So its just the signals, but especially after rank 8 their amount is very generous.. But then again, this season is so tough so far, that I will use them up all anyway) So I usually post an idea now How about -- a ship for Rank 1 Maybe a special ship could be rewarded, something uniqe AND usefull in the next season of ranked battles - so some T6? But in my mind, a unique flag would be most appreciated. I somehow love to collect UNIQUE flags in this game, so Im a little bit dissapointed that there is not a flag for this season.. What do you guys think?