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  1. mantiscore

    Ranked and How to improve it !

    In my experience, how you manage RNG is very important. A lot of the times i had a 5 winning streak Then I lose a game, and lose another one. Thats where you stop and call it a day. I failed stopping, and I could rank out after 190 games even though i had 60% winrate. You have to manage your RNG winning streaks
  2. mantiscore

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    Obviously having average pr and very good winrate means being carried What the hell is this flawed logic lol
  3. mantiscore

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    This is horseshit Compared to my PR, my winrate is higher aswell. However I am NOT being carried as im a solo player Instead im not playing to farm but playing to win, and my actions reflect that Also OP, if you care too much about mere PR, thats unhealthy aswell WR matters the most, a big example is ranked
  4. mantiscore

    MM based on a PR in ranked?

    Lol this ranked is everything but skill basedIts a lottery basically
  5. my very first rank 5 battle: flambass' triple creed squad my very first rank 5 battle after i got back again: flambass and his creed mate, something octopus guess ill just have a pause until the unicums get to rank 1
  6. dunno, probably ill gladly accept more sinops than belfast/atlanta/flint balances in my dd
  7. my thoughts exactly. ranked should be more about skills, not just wins. i played around 10 games in my beloved mahan while having 1800 PR, 1.4 frags, yet gave it up because for some reason my team were utterly awful in most of my games and lost a lot of stars, because the he spammer cancers saved their stars most of the time while sitting behind a comfy smoke/rock
  8. imagine flexing with a broken [edited]ship lol
  9. My cat can make a better matchmaker than this wreck. Yeah, what could go wrong if we allow one side to have 2x Belfasts and a Sinop, while the other none. Da, very balanced comrade. F**k you and your intentions to rise in the ranks where skills matters and not a broken a$$ ship you could get because you started playing earlier. Let's not balance teams by winrate, because it can raise the waiting time by two (2), seconds. What an absolute trash system...
  10. mantiscore

    Remove brackets in Ranked

    Jesus christ dude, stop showing off your rank. No One Cares
  11. mantiscore

    New Russian Event is a Letdown

    this event is just awful
  12. mantiscore

    Thunderer HE spam

    i love this picture the creator had to put in some really useless stuff, like secondaries are crap (which they are, for most of the bbs) to make it complete and very funi
  13. mantiscore

    Thunderer HE spam

    lol the less damage of he pen doesnt really matter and it is a really stupid argument, as you cant angle against it best you can do is to sail to the next map or hide behind a rock
  14. mantiscore

    A WOWS CC ranting in chat like a child [edited]

    if that is true that OP is the stupid sneaky child who throws rock at the other kid and runs crying to the teacher that the kid hurt him jesus some people...
  15. mantiscore

    A WOWS CC ranting in chat like a child [edited]

    lol deleting the replay basically removes the whole point of the topic, as you can not discuss things without seeing the whole picture simply lock this topic then