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  1. mantiscore

    LWM review of Yukon

    ok im starting a new shooty shooty game with ships and without carriers give me moni for startup
  2. mantiscore

    Soviet Cvs

    honestly, if one strike per attack means i can reduce the damage coming from the CV, im fine with it but rework the goddamn spotting mechanic!
  3. there are some weird people on this forum nowadays mate
  4. the people who get paid to do the job doesn't even know how to do it and doesn't even listens to testers feedback are the developers j*rking off each other in the office or play something else instead of doing their job?
  5. which puts the player into a disadvantage solely because wg took away the possibility to get the flags on equal terms ye sounds like the whining about research bureau
  6. yes, i have them, yes i know it the point of this post is that i NEVER had financial issues because i had to buy goddamn flags
  7. im grinding money with my premiums so i can purchase the newly researched ships not for flags ffs
  8. I would like to thank Wargaming, my mom and my whole family for this moment, it really is making this game even more fun and engaging, I don't really know what did i expect from this company. I can't even buy the most needed flags, because I simply have no money to buy them, let alone grind and purchase new tech tree ships. All this because you can't get them from achievements anymore. Truly awesome 10/10 Gud jeb
  9. mantiscore

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    guys everyone should stop fuming this is a r***rded idea, i agree, but even they know this is just absurd will be irritating? yes. but the damage will be either toned down a lot, or make the drops very rare this is a tech tree ship gimmick we are talking about, not a surface fdr
  10. mantiscore

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

  11. mantiscore

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    If i know that Yemen is not a secure place for women, I will not go there in a bikini, then get raped and yell about it in the social media because those people surely will change their behaviour. Similarly, If i know that a company is getting at a scumminess level that even EA wouldn't, and scammed people before, I will not give them 3x AA title price, because there is a slight chance it will happen again.
  12. mantiscore

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    even Cap has a unique voiceover with some mumbling this is below that on the other hand someone who is paying this much money on a game, let alone a camo and a captain, deserve to be scammed
  13. okay so i checked the 3 years old page (https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/we-are-many/) and come to the conclusion that there is no shortlist, as people interpret it, at least here you can see that the crates are showed as crates that contains 3 ships *with* a miniscule chance of dropping from the big pool i think this is the situation here as well, however WG this time hid the very important information, that the crates mainly contains 3-4 ships, and now they are simply saying that the crates drop from the big pool
  14. edited* bobby roll a ship drop. the ship drop is a shortlist boat. bobby have the ship? no, then bobby will receive that ship a reroll will happen reroll is also a shortlist ship bobby will reroll the ship he first rolled bobby will get a supercontainer containing a ship from the big sample the reroll is a shortlist ship bobby doesnt have bobby will receive the first rolled shortlist ship